Taliban Warns War Is Back If U.S. Doesn’t Withdraw By May 1st

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Taliban Warns War Is Back If U.S. Doesn't Withdraw By May 1st

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  • Taliban threaten to restart fight against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan if foreign troops not withdrawn by May 1.
  • On March 27, a security force member was killed by unknown gunmen in PD7 in Kabul city
  • On March 27, at least 10 police force members including the police chief of Sangin district were killed in Taliban attack in the Lashkargah area
  • On March 27, 7 Taliban members were killed and 4 others were wounded in Imam-Saheb district of Konduz province, according to the Afghanistan MoD
  • On March 27, Taliban attacked Arghistan area with two VBIEDs.


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