Tarhuna Falls Into Hands Of Turkish Proxies As Libyan National Army Is On Retreat (Map, Videos)


Tarhuna Falls Into Hands Of Turkish Proxies As Libyan National Army Is On Retreat (Map, Videos)

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The defense of the Liyan National Army (LNA) in southern Tripoli continued collapsing after the retreat of the LNA from Tripoli International Airport.

Forces of the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord and pro-Turkish Syrian militants with a direct support from the Turkish military captured the town of Tarhun, the village of Dawun and several nearby points from the LNA. With this advance, they in fact put an end to the LNA siege of Tripoli.

Turkish proxies are in Tarhuna:

Turkish-led forces captured a large number of various military equipment and weapons in the areas abandoned by the LNA.



  • Chinese Dog

    GCC countries are responsible for all terrorism problems.Hope turkey captures them.

  • Ali Nakhjavani

    Wait now that tarhuna and the airport is in the gna hands what will lna do now?

    • Rhodium 10

      LNA are waiting military support of Egipt and UAE the same way that GNA have support of Turkey…

    • Mustafa Mehmet


  • Rafik Chauhan

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    • Numberone

      Salafi terrorists are fighting on the side of Haftar. UAE propaganda at its best. Madkhalis and janjaweed extremist terrorists fight for Haftar.

    • ali

      We (Iran) might just start sending over bigger medium range toys with heavier warheads in tens or hundreds to yemen. so far they’ve mostly been given rockets and drones and a few short range and cruise missiles. i’m thinking maybe a 100 Khorramshahrs and Shahab-3s would keep the Saudis and the Turks and their wahhabi dogs in their place for good

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          • ali

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  • Felipe Luker

    On Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed his country’s military units stationed near the Syrian border during a telephone conversation with his Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar.

    Erdogan said the latest events in northern Iraq, Libya and the “Spring of Peace” area and Idlib, Syria, showed the strength of the Turkish army. Putin’s Dwarves and the President of Egypt Ald SISI
    Putin’s Dwarves and the President of Egypt Ald SISI