Terrorists’ New Approach: Mass Female Suicide Bombers

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Terrorists' New Approach: Mass Female Suicide Bombers

On October 16, three female suicide bombers killed 26 people in Adamawa state in the Umarari Molai suburb of Maiduguri, Nigeria. Explosions targeted the crowd of worshipers entering a mosque for morning prayer.

The attack was a part of the suicide bombing series which targeted Nigerian cities. The Wilayat al Sudan al Gharbi (former Boko Haram) terror group pledged allegiance to the Islamic State is responsible for these attacks.

According to reports this group exercised more suicide bombings than any other terrorist group this year, except the Islamic State core in Iraq and Syria.

But whereas terrorist networks prefer to use male bombers, nearly half of Wilayat al Sudan al Gharbi’s bombers have been female.

A Nigerian trend line is that the terrorist group uses captive women and girls for suicide missions.

Experts believe that a part hostages may even welcome the suicide mission as a way to escape their experience as captives.

Wilayat al Sudan al Gharbi has been continuing abductions of women and children across the region. Tuhus, the kidnappings will only feed the list of hostages available for suicide attacks.

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