Texas: What Did Goldman Sachs Know, And When Did They Know It?

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In February a bitter snow storm separated more then four million Texans from the state’s power grid. The winter storm has neutralized Texas’ power supply, freezing natural gas pipelines and causing wind farms to grind to a halt, leaving people without access to heat and electricity. As a result, the freeze claimed lives of dozens of citizens.

As Texas is defrosting, the questions raise. While the local energy suppliers file for bankruptcy, leading US banks count profit from the disaster.

We propose you an investigative stream on this issue that was submitted by our contributor. We invite you to express your opinion in the comments.

Submitted by Breaking Spectre.

In a follow up to the recent devastating snow storm in Texas, questions are raised as to what Goldman Sachs knew, and when. Both Bank of America and Goldman Sachs made bank at the expense of Texans during the power outage; however, it’s almost as if Goldman Sachs predictably knew in advance that the energy market would turn from a bearish stance to a bullish one.

The stream takes a look at possible connections surrounding the Texas event and leaves the audience (and hopefully Texans) inquiring whether there’s more here than meets the eye.


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