The best from SouthFront in August, Message from the Team

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The best from SouthFront in August, Message from the Team

Dear readers,

The essence of SouthFront’s approach is a free distribution of content such as you will never find for free from other sources. Our team showed, is showing and will show that ordinary people, volunteers equipped with the newest ideas and technologies can do what only government- and oligarchy-linked organizations were able to do in the past.

Wikileaks showed that anyone concerned could make a great contribution to the triumph of the truth. SouthFront has been showing that anyone can create and disseminate world-changing content.

With your support we show every day that Stratfor, Atlantic Council, BBC, CNN, Reuters and other rubber-stamping think-tanks and media are just a bunch of idlers. The only reason why they haven’t been forced to stop in shame yet is that we’ve only just started.

SouthFront provides exclusive analyses, videos, graphics and translations due to your contributions – if not for you, we would not have been able to continue. The main SouthFront editorial team and our numerous friends providing their skills and time to the project don’t have any support from governments or other kinds of patrons. We are an independent voice kept alive by you and many other people like you.

SouthFront grows rapidly, and it is a fact we are on track as long as our readership continues to back us. Together, we constitute force that could change the world.

In August SouthFront:

1. Started to produce pieces of exclusive infographics: A Network of Power: Gas Pipelines of the European ContinentNorth Korea vs South Korea: A Comparison of the Countries’ Military Power etc

2. Started to produce exclusive videos Military Report of Novorossia&Ukraine covering the situation in the whole Ukrainian battlefield

3. Revolutionized a political enviroment in Romania and Moldova by a series of exclusive products covered in the biggest local news websites and TV channels:

4. Released a powerful analysis explaining the US-China standoff in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region

5. Continued to produce exclusive Maps of War series explaining a military and political situation in the most hottest points of the world (Yemen, Afghanistan etc).

6. Started to produce exclusive economic digests SpaltFor Report

7. Started to produce exclusive updates on the Greece Crisis

In August, our team released 36 exclusive videos: 2 Foreign Policy Diary, 22 Military reports of Novorossia, 5 International Reports, 6 Crisis News, 1  Military Report of Novorossia&Ukraine videos. At all SouthFront released 209 exclusive pieces of the content including exclusive text analyses and translations.

Dozens of blogs, websites, independent media  and activists use SouthFront’s content to break the world of censorship built by corporate liers. We are glad that we provide weapons of the truth for all these people.

We are asking to make contribution to SouthFront for the clear goals:

1. For a sustentation of the current level and amount of content (videos, graphics, texts etc)

2. For a developing the project further (exclusive white papers, new formats of videos, graphics and incriasing the number of content)

Your help is only thing that keep the project alive. Support SouthFront by donating:




The best from SouthFront in August, Message from the Team

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