The Chechens Are Coming: Photo Of Ukrainian Deputy PM Next To Ramzan Kadyrov Triggers Political Scandal In Kiev

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The Chechens Are Coming: Photo Of Ukrainian Deputy PM Next To Ramzan Kadyrov Triggers Political Scandal In Kiev

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The IDEX-2021 expo kicked off in Abu Dhabi on February 21st, and not without any scandals.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal posted a photo of Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister for Strategic Industries Oleg Urusky and the Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.

This image, apparently, was taken on February 21 at the IDEX-2021 international arms exhibition in the UAE. In the photo, Urusky is next to Kadyrov in a crowd of people.

“I am waiting for an urgent explanation from Oleg Urusky,” wrote Shmyhal.

The Chechens Are Coming: Photo Of Ukrainian Deputy PM Next To Ramzan Kadyrov Triggers Political Scandal In Kiev

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“Prime Minister Denis Shmyhal published a photo of Deputy Prime Minister Urusky (responsible, among other things, for the military-industrial complex) next to Ramzan Kadyrov. The photo is most likely accidental – a crowd of people walking together at an exhibition. But what Shmyhal posted it, of course, no coincidence,” Strana wrote on its Telegram channel.

Earlier, Strana also reported that the new head of Ukroboronprom Yuriy Gusev is trying to “bring down” Urusky, in the Ukrainian Parliament, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s party “Servant of the people” have already begun collecting signatures for his resignation.

“And with this photo, Shmyhal, as it were, indicated his position. But still, the move as for an official is not trivial. They are mastering modern HYIP technologies,” the outlet reported.

It is worth noting that Oleh Urusky announced his visit to this exhibition on his Facebook page.

“IDEX is a unique platform for establishing and developing relationships with the leadership of government agencies and organizations, armed forces and enterprises from around the world. However, it is important that this event provides an opportunity to look into the future and see how weapons will develop, what trends exist and what areas of production are the manufacturers focusing on” Urusky wrote.

According to him, the photo of him standing next to Kadyrov was taken during the official opening ceremony of the international military-technical exhibition where Urusky was the Head of the Ukrainian government delegation.

In particular, the host state determines the placement of the heads of official delegations during the procession at the beginning of the ceremony, Urusky stressed.

In addition, he noted that he had no contacts with the head of the Russian delegation. Also, the Ukrainian delegation drew the attention of the local government to the unacceptability of such situations in the future.

Ramzan Kadyrov released a statement on the matter:

“Dear friends! At the IDEX-2021 exhibition pavilion in Abu Dhabi, a stranger came up to me and asked me to listen to classified information. Before I had time to comprehend the situation, as my counterpart began to share information constituting a state secret. At the same time, he fussed very much and looked around. As it turned out, the mysterious stranger was Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleg Urusky.

Stanislavsky would say: “I refuse to believe it!”, like any adequate person who has not lost the ability to think soberly. But this is not about officials who have sat in high government offices in Ukraine. Imagine my surprise when I learned from the media that a grandiose scandal broke out in Ukraine because of the photo in which Urusky was captured next to me. The Ukrainian government already demanded an “urgent explanation”!

All this hype is sucked from the thumb and not worth a damn. I would like to appeal to those who fanned this scandal: do not engage in nonsense! Until yesterday I had no idea who Urusky was. If I knew, I would not let him walk next to me or talk to me. I consider it unacceptable to approach and, moreover, to shake hands with such people. The persons who are involved in the numerous troubles and sufferings of their own people in the Donbass and in other regions will not shake hands with me!

As for Urusky, it should be an honor for him to be by our side. So let him print the picture and hang it in the most honorable place at home and at work.

You can be proud of it!”

The grand conspiracy fell short at the initial stage.


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