The Congress Asks To Limit Biden’s Military Powers

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The Congress Asks To Limit Biden's Military Powers

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Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

On March 3rd, the US Senators proposed legislation to limit the president’s powers to use military force without Congress approval.

The rather symbolic proposal, which received support from members of the Republican and Democratic parties, called for the cancellation of decades old approvals that allow the use military force by the decision of the US President without the Congress agreement.

Through the proposed legislation, Representatives are trying to return the authority to declare war to Congress instead of the White House, as the legislation would cancel permission for the use of military force issued in 2002 Iraq War authorization and 1991 Gulf War resolution. However, it would not repeal a 2001 authorization for war against al-Qaeda, which US presidents used as a justification of airstrikes in all world regions and war on ISIS.

The text of the American Constitution would be restored, which gives the Congress authorization to launch war, unlike previous approvals that were used years ago to legislate the American wars in the Middle East by decisions of the American presidents.

The US Congressman Tim Kane said that the airstrikes in Syria last week showed that the executive branch, regardless of the party, would continue to expand its war powers.

The air strikes on Syria, that marked the beginning of Biden presidential term, aroused the anger of the American representatives and their warnings of the danger of entangling their country in new wars, as the previous administrations had done.

It’s noteworthy that the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned the US bombing that targeted Deir Al-Zour and called on the UN Security Council to put an end to the repeated US violations of Syrian sovereignty and violation of international laws and conventions.


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