The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Jen Psaki: Circling Back To Ignorance

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The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Jen Psaki: Circling Back To Ignorance

Except the logo, the name “Guardians” and that their first deployment was to Qatar. Click to see full-size image

The Biden Administration’s White House Press secretary and every journalists’ favourite meme overlord – Jen Psaki – is back at it.

In her press conferences, starting from January 20th onwards, she’s made some interesting and, honestly, quite funny remarks:

On February 3rd, she made fun of the US Space Force. That probably got her on former President Donald Trump’s “list”.

Psaki added in follow-up that she had no idea who the point of contact for Space Force is, further suggesting that it’s unimportant and perhaps irrelevant to the administration.

The exchange began with the following:

“May I finally ask whether the President has made a decision on keeping or keeping the scope of Space Force?” Bloomberg’s Josh Wingrove asked Ms Psaki yesterday.

“Wow. Space Force, it’s the plane of today,” she responded, referring to when she had been asked a question about the paint job on Air Force One. The implication being that it was a question from left-field and, perhaps, a trivial one.

Wingrove told her it was an “interesting question”.

“It is an interesting question,” she said.

“It is an interesting question. I am happy to check with our Space Force point of contact,” she said when a reporter pressed the question. “I’m not sure who that is. I will find out and see if we have any update on that.”

Jen Psaki was immediately criticized by Republicans, because China was achieving space dominance while the US slumbered.

Others mocked her, of course, but that never stopped her in the past.

Separately, she appeared to not be sure where the Olympics were happening, confusing the Winter games in Beijing, with the Summer games in Tokyo.

“Oh, sorry, there are too many questions about the Olympics.”

During the briefing, one of the journalists asked Psaki if it would be safe for American athletes to go to competitions in Japan during the pandemic, to which Psaki said:

“We are not talking about changing our plans for the Beijing Olympics.”

She never misses a chance to diss Russian state media, while the US-funded state media is an example of “free press.”


But nobody, not a single soul, can say that she didn’t evolve. After all, in the Obama-era she used to say “I will check in the office”. Now she says “Let me circle back on this one.”

It has turned into a meme even for MSM, which she vehemently defends.

Forbes even calls her Press Briefings “must see TV” as they’re basically entertainment, and they mock her in very friendly fashion.

“Her most formidable communications challenge thus far has been to elaborate on President Biden’s view of unity which he articulated during his inaugural address. His apparent optimism that the country could unite around a set of policies proposed by a Democratic administration has raised skepticism on the left, where there is no appetite whatsoever to compromise with an increasingly radical, militant and out-of-touch Republican party, and on the right, which is eager to see Biden’s outreach as hypocrisy when the GOP bats away every new policy or proposal, including ones he won the election on, as “divisive.” Reporters representing outlets across the political spectrum are eager to pin the Administration – and, by default, Psaki – down on this topic and have framed dozens of questions designed to either get her to admit there’s no hope of bipartisan agreement in polarized Washington, or else to cop to some hypocrisy in Biden’s stated goals.”

To avoid future controversy and worrisome questions and the subsequent awkward answers, apparently, Joe Biden’s White House requested journalists’ questions in advance.

So that they could “tweak” (read here censor) in advance.

This isn’t exactly uncommon, since many reporters would meet the White House press secretary in the morning for some chit-chat.

But Jen Psaki’s white knight, Jon Favreau was immediately called out for gaslighting and talking complete nonsense.

“According to three sources with knowledge of the matter, as well as written communications reviewed by The Daily Beast, the new president’s communications staff have already on occasion probed reporters to see what questions they plan on asking new White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki when called upon during briefings.


One reporter raised the issue during an informal White House Correspondents Association Zoom call last Friday. According to multiple sources, leaders at the meeting advised print reporters to push back against requests by the White House press team to learn of questions in advance, or simply to not respond to the Biden team’s inquiries.

“While it’s a relief to see briefings return, particularly with a commitment to factual information, the press can’t really do its job in the briefing room if the White House is picking and choosing the questions they want,” one White House correspondent said. “That’s not really a free press at all.”

As a result, it appears that memes are fun and all, but they compromise the narrative and that cannot stand!


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