The Muslim Brotherhood and the US-Turkish-Qatari intrigues against Egypt and Syria

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The Muslim Brotherhood and the US-Turkish-Qatari intrigues against Egypt and Syria

Muslim Brotherhood supporters at a protest in February 2014

The Muslim Brotherhood and the US-Turkish-Qatari intrigues against Egypt and SyriaWritten by N.Babic; published at AlterMainstreamInfo, translated by Mario Andrijasevic exclusively for SouthFront

Using subversive Muslim Brotherhood, US President Barack Obama in 2011 started to demolish the authorities in Egypt, which would transform the political landscape of the region. Islamist plans of Washington eventually created a common Islamist political vision between the United States, Qatar, Turkey and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Of course, Washington’s plan was for the Muslim Brotherhood to take over the country and through them to establish full control in the area that would include Egypt, Libya, Syria and Tunisia. Erdogan’s Turkey would with that be able realize its neo-Ottoman dream, but all of this would not be possible without the generous financial support of Qatar.

However, the dominant power in Syria remained the government led by President Bashar Al-Assad, while in Egypt, Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi became the president.

The big plan was the idea of ​​the political elites in Ankara, Doha and Washington. As usual, the United Kingdom used its links with the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia, connecting it through different branches of the organization across the region.

Today it is indisputable that the Obama administration was and still is working closely with the political Islam, which became eventually visible with a desperate rescue attempt of a “democratically elected government” of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi and his entourage in Egypt, which has pushed the country to the brink of bankruptcy. With that also the survival of religious minorities, particularly Christians of Egypt, became uncertain.

However, it should be noted that Obama did not invent any new directions of US foreign policy and its administration simply continued the policy of the former administration. After all, the United States and other countries that interfered in the internal situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya always supported the sharia, the Muslim Brotherhood and the total Islamization of societies. The US has without a doubt supported the rule of Sharia in the early ’80s in Sudan, where the non-Muslim African blacks have become a victim of persecution.

The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama administration in 2013 was also the subject of an investigation of the organization “The Investigative Project on Terrorism” (IPT), which states that “the news of December 22, published in the magazine Rose al-Yusif in Egypt and translated into English, contains a list of six officials who entered the White house and have an extremely hostile attitude towards other groups and Islamic organizations in the world and are also the largest and most important members of the Muslim brotherhood. ”

It was found that the six high-ranking US officials were radical supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood. The article mentioned the name of Arif Alikhan, assistant development of security policy in the country, Mohammed Elibiarya, a member of the Advisory Council for National Security, Rashad Hussain, special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Salam Al-Marayatia, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) , Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic society of North America (ISNA), and Eboo Patel, a member of the Advisory Council of President Obama for the partnership on the basis of religion.

So common intrigues of Washington and the Muslim Brotherhood against Egypt was coordinating by six made up members of the organization who were sent to the top of the government in Washington.

Later the IPT (The Investigative Project on Terrorism) reported “that the delegation sought assistance of returning to power the former President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Some MPs, ministers and judges from the reign of Morsi have fled to Istanbul, Turkey. In Istanbul they formed the Revolutionary Council of Egypt with the goal to overthrow the new Egyptian military authorities “. With the help of Turkey, the official seat of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council became in Geneva, Switzerland.

IPT reveals that in this organization is also Abdul Magid Dardery, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood in exile and representative of the parliament in exile, and Muhammad Gamal Hashmat, a member of the Shura Council of the Muslim Brotherhood, also representative of this illegal parliament.

Despite the knowledge that the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists participated in the attacks on Coptic Christians, burning churches and their organizations, they are still supported by the Obama administration. In addition, American leaders were fully aware that the Muslim Brotherhood was secretly but very intensively working together with various Islamist terrorist groups in Sinai and throughout Egypt.

This also applies to supporters and members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who have a close relationship with Hamas who is using the Palestinian militants from the Gaza Strip and want to destabilize Sinai.

It was the same in Libya, where the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIL, Libyan Islamic fighting group, Ansar al-Sharia and others wanted to usurp the political system and provide permanent training ground to takeover Egypt for the second time.

Just as the supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood attacked churches and Christians in Egypt, ISIL committed the massacre of Coptic Egyptians in Libya.

However, as it stands at the beginning, this was not the original idea of ​​Obama, the US administration also used the Muslim Brotherhood and the radicalization of Muslims in the Balkans. The Investigative Project on Terrorism wrote a comprehensive report about that, at least a hundred press releases, articles and reports published on a systematic multi-year radicalization in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Cyprus, where they produced three wars between local Christians and Muslims, all three areas in which Ankara and Washington share similar interests.

IPT states that, despite all the propaganda, behind these wars are the American administration and the Muslim Brotherhood from Turkey, which has just after the wars of the ’90s in this region and in the early 2000s with Erdogan usurped the power also in their own country.

Equal scenario has been used in the north of Cyprus, which Turkey stole and settled Turks from the home country, as well as in Kosovo which has been similarly separated from Serbia.

It is therefore to conclude that the Obama administration favors the anti-Christian Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and no other Islamic organizations and communities where coexistence is an integral part of learning. It is now clear why nothing changes and the situation is deteriorating. In fact, Islamization on both sides of the Mediterranean is the core policies of Washington. In other words, terrorist groups and ISIL killing Christians, Shiites and other “dissidents” with such a speed that it creates a growing gap between Christians and Muslims in general. Cleaning of Northern Cyprus and Kosovo are also part of the plans of Ankara and Washington.

Meanwhile, authentic true Islam and Christianity are threatened by barbarian takfiri forces which are today in Syria supported by the Gulf monarchies and NATO. However, unlike Ankara and Washington in the Balkans, an important aspect of destabilizing Egypt, Libya and Syria is that the Gulf forces and NATO are rather confused. In addition, NATO and the Gulf monarchies have different religious and geopolitical plans for these countries.

That is why Libya is divided inside by the external forces. Because now Washington, Turkey and the Gulf monarchies support two different forces in Libya which cannot create a stable functional country.

With their plans against Syria the geopolitical and religious divisions also came out, because the support of various sectarian Islamist terrorist groups is based on different goals. The only unifying factor of the Arabian Peninsula and NATO is that they have no qualms in creating failed states, regardless of whether it’s Afghanistan, Libya or Iraq.

It is not surprising that the Syrian government refuses to betray the people and hand over land to foreigners who support chaos and destabilization. Also, the emergence of General Al-Sisi on the political scene in Egypt also indicates refusal to surrender sovereignty of this country to the usual actors.

It seems that the US and Turkey could very easily divide the nations in the Balkans and Cyprus, because this part of Europe was ruled by a political system that made for Washington and Ankara the job much easier.

Such a policy requires that US military forces are designed to combat mechanized armies and for the destruction of the infrastructure of other nations. This “modus operandi” was clearly visible at the time of the bombing of Serbia by NATO, led by Washington and London, and similarly destroyed the Iraqi armed forces and state institutions. However, US strategists today do not know how to deal with rebellions that they have caused.

Thus, the policy of Islamization of the Balkans by Washington and Turkey gave the results in Kosovo and in Cyprus, where the local communities are fully ghettoized. However, with the conflicts in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria are now involved also other regional forces, NATO, including Turkey, and all with different objectives.

This direct involvement in conflict over which the United States, Turkey and Qatar thought it would have a monopoly, actually disrupts a sleep of Muslim Brotherhood, which is clearly visible from the comparative resistance of Syria and the growing centralization of power of Egyptian President Al-Sisi.

Although the United States, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey have no qualms in the destabilization of Libya and Syria, the conflicting interests of many nations led to the so-called “counter-revolution”. It first broke out in Egypt and is seen in the battle for Syria’s independence, because of the current political elite of both nations know that if they fail their countries will become bankrupt and humiliated.

Today, I guess we should not doubt the genesis of “Islamic state”, since it is known that was created and strengthened after Obama withdrew US forces from Iraq. From the very beginning ISIL, Al-Nusra Front and various other sectarian groups in Syria are used for the destabilization of Syria. Regardless of the strengthening of these groups which do not support political Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood and are more inclined to Wahhabi teachings of Islam and medieval takfarism, the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has remained strong tool of Obama´s administration, so the implemented plans for similar intrigues devised by Qatar and Turkey continue.

However, while Saudi Arabia and other Gulf actors want to destabilize Syria, their goals differ from the goals of the United States, Qatar and Turkey, because the Saudis and their Gulf puppets do not want to see the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt and Jordan. The recent crisis in Libya shows that the objective is Egypt, because it is Libya which the terrorist groups are trying to turn into an instrument for the destruction of other regional nations.

The Egyptian army had a valid reason to strike at the very foundation of “Islamic state” in Libya, especially after the brutal murder of the Egyptian Coptic Christians. However, while Egypt from the international community seeks to support un-Islamic fraction in Libya and carries out the attacks against various terrorist groups, on the other hand there is a noticeable silence from Washington, Qatar and Turkey.

So, as long as Washington is advocating the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood and distancing itself from the key elements to destabilize Libya there will be continuing intrigues against Egypt. Recent announcement from Washington that “there will be no other intervention in Libya, and that this is a matter of Europe” was no accident. With this statement they simply gave a green light for the operation of the Muslim Brotherhood which has its own people in the so-called “government in Tripoli”, because it is clear that Europe has no strength to intervene in Libya by itself.

At the same time, the United States, Qatar and Turkey are trying to maneuver with another sectarian and armed force against Syria, despite the fact that in case of the overthrow of the current government in Damascus minorities would found themselves faced with continued persecution. In other words, Ankara, Doha and Washington want to usurp the Middle East and North Africa just as they did in the Balkans so they could shape the region according to their geopolitical ambitions. This is the key reason why these three countries favor the Muslim Brotherhood.

Local Islam, just like Christianity in northern Cyprus and in Kosovo has no value to the United States, Qatar and Turkey in terms of geopolitical interests. For analysts of the organization “The Investigative Project on Terrorism” and the press of Boutros Hussein, Noriko Watanabe and Lee Jay Walker, that means that these three countries are trying to use political Islam and the ambitions of the Muslim Brotherhood in North Africa and the Levant.

Therefore, Egypt and Syria are at the forefront of preserving the independence of the Middle East. Also, with knowing how strong relationships the ISIL has with Qatar and Turkey, even though the terrorists of ‘Islamic state’ do not seek political Islam, but only to establish rigid caliphate, Egypt rightly fears that foreign powers will manipulate takfiri hordes and other Islamist groups with different “levels of extremism”, among which include those related to the Muslim brotherhood, only that they would do the same to Egypt as they did in Syria.

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Jonathan Murray

Another nonsense article about Qatar. Russian cowardice to take on Saudi Arabia is just pathetic – and the cause of all their problems. Same cowardice has almost led to war with Turkey. Unless you face your enemies and have a foreign policy designed around dealing with them you will end up boxed you into a situation you have not prepared your population for. Time to stop blaming the prince to save the king.


A good chess player plans many moves ahead whereas a mediocre player has no plan at all, taking any and all pieces offered for sacrifice, and only realizing too late the trap being set. Russia always seems to outplay the US even though this may not seem obvious at first.

As for the article – it was excellent! Only the translation could have been better.

Jonathan Murray

Its a game of chess? What for Russia to support an evil murderous military dictatorship in Egypt? To blame Qatar and the Brotherhood for everything? No its just lies and cowardice from Russia. Turkey, the Al-Saud and the Egyptian military are in an alliance and are enemies of Russia. How long will it take you people to realise this?