The Taliban’s Sweeping Victory Leaves Afghans Reeling

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The Taliban’s Sweeping Victory Leaves Afghans Reeling
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The Taliban’s Sweeping Victory Leaves Afghans Reeling
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The Taliban’s Sweeping Victory Leaves Afghans Reeling
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The Taliban won in Afghanistan, after 20 years of war and grand claims by the United States.

In the early hours of August 15th, the Taliban were at Kabul’s threshold and the city was surrendered before the end of the day.

The capital was captured largely without a fight, the presidential palace was taken without resistance.

Around midday on August 15th, the group announced that the Mujahedeen entered parts of Kabul to “prevent chaos and theft” and take over a number of outposts which were abandoned by government forces.

A video was released showing the evacuation of Afghanistan’s top officials from the center of Kabul, towards the airport via US Air Force helicopters.

Former President Ashraf Ghani flew to Tajikistan immediately after signing his resignation.

Former Afghan Interior Minister Ali Ahmad Jalali officially became the head of the transitional Government. This will be temporary, as the Taliban is reportedly going to declare the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” from the presidential palace in Kabul.

Prisoners are being released from the largest Afghanistan’s prison in Kabul province, and these include Al-Qaeda, as well as ISIS terrorists, in addition to Taliban fighters and others.

Thousands of citizens also flooded the airport attempting hoping to flee the country, the situation is intensely chaotic. The Taliban’s fighters are present near the airport, and it is solely at their discretion not to overrun it.

It all began on August 13th, when a rapid Taliban offensive that ultimately led to the capture of most key provincial capitals, and brought militants to Kabul’s doorstep.

On that day, the Taliban gained control over Kandahar, the second largest city in the country.

Afghan government forces retreated after failing to stop the Taliban.

The group also captured the following provincial centers, such as Lashkar Gah, Qala-e-Naw, Firuzkoh, Herat.

In a matter of two days, the entire country was lost, abandoned US equipment was used as reinforcements to assist in the victory.

Al Jazeera was given an interview by Taliban officials, from former President Ghani’s office. They boasted that after 20 years of fighting foreign forces, the Taliban have come out as victors.

The group’s leadership is preparing to return to Kabul from Qatar. Ashraf Ghani released a statement saying he vacated his position and left the country to avoid a large Taliban offensive on Kabul.

Meanwhile, his compatriots are all but abandoned. The US military announced that all commercial flights from and to the airport were suspended. Military evacuation is, however, still ongoing. Shots were reportedly fired at US troops evacuating American diplomats and citizens at the airport.

Those who are unable to flee will have to live with the results of the Taliban success, and the United States’ failure. After 20 years, the Islamic group is much more prominent, both politically and militarily, while Washington’s forces simply turned tail and ran.

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"Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

NATO lost the war 20 years ago, in 2001. You can’t win a war without willpower. And no one is going to fight for an extremely corrupt Zionist puppet state, even with the best weapons.

Last edited 2 months ago by "Israel" is a terrorist NATO settler colony

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"Israel" is a NATO terrorist settler colony

Who do you pray to? George Soros?


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Marco Polo

There are plenty of videos online exposing Islamic “love” for animals and children.

For instance, NATO occupants were told not to interfere with the Bacha Bazi “traditional love” for boys.

Contrast this to RT (Russia Today) reporting on paedophile “traditions” in Indonesia.

The Ottoman empire had a similar degenerate tradition where Köçeks (boy dancers & prostitutes) were forced to “entertain” high-ranking men.

Orientals always had degenerate practices that led to the degradation of their many empires and racial dissolution of their ethnic founders.

China and the rest of eastern Asia are blessed by their geography which separated them from the former slave populations of the rest of Asia who replaced their rulers through racial mixture.

Such a spiritual syphilis has affected Europe and its diaspora populations ever since the Bronze Age collapse.

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

From Slave to Emperor: Famous Historians on the Racial Reasons for the Decline of the Roman Empire:

Including Caracalla, Philip the Arab among others.

The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt (Second Edition)


Chapter I: Introduction.

This deals with an overview of the competing theories (Euro and Afrocentrist);

Chapter 2: Timeline of Ancient Egypt.

This provides a simple guide to identifying the historical time periods of ancient Egypt, and the major events which led to racial population changes in that country;

Chapter 3: The Origins of the Ancient Egyptians.

This discusses the major theories behind the populating of ancient Egypt, coming out in favour of Sir Matthew Pietrie Flinders’s works;

Chapter 4: Ginger—the Oldest Mummy.

This provides some details on the pre-dynastic Gebelein mummy set, focussing on its most famous member, “Ginger” and his blond-red hair;

Chapter 5: Statues—the Artistic Evidence.

A long section with a number of original paintings, busts, and sculptures which all portray identifiable racial characteristics;

Chapter 6: Faces of the Dead—Mummies.

This section shows how accurate ancient Egyptian artist were in reflecting their subjects, and includes full-colour pictures of the blondest mummies you will ever see;

Chapter 7: The Nine Bows

The racial enemies of Egypt as portrayed among Tutankhamen’s treasure.

Chapter 8: Writing on the Wall—Other Races as Portrayed in Egyptian Art.

This section overviews the overtly racial images found in Tutankhamun’s tomb artefacts. No punches pulled here on the racial enemies of ancient Egypt;

Chapter 9: Nubian Pharaohs—the End of Ancient Egypt.

There were black pharaohs—right at the end of the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Nubian invasion heralded the downfall and end of that culture and civilization;

Chapter 10: Carved in Stone—Egyptian Writings about Their Enemies.

How the ancient Egyptians described race and racial segregation in their society.

Chapter 11: DNA—the Truth Leaks Out.

An overview of the two most important DNA tests done in Egypt, one of the general population which still shows European remnants amongst its highly mixed nature; and of course, the Tutankhamun DNA material. Also included is the skull measurement data from AM Mourant, which confirms the DNA data.

Chapter 12: DNA—“Ancient Egyptians more closely “Ancient Egyptians more closely related to Europeans than modern Egyptians”—2017 DNA Study.

Scientists from the University of Tuebingen in Germany reveal that ancient Egyptians were racially Europeans—and that the present-day Egyptian population is a mixed race group with a massive sub-Saharan element.

Chapter 13: Conclusion.

This is possibly the most important section, as it outlines what the artistic, historical and DNA evidence tells us: namely that the founders of ancient Egypt were white, but that society became increasingly mixed (or “diverse”) as time went on, until finally they became the mixed-race mass which is present-day Egypt.

From the conclusion:

The Afrocentrist claim that these handful of black pharaohs “proves” that ancient Egypt was African in origin is as false as claiming that the United States of America was founded by blacks because it had a half-black president in 2011.

The appearance of blacks as pharaohs marks the beginning of the end of ancient Egypt, not its foundation.

To claim that ancient Egypt was black in origin is tantamount to claiming that the cities of Detroit or Washington DC in the US were founded by blacks because their present-day populations are majority black and they have black mayors.”

Cover: A bust of Pharaoh Khafre, dating from the fourth dynasty (2575–2467 BC).

“A truly magnificent rendition. Fabulous photos plus DNA. Very convincing.”
– Dr J Phillipe Rushton, Ph.D., D.Sc.

86 pages, full color interior.

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

You are unbelievably vulgar and in denial of the fact that the “American” globalism you speak of did not exist prior to the 1920s, before then it was more or less culturally European and Christian.

It was built on Masonic principles of the French Revolution that jewish infiltrators subverted to its greatest limitations, overstepping them in many ways.

Now Americanism (i.e. International Jewry) has enveloped the world, Russia and China fell to what is synonymous with Globalist Universalism: International Communism (another side of World Jewry).

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo
Arch Bungle

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Marco Polo

There are plenty of vulgar stories in Abrahamic religious texts, I remember hearing that Muhammad’s pederasty with Aisha is found in the Hadith.

Last edited 1 month ago by Marco Polo
US & EU are Zion slaves

Is it really a loss for the US?
In many ways yes and no, they don’t have a base in Afghanistan anymore, but they still can go and bomb the Taliban if they don’t work with the US – they had a deal – I know it is funny.
Why? “Prisoners are being released from the largest Afghanistan prison in Kabul province, and these include Al-Qaeda, as well as ISIS terrorists, in addition to Taliban fighters and others.”
To the US and even Russia, the Taliban group is a terrorist group, but Russia might change its point of view.

The fact is The US never stop its war machine, The US cut down troops from Iraq and pull out of Afghanistan. They are going to invade another country and you know it.
The US knew that they couldn’t support their puppet regime long ago, but for over 20 years they didn’t have real war with any other countries, so they just stayed in Afghanistan, Iraq & Syria.

The US’s main enemies are China – Asia, Russia -Ukr, and ofc changing South American governments.
Also most likely in Africa you want a reason, no you don’t it can be anything.

Fun fact, The US is a sore loser, they going to kill more civilians just somewhere else.
For Afghanistan, we just have to wait and see if the Taliban were joking about changing and how the new Afghan government looks like.
It will take some time to see what Iran, Russia, and China do, after all, talk the talk, walk the walk.

I’m just waiting for the US to invade another country, I know it is going to happen.

Arch Bungle

There is no fool more defeated than the one who cannot recognise defeat.

No fool so foolish than the one who is beaten still asks “was it really a loss?”.

The US was defeated in more ways than they can imagine.

That a few elite business conglomerates profited does not translate to victory for the US – it translates to victory for the globalist corporate elite who have no loyalty to any country.

The US lost.

US & EU are Zion slaves

LOL, the kid here again and ofc very salty, you are just a sad lowlife bitch, may god help you and your kind.
No, the Taliban are very much friends of the Wahhabi gang, they freed Al-Qaeda and ISIS inmates just a day ago. They failed their RP.
“Defeat”? The US left Afghanistan for Iraq…you know years ago – you can’t even understand that fact, after that they just killed civilians with the Taliban. They “killed” that Wahhabi goat fuker, Osama. That was it, they did their job.
Ask yourself why the US invaded Afghanistan in the first place? To kill a goat fuker. That was their main goal but if you know the US they LOVE to have bases around the world, so they stayed and make deal with the Taliban. Why did the US stop bombing the mothers of the Taliban in Pakistan?
They made a deal with Pakistan and the Taliban.

LMFAO, The US is run by Warmachine kiddo, not “few elite business conglomerates” and as long they have wars they make a lot of money than you can even imagine.
They start another war again, very soon.

It is a victory for the US, they stop their bleeding, they destroyed Afghanistan, they still going to bomb Afghanistan, Afghanistan under the Taliban going to be sanctioned, and only a few countries change the state of the Taliban and recognize them as a “government” body.
Russia still waiting to see how the Taliban changed, after that they might recognize them, to Russia they are still a terrorist group.
“We will carefully see how responsibly they govern the country in the near future,” Kabulov told the Ekho Moskvy radio station. “And based on the results, the Russian leadership will draw the necessary conclusions.”

Back in 1996 and 2001, only four countries recognized the Taliban, 3 of them are made-up countries by the UK LMFAO. (Pak, UAE, SA, fake British made-up countries and dogs of West) and Turk.
Those are just a few things that happened, Iran wants all parties of Afghanistan to be part of the new Afghan government, not going to happen. China and Russia will increase their influence in Afghanistan.

There are so many things that are going to happen sooner or later, you believe it is over that is cute.
The USA hasn’t given up on Iran, the super power of the Middle East, and still “fight” Iran in their own ways. Iran with such power and rich country at “war” with the US for 40+ years.
Sanction and blockades. Afghanistan is nowhere near as powerful and rich as Iran is to stand against the US on the world stage.

That is a victory to you, oh wait you are from Pakistan I forgot nvm. hahahaha

US & EU are Zion slaves

Some tweet to laugh about,
– ملکي تلفات او سمع شکایات
“The Islamic Emirate has ordered its Mujahideen and once again instructs them that no one is allowed to enter anyone’s house without permission. Life, property and honor of none shall be harmed but must be protected by the Mujahedeen.”

-Bill Roggio
The Taliban often issues statements like the one below, but does the exact opposite. Like not entering Kabul by force. Or not attacking cities. Or not giving safe have to Al Qaeda.

Taliban failed RP.
“Except Al Qaeda is in Afghanistan, its alliance with the Taliban is unbroken and is as strong as ever, and the UN described Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Taliban’s deputy emir as an Al Qaeda leader.”

If you wonder why I said Afghanistan is going to be sanctioned soon. Sanction hurt a lot more, China doesn’t value Afghanistan that high to risk getting sanction, Syria still is sanction btw the Syrian people. And that slowed the Syrian rebuilding of their country.
Russia also doesn’t value Afghanistan that high and ofc nor does Iran, that leave of poor and failed state of Pakistan.
Pakistani run away from Pakistan and their reason is for better life LMFAO, good luck, and may God help poor Afghans.

Last edited 2 months ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
US & EU are Zion slaves

Capital letter beginning of a sentence, you stupid donkey.
Also, I fuk your mother (joke) and that’s how I become stupid. But I’m good at pissing Sunni Pakistanis, many Pakistani gays. By the will of God, the Taliban behead all Pakistani gays and make Pakistan a true Islamic country. Inshallah as they say.

“Daily Ummat , the newspaper of record of the religious right in Pakistan , refers to Pakistani women fighting for their rights as “whores” on its front page. This is the level of discourse among Pakistani Islamists.”

“Gay Pakistan: Where sex is available and relationships are difficult”

May God saves Pakistani from the Satanic government of Pakistan, by the will of God Taliban take control of Pakistan soon.


Last edited 2 months ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
Arch Bungle

Never start a sentence with “But” you stupid donkey.
Basic rules of grammar should be learned by stupid donkeys like yourself.

Last edited 2 months ago by Arch Bungle

You are another pink swastika pro soros/lgbtq troll,but its ok,your going down

Arch Bungle

So many words. All garbage. Sorry you wasted your life.

Alberto Bohon.

Ahmad Shah Massoud’s son, Ahmad Massoud calls for the fight against the Taliban from the Panshir region of Afghanistan, I hope their futile resistance will be failed and destroyed. let the Taliban’s enemies fall to the ground all of them.

Arch Bungle

Any links? This is interesting …

US & EU are Zion slaves

It is words of mouth, but there is a tweet from Sudhir Chaudhary.
“Amrullah Saleh, Vice President of Afghanistan and Ahmad Massoud, son of Ahmad Shah Massoud spotted in Panjshir. They are bringing all Anti-Taliban commanders together in Panjshir. This province is still free from Taliban.”

Not sure if that’s what he means.

US & EU are Zion slaves
US & EU are Zion slaves

Here is another link from GB News.

Arch Bungle

This looks like Indian media propaganda, I wouldn’t trust it …

Arch Bungle

If it’s true, they will be surrounded in all the other provinces by Afghans who have already taken the side of the Taliban.

They will be ‘boiled alive’ in Panjshir as the Taliban use the same tactic of surrounding and subverting, then choking off lines of supply into Panjshir.

In any case, Massoud may be preparing for peace talks with the Taliban:

“With Taliban inching closer to Kabul, his son Ahmad Massoud, who took over from his father in Panjshir, said in an interview to Atlantic Council that he was open to negotiations with the Taliban militants. “I am willing and ready to forgive the blood of my father for the sake of peace in Afghanistan and security and stability in Afghanistan,” said Massoud, adding that he and other Afghans are not willing to “give in to the will of terrorism”, but ready to create “an inclusive government with the Taliban” through political negotiations.”

They can’t win, the critical mass is on the side of the Taliban …

Last edited 2 months ago by Arch Bungle
US & EU are Zion slaves

I’m guessing you got that from twitter or FB?
I also heard some other anti-Taliban commanders are in Panjsher with Ahmad Massoud.


Interventionism is bad thing, I get that. It doesn’t work and shouldn’t.

But I simply fail to understand how to see the Taliban as good guys. Religious fanatism, stoning, blowing up historic sites and as ugly and primitive as desert neanderthals..


Thanks for the idea for a new brand of beer, ‘Taliban Rush’.

S Balu

Nobody should be surprised By Taliban Achievements
Despite of massive western media blitz and demonization against a Taliban reality on the ground are different after Taliban took over The country and capital Kabul
First and foremost Afghanis have lived under Taliban rule and then under western Puppet rule they were able to COMPARE THE TWO
There are many reasons but few are very important
1.When Aljazeera news team interviewed ordinary Afghan

L du Plessis

No more western puppet Gov for Afghans 💪 let Afghans rule themselves!! 💪

US & EU are Zion slaves

RT: “US may seize Afghanistan’s national reserves, but its threat to isolate Taliban is, indeed, ‘unmoored from reality’”

No, they most likely going to be sanction soon, I believe even by the UN. So, China and Russia not really going to do much – in rebuilding Afghanistan (they do their best to help), but it is hard just like in Syria.

“During the diplomatic offensive, Taliban officials offered Russia and Beijing respect for their national interests. China was told the Taliban would cut ties with Islamist Uighur separatists from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), denying them a foothold to launch attacks on Xinjiang province.”
Russia was promised non-interference in Central Asia, addressing certain security concerns of Moscow’s allies there. The Afghan militants held talks with officials from neighbors Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, with Russia facilitating these.
Iran, India, and Turkey:
Iran last month hosted high-level talks between the militants and the Afghan government. India had reportedly established a backchannel to the Taliban. Turkey made no secret of its ambitions in post-NATO Afghanistan and would need cooperation from the militants to have a say on Afghanistan’s future in the new circumstances.

Rodney Loder.

All praise be to Allah (swt) Allah (swt) knows best Allah (swt) will support the destruction of evil everywhere in the World provided the majority of Islamists support the presentation of my credentials as the Prophet Jesus in Damascus, I have strict instructions from Heaven not to proceed with the Second Coming unless Assad gives me his support. Allah (swt) wishes Taliban every further success.

US & EU are Zion slaves

There are about 6,000 or more troops from the USA in Afghanistan right now.
Also, no USA sanction Afghanistan and if they want to bomb the Taliban for any reason they can do so much better. The Taliban leaders can’t any longer hide in Pakistan, like Osama the goat fuker or the dead ex-Taliban leader.
The same goes for just bombing the Taliban troops, they no longer can just hide in civilians, they most likely become the Afghanistan army.

If you know how the USA killed Osama the goat fuker and Mullah Mohammad Omar. You would know the yanquis knows where Taliban leaders hide and can find them.
Also, the Taliban government is not like a normal government, if you remember how the Taliban “ruled” Afghanistan before the US invasion.


Neither was the US military prepared for this accelerated time-frame and outcome:


1) The Taliban *are*
2) Let Afghans sort it out themselves. They know how to. Eventually, the regions and regional powers will strike deals and a balance. They always have.


The Soviets spent 1979-1989 in Afghanistan, after withdrawal their sponsored regime was in power for another three years before the mujahedin overran Kabul. The US of course wanted to beat the Soviets at everything, and even decades after the fall of Soviet Union, this competitiveness apparently continues. The US spent 2001-2021 in Afghanistan, after announcement of withdrawal (currently ongoing) their sponsored regime was in power for another ten days before the Taliban overran Kabul. Way to go USA, you really took on, and completely outdid the legacy of those long gone Soviets, in the Afghan War clusterf*ck challenge.

Last edited 2 months ago by AlphaBravoCharlie
Alberto Bohon.

former vice president Amrullah Saleh declares himself interim president of Afghanistan and promises to resist the Taliban, I hope the Taliban capture Amrullah Saleh and arrest