The US uses Poland as provocateurs against Russia

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The US uses Poland as provocateurs against Russia

Originally appeared at IN4S, translated by A. Đurić exclusively for SouthFront

The moves of the new Polish government, such as taxation of foreign banks, placing under control the state media, opposition to immigration of asylum seekers, came under attack by the European Commission and the Western liberal media. Mateusz Piskorski, geo-politician, a former envoy to the EU Parliament, President of the Polish party “Smiana” exclusively for answered questions about the current Polish government, relationships with the US and Russia.

Poland faces possible sanctions from the European Commission for alleged “violation of press freedom and the rule of law.” Is it a sign that the new Polish government shows an example of resistance to the New world order?

This is not the case of resistance to the New World order. The Polish government is definitely pro-American (even more than the previous government), the neoliberal (Deputy Prime Minister Mateš Moravecké is a long-associates of foreign banks and corporations).

Government of “Law and Justice party” in Poland is indeed really opposed to Germany and Brussels on the issue of asylum crisis. I was also quite open to cooperation with BRICS countries, such as China. However, this same government, desperately seeks from Washington to set up permanent military bases on Polish territory. So this is not a case of strengthening Polish sovereignty, but only case of the conflict between power centers, Berlin and Brussels to Washington.

One of the biggest challenges for the European Union is future referendum on the UK exiting the EU. Are the requirements for EU reform that David Cameron sets a new opportunity for the pro-independence forces to return Europe to the people or is it just another scam?

I would said that it was just another globalist scam. Geopolitically Britain is outside of Europe, continental Europe of course. It is rather an aircraft carrier for US in Europe than sovereign country.

The new Polish government has stepped up cooperation with Hungary, and other members of the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia). Do Central European integrations may present for Poland a viable alternative to the rule of Brussels?

Yes, in my opinion they are definitely an alternative. But only if we define Central Europe as a zone free from the influence of the United States, as a group of countries willing to cooperate equally with Germany, Russia and China. And all the countries of Central Europe should leave NATO as soon as possible. Then we would actually have an independent bloc of countries. He could work on joint projects, such as connecting with a new Chinese silk road, or finding a peaceful solution to the conflicts in the post-Soviet space, primarily for the conflict in Ukraine. I hope that our differences in the future will not be so great that we can not participate in joint projects.

Will the new Polish government continue with the anti-Russian policy of the previous government?

The Polish government is exceptionally anti-Russian inspired, and will continue to lead such policy, all until they get different orders from Washington. The US uses the Warsaw as provocateurs against Moscow. Even if today the national interests of Russia and Poland are no longer opposed.

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