‘This Is War’: Lukashenko’s First Public Comments On RyanAir Incident

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'This Is War': Lukashenko's First Public Comments On RyanAir Incident

MINSK, BELARUS – MAY 26, 2021: Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko speaks during a meeting with parliamentarians, members of the Constitutional Commission of Belarus, and state government officials, in the Oval Hall of the Government House. Maxim Guchek/BelTA

On May 26, President of Belarus Alexandr Lukashenko addressed parliament, publicly commenting on the incident in Minsk airport for the first time.

Lukashenko began his speech at a meeting with parliamentarians, members of the Constitutional Commission and representatives of government bodies with the claim that his following statements would become the basic principles of the Belarusian foreign policy.

“As we predicted, our ill-wishers from the outside, and even inside the country, have changed the methods to attack our State. They crossed a lot of red lines, crossed the boundaries of common sense and human morality.

This is no longer an information war, this is a hybrid modern war. Everything must be done so that it does not turn into a hot one.

They cannot forgive us, neither “TNT”, nor “Mankurts”, therefore, they are afraid of new revelations in the testimony, both by fugitives and internals.

In the near future, we will present to you, as well as to the general public, everything that they said, including those who were recently detained.

That is why they moved from organizing riots to smothering. They are searching for new vulnerabilities, and it relates not only to us. For them, we are a training ground, a site for an experiment before a battle march to the East. After testing us, they will go there.

I want to remind you that one well-known extremist channel, which is based on the Belarusian issue, but was not created on our land, is already working against Russia, showing the true target of Western strategists.”

*”Mankurts” was KGB special operation that exposed a group of persons suspected of espionage.

* “TNT of protest” special investigation, based on the materials of the State Security Committee that unveiled the activities of the group preparing the explosions and murders in Belarus.

President of Belarus claimed that the message about the bomb on board was sent from Switzerland to the airports of Athens, Vilnius and Minsk at the same time.

He added that there was a terrorist in the plane and that this was known in Minsk and abroad.

“Hamas, not Hamas – today it doesn’t matter” – Lukashenko was cited as saying.

There were 123 passengers from different countries and six crew members on board.

“What should we have done? Especially amid a cascade of threats about the mining of our facilities? In each case, we reacted correctly to the information that we received,” the president said.

Lukashenko highly appreciated the actions of the national forces and designated them as absolutely correct.

President added that the protection systems at the Astravets Nuclear Power Plant were put on high alert during the incident with the RyanAir aircraft.

Lukashenko recalled that Belarus has invited all international experts to take part in the investigation of the incident.

“But we will not be on our knees and make excuses, because there is nothing to apologize for,” the president said. “We are also aware that our prosecutors are not interested in receiving the objective information.”

President of Belarus noted that the West refused to participate in the investigation of the incident with the emergency landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk.


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Its now or never

Potato face Lukashenko circus at full throttle:
-Lukashenko is waiting for compensation from the West for the Ryanair incident.😂😁
-He also said:”If you don’t like flying safely through Belarus – fly where they killed 300 people,” recalling the MH17 downing in Ukraine.🚀🤣🤣


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Peter Jennings

Lukashenko is a true President and is doing the best for his people. He is target No1 for US and nato espionage and change agents. Denying washintub’s orders and the barking of their nato attack dogs would get one killed, or more accurately, murdered.

I guess the US and nato will have to pick another colour because this one has come out in the wash.


Yes. He has resuscitated Belarus from the destruction of the USSR at least as well as Putin did Russia, and unlike Russia he managed it without selling the economy to oligarchs.


Yeltsin did it, but I agree Luka is more decisive than Putin. Although he tried to reconcile with the West a few years ago and that’s the source of all his problems today. Just as Gaddafi and Milosevic, they all tried to reconcile with the West only to be backstabbed almost immediately.


Luka is for sure a sketchy character, he tried to played both sides for years to his advantage and got betrayed backstabbed pissed-on and got almost murdered by the west by their foiled coup attempt…but in the end it drives Belarus in Russias camp for good in the longrun…literally the same they have kind of done with China…The Law of Unintended Consequences….The AmeriCunts and all their vasals minions + lackeys fucked-up like they always do.

Last edited 3 months ago by Brokenspine66


Jim Allen

It’s absurd that the West reacts to every little thing the instant it happens. It’s completely irrational. Worse, the West has done the same things, and worse. It’s embarrassing that the world is led by a bunch of emotionally driven bitches. Excepting the obviously rational leaders, of course.


It would be nice if the lying leadership of the West could produce their own pilot, and ask him why he chose to land in Minsk, but that would put an end to Western media games.

Why leave facts interfere with another hybrid war game.


When reward is far more beneficial than punishment, rioters, rebels, criminal are drawn quick to it

L du Plessis

May Go protect Belarus from the Zionists 🙏

China Is Right

It’s about time to name the Jews

If Muslims say so, whites say so, Chinese says so, etc it’s IMPOSSIBLE that everybody is wrong.

The Jewish media with the stupid narratives and newspeak and false flags and election theft covert will go down soon, it’s already on the going.

The Jews are going to crash the world, but won’t get out of the mess as they assume


With everything becomin global, the hate against jews will become global too. When the whole world gets rekt because of them, where are they gonna go? With their henious crimes against humanity, they drove themselves into a tough situation.


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It’s not like he stated that Poland was full of WMDs and attacked and murdered half a million people, like your lying turds did to Iraq.


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Any comment from Ryanair?

Why not, the Western media fails once again to gather facts before going on yet another Goebbells charade tirade.


As usual, they do + can NOT let any inconvenient FACTS interfere with Their fabricated BS Propaganda Narratives + Lies.

Last edited 3 months ago by Brokenspine66

The Union State is now an imperative.


inshallah belarus reunites with russia and stops this western plot butt cold

john wooh

Lukashenko for President for all slavic nations, Belarussia one culture, its clean no toxic industry and even the cows got Lukashenko’s respect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7TKZILMtwo&ab_channel=RadioFreeEurope%2FRadioLiberty if Belasrussia needs me, im helping as volunteer to fight the invaders!

just give me a sign KGB, slava Belarusia

Last edited 3 months ago by john wooh

Fuck off, I am Slavic and do not want these Russian/Belarussian terrorists near my country. You can keep your oligarchs and let them keep control of your countries while they restrict freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to do with your life as you want.


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john wooh

fuk off vatican pedo whore, im forced to wear a mask which kills, Lukashenko fuked the Covid-restrictons.
Europe wants to force me to take a poison for traveling this is freedom for you ?

We Love Russia/Belarusia im ready to die for my Northeastern Brothers!


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Igor, who should we blame for our terrorist act today?

Igor: Let’s try Hamas, and if that doesn’t work we will blame Switzerland, and if that doesn’t work we will blame the west.

Lukashenko is a joke, this commie 60iq tool needs to be burried alive.

john wooh

“Hey Wojciech do we wanna let the Germans or the Vatican fuk our kids today?”


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Jens Borg

Belarus blaming Hamas? nice try Shimon!


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AM Hants

Ironic you using the name Igor, considering old Roman Protasevich was a member of Igor Kolomoisky’s “Azov Battalion”.

First time you have made sense, without realising it.

mike l hutchings

i don’t know enough about this but the proportions are wrong…

oy vey

I wonder who is interested in blaming both Hamas and Belarus?


so he was actually tricked?


It looks like that way, this Prostachevich or whatever is just some irrelevant pawn sacrificed by his masters.

Very likely he knew about the plan and played his role, that’s why he reported some imaginary ‘agents’ following him in Athens or whatever nonsense. He is absolutely not important, Lukashenko probably never even heard of him. Same charade as with Navalny’s “poisoning”.


Those corrupt treacherous western stooges and their western deep-state handlers are NOT very imaginative, not spy- or state craft what so ever at work – PATHETIC. The Belarus + Russian side on the other hand. The threat about the possible ‘device’ on board was send/transmitted from Switzerland to the Airline and to the Airport + Aircontrol in Vilnius – There was no threat from the Belarussian side despise the western fake-news/propaganda lies and fabricated narrative. The Pilot was informed probably by his Airline ect and decided independently according to international airtraffic rules regulations + laws to contact the Aircontrol of the country in which territory they are currently was flying and changed the course to the next airport…trictly following the rules and landed than in Minsk, the authorities checked + searched all passengers the plane luggage + cargo. The found out that passengers were on-board who are on Belarus ‘Wanted’ list AKA that guy and his gal and they arrested them. That I call CRAFTY and the west can speculate and made any accusations but they can’t obviously proof anything, IMO the western Regimes + Deep-States are pissed because they can’t do anything, at least legally – That’s what I call SPYCRAFT.

Last edited 3 months ago by Brokenspine66

They are extremely unimaginative, and no, they cannot prove anything, but they don’t need to. They’ll just keep screaming and hysterically lying, all their media repeating exactly the same lies over and over again. Sheeple will believe them as always. They’ll use this for more sanctions and that’s the point, they don’t give a f*** about some worthless pawn, he is more useful now than ever. They will be happy if police harm him, and if Belarus release him tomorrow they will portray Lukashenko as weak and this clown as a hero. Fake hero or fake martyr, doesn’t matter. As I said, exactly as Navalny. They repeat the same pattern with slight variations.

Goebbels was right about one thing, he described them perfectly: “The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.”

Last edited 3 months ago by N007
AM Hants

Or the West planned it that way. Isn’t there a vote due, with regards Russian Sanctions?


In Australia we listed nazis as potential national security threats too,to hell with soros/eu-epp +co.

AM Hants

Served his purpose. Have you seen the images of him in his “Azov’ battalion uniform, prancing around in 2015 at the 1st Anniversary of Mariupol?


Nobody in the West wants to investigate the false bomb claim. The Ryanair pilots decided to divert to Minsk, not Belarus authorities. This event looks like a sting against Belarussian government.


The gimp is a nazi teorrist,the swiss warned greece and belarus,swiss not stupid as eu-epp hoped,no!


Good to see the Swiss warn of teorrists,truth is that is the truth,to hell with lgbtq/nwo media + co!

None of you

His days in power are counted .
He is in power from over 16 years.
He did nothing for Belarus absolutely nothing.
Those who Don’t know how is life in Belarus fuck off.
The salary in Belarus per year is €4,700 or 390€ if you are lucky but the food and normal utilities are the same expensive like in the western civilization.
People in Belarus are sick of this Comunism Party.
Putin know that Belarus President is incompetent but he plays him on the fingers, Belarus owns to Russia huge amount of money.
This is the only reason why Putin allow this scumbag to be in power until now. But soon everything will change.
Expect a Civil unrest that you have never seen before in Belarus, President of Belarus will have the same fate as the filthy disgusting Comunist President of Romania:
Ceausescu and Elena Ceausecu.

AM Hants

Many in Belarus, remember the Maidan, over in Ukraine so well. Do they want the same? How is Ukraine these days and how many lost their lives, courtesy of Post Maidan events?

Back in 2016, Oleg Tsarov stated over 100,000 had lost their lives, times 9 (900,000) who were left with life changing disabilities and the millions that were displaced. That was 5 years ago, and what are the figures now. Why are the same crowd behind The Maidan, also trying to kick start the regime change script in Belarus?

Why was a member of “Azov”, which is a Nazi Battalion, over in Belarus, trying to kickstart the regime change script? You can see the image of Roman Protasevich, proudly wearing his “Azov Battalion’ uniform, as he struts around, during the ‘Azov” Nazi Parade in Mariupol (where the Azov Battalion HQ is based), back in 2015, during the Anniversary of Mariupol. Now what happened in Mariupol, back in 2014? Wasn’t there some kind of massacre?

Why did Switzerland send a message to Greece, Belarus and others, with regards a suspect package on the flight, that they had received from Hamas? Why were images being loaded on the internet, of events, before the President of Belarus had been informed?

Florian Geyer

Azov members atrocities also included the ghastly murder of a DPR soldier by nailing him to a cross and then pouring petrol him and posting a video of him burning. This was in 2014.

Azov were based in Mariopol and they regularly demanded women from the womens prison to abuse. Their insane party trick was to squirt builders foam in the womens vaginas. This was reported by a doctor who treated the abused women.

British and American military intelligence etc are fully aware of this and they say nothing.

AM Hants

I remember the image of the poor DPR soldier, back in 2014. Plus, weren’t they also involved with the Odessa Trade Union Massacre? Not forgetting they were also the first to run the furthest when caught out. There were some serious horror stories, that came out of Ukraine, courtesy the cowards, back in 2014. They would only go after the women, children, disabled and elderly.

john wooh

He is in Power because he is a great Leader.

He kept Belarussia clean and free from the western oligarch.

The living costs in Belarus are 6-9times less than in Europe.

Only the Femboys and Lesbians are fed up, western brainwashed imported kids are sick.

Brother countries so what.

Lukashenko is the best, to compare him with Ceausescu is a disgrace.
Lukashenko loves life, animals, people, farming, but ur Ceausescu was a animal murdering schizofrenic Psychopath.

Last edited 3 months ago by john wooh

You are so gay… just saying.

Last edited 3 months ago by Escu

He will live much longer than you, he will be the president decades after your painful and lonely death….

AM Hants

There is an interesting article, over on Zero Hedge, with regards the above story.

Now why would the BBC, Western Media, EU and Western Governments want to support a member of the Ukraine Nanzi Above Battalion, who decides it is a good idea to try and implement a Maidan in Belarus?

Remind me, but, who also funds the White Helmets and who funds the BBC, besides the licence fee payers?

Photo from the Album “Azov” (VK). First Anniversary of the Liberation of Mariupol (courtesy Reveal Disinfo). The “Above” Parade, back in 2015, featuring Protasevich – Hero of the EU.

Cannot post image, but, it is in the Zero Hedge Article

Lukashenko Lashes Out After BBC & Others Admit Detained Activist’s Ukrainian Azov Battalion Ties… zerohedgedotcom/geopolitical/lukashenko-lashes-out-after-bbc-others-admit-detained-activists-ukrainian-azov


Now, who besides the UK licence fee payer, funds the BBC?

Cannot post the image

Other Grant Income £4.1 million
Department for International Development (DFID) Global Grant £17.3 million
Gifts in Kind £8.8 million
Bill and Belinda Gates Foundation £5.1 million
Foreign and Commonwealth Office £2.6 million
European Union. £2.3 million
Society for Family Health £1.5 million
US State Department £1.3 million
United Nations £1.1 million
SIDA £1 million
DAI £0.6 million
Income from Generated Funds £0.5 million


AM Hants

Part 2


Now who funds the White Helmets:

Cannot post Washington Standard Image.
Cannot post 21st Century image.

USAID via US State Department 2014-2015 $23 million
British Foreign Office 2014-2015 $24 million
EU – 2015 $4.5 million
Netherlands – 2016 $4.5 million (Netherlands Registered NGO Vehicle known as Mayday Rescue)
British Foreign Office 2016 $32 million
British Foreign Office 2016-2017 £24 million
German Government 2016 £7.6 million
Danish Government 2016 undisclosed sum
Qatari Source (seed funding) 2014 undisclosed sum
Japan 2015 undisclosed sum
DG-Echo 2015-2016 undisclosed sum. (Directorate General For European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG-Echo)
Crowd Funding Campaigns 2014-2016 undisclosed sum
Website Donations 2014-2016 undisclosed
Jo Cox Fund 2016 £2.4 million

UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office Budget from 2016 – 2019 was around £2.2 billion per year. Which also helped to fund the Russian media disinformation programmes, coming from Statecraft/Integrity Initiative/Open Information Partnership, Belingcat and more. Plus not forgetting how much the UK Defence Budget spends on media disinformation agencies, such as 77th Squadron.

Press release
Foreign Office’s settlement at the Spending Review 2015
The Chancellor has published the results of the spending review, including details of the FCO’s budget over the course of this parliament… https://www.gov.uk/government/news/foreign-offices-settlement-at-the-spending-review-2015


What nations, who also fund the White Helmets, also fund the Joint Mechanism Investigative Unit of the OPCW? Now why do they also fund the British Broadcasting Corporation and what do they get from it? Going back to the story, why are the same characters the ones that are supporting the Ukraine Nanzi Protasevich?

Remind me, but, why would the Head of the European Jewish Community, Igor Kolomoisky, back in 2014 fund and launch the Ukraine Nanzi Battalion “Azov”?

The same Kolomoisky, who was the Head of the Private Group, which had Burisma Holdings under it’s umbrella. Burisma Holdings, which employed the Vice President of the US Joe Biden’s son, and also the son of the US Secretary of State. The same Burisma Holdings, which donated to the NATO Administration Think Tank ‘Atlantic Council’. The Atlantic Council, which was formed in1961, by the ex-Director of the CIA Allen Dulles and friends. The same Allen Dulles, who was a Nazi sympathiser and fund raiser during WWII and had more friends amongst the Nanzis, than he did the US Government and the same Allen Dulles who was behind the first CIA Exercise “Operation Paperclip’. An exercise where he gave safe passage to his good Nazi and Bolshevik friends, who needed to escape Europe. This was back in 1947, the same year that the foundations of Israel were laid, over in the Middle East. Coincidence or what?

AM Hants

So who is Roman Protasevich?

“Roman Protasevich – Arrested In Belarus – Is A Western Government Financed Neo-Nanzi..” – Moon of Alabama

john wooh

Everything is correct what you wrote/showed.

Good job AM Hants

AM Hants

Thank you. Also Zero Hedge is reporting on him.

Kurt Faasse

Fuck Lukashenko. I hope he gets testicular cancer and dies in agony