Threat Of Terrorist ‘Gangs’ In Syria Is Still Present: Putin

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Threat Of Terrorist ‘Gangs’ In Syria Is Still Present: Putin

Vladimir Putin. IMAGE: RIA Novosti

The threat of the remaining terrorist “gangs” in Syria is still present, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a new documentary.

The documentary, title “No Room for Error. Christmas Visit to Damascus,” by Russia-1 covers the situation in Syria.

“Despite the fact that professional gangs [in Syria] have been defeated, the terrorist threat still comes to us from the territories which remain under the control of terrorists,” Putin says in the trailer of the documentary that was released on January 6.

The Russian President went on to stress that the decision to launch the anti-terrorism operation in Syria in 2015 was the “right decision.” According to Putin, Russia felt that the terrorist threat coming from Syria was growing as terrorist gangs were holding most of Syria and fortifying themselves there.

The President added that his decision on Syria was “not by his sympathies and antipathies, but by the interests of the Russian state.”

The direct support of Russian forces allowed Syrian government forces to liberate vast parts of the country’s north, east and south within a few years. Today, only a terrorist enclave, known as Greater Idlib, remains in Syria’s northwestern region.

Other parts in Syria’s northern and northeastern regions are controlled by Turkish and Kurdish forces. However, no real threats are coming from there as for now.

Putin remarks indicate that Russia will not tolerate the terrorist presence in Syria. Russia’s support is the necessary to neutralize the threats coming from Greater Idlib. Damascus can’t succeed in this mission on its own.


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