Tiger Forces’ Commander Arrives to Aleppo to Lead Major Operation against Al-Nursa (Al-Qaeda). Reinforcements Heading to Govt Forces

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Tiger Forces' Commander Arrives to Aleppo to Lead Major Operation against Al-Nursa (Al-Qaeda). Reinforcements Heading to Govt Forces

Suheil Salman Al Hassan

Major General Suheil “The Tiger” Al Hassan, commander of the Syrian Arab Army’s Tiger Forces has arrived to Aleppo city today morning. The prominent Syrian military commander will allegedly lead a major operation against the Jabhat al-Nusra(the Syrian al-Qaeda)-led military coalition, known as Jaish al-Fatah, in the southwestern countryside of Aleppo city.

According to the available information, the planned operation will involve units of the Syrian Arab Army, including the Tiger Forces, the Desert Hawks Brigade, and Hezbollah. Pro-government sources in the Aleppo province also say that a huge reinforcements are already on the way to Aleppo.

Earlier in October, Al Hassan and his Tiger Forces were involved in military operations against Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahara al-Sham and a number of less-known militant groups in the northern part of Hama province. As result, the government forces retook significant areas from the militants, including the towns of Ma’ardas and Suran located at the Aleppo-Hama highway.

We recall, on October 28, Jabhat al-Nusra and allies, widely described in the mainstream media as the ‘moderate opposition’, launched a do-or-die attempt to break the siege from militant-controlled areas of Aleppo city. Heavy clashes have been ongoing in western Aleppo where the main militant attack took place.

Tiger Forces' Commander Arrives to Aleppo to Lead Major Operation against Al-Nursa (Al-Qaeda). Reinforcements Heading to Govt Forces

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As I had said before I really don’t understand what is going on clearly
at all. This story has a familiar ring to it. The militants attack
and even though this has long been predicted it seems to take the SAA
by surprise. Then as though waking up from inattention the SAA
notices what is happening and the Tiger force comes in. This is what
appears to have happened over the Castello Road. It all seems reactive.

I don’t mean to sound critical it is just that I am genuinely


Hi Paul. I have the feeling this is a dance. The opposition cannot go head on with the SAA and crew, so they move things around to try to get advantages. The SAA is getting better and better at crushing them. What is going on near Damascus for instance, is what gives me the most information. Aleppo does not. The opposition cannot hold onto anything for long. They make a move and it gets wiped. Overall, the Syrian government is in command of more territory everyday. Once Damascus is cleared, the throat slashers better watch out up north. It’s my view of the battle.


Go Syria go! Annihilate the American-backed evil jihadists in Allepo!


Why do you call to Annihilate Americans? I know they’re fighting ISIS with their allies and did wrong things before although I don’t hate them or wish death to them! Btw, I’m not an American!


Thanks. Yes Damascus countryside does seem different with methodical progress being made.

john mason

Paul, it is a trap set by Syria and Russia to draw in the terrorists, encircle them. Putin just announced that he will not OK any air strikes in East Aleppo, terrorist are lulled into believing this and hence start their attack. Other media sources have stated that the terrorist attacks have been nullified.


OK I will monitor closely bearing in mind your analysis.


The reinforcement was destroyed near Khanasser. There is full scale offensive of djihadists.

888mladen .

Clear proof of US Israeli Turkish coordination of the terrorists movement. They provide the intelligence. Where were the Russian bombers, choppers to secure the safe passage? Was it inappropriate to protect the reinforcement column by Russian planes? So many blunders by Russians. Will Russian intervention soon become a liability rather than asset to Syrian government.?


nice try “a”


Is this guy the “Rommel” of Syria?

Ryan Law

pretty much i dont recall him losing a fight that wasnt a ploy to draw more enemys out of fox holes

Ryan Law

where the tiger forces go jihadis die, i have yet to hear of a failed counter attack with them involved and desert hawks are pretty hardened also, this may well break what remains of a number of the smaller jihadi groups, the west wouldnt separate them from alnusra so tiger forces are going to separate them from life :P

Their is new information available. At Israels request, MI6 has now set a plan into motion to assassinate Major General Suheil.
It will take a little time for the SAS operating inside of Syria to maneuver and get set close enough into position.
Most likely they will come close to assassinating Major General Suheil once or twice before they finally succeed.
Either by a long range sniper fire. A well directed small missile attack. Or an explosive device in close proximity.
MI6 has already decided to allow one of the terror cells to be blamed, to take heat off of MI6’s back and to try and cover for their SAS-terrorist-solders on the ground.

888mladen .

Can you provide a link to the page instead of the link to the main page of the website.

Real Anti-Racist Action

This comes from friends of mine inside of NATO. This is where I get 40% of my information from.


Al Hassan had better watch his back because they just put a big bull’s eye on it – just like they did Motorola. THESE THINGS we don’t need to know about beforehand. It’s called “OP SEC” operational security.