Tiger Forces Commander Visits Idlib Frontlines As Army Reinforcements Pour Into Area (Videos)

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Commander of the Tiger Forces Brigadier General Suheil al-Hassan has visited frontlines in northwestern Hama and southern Idlib, according to videos and photos appearing online.

This week, several units of the Tiger Forces have been deployed in northwestern Hama and a source in the Syrian Army has told SouthFront that more reinforcements from the Republican Guard and other pro-government factions are set to be deployed there.

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Yeah, they are not there on vacation. It is lining up now, more strongly than even just 2 weeks ago.


GO TIGERS KILL THEM ALL !comment image


comment image


comment image


You can see how happy they are to have the honor to work with him. I just hope they are still living. May god project them

Len Zegelink

he a hero like zerahehdine

Valery Grigoryev

It’s time to go to the end, which should be the beginning of a new Syria. Kill them all (you know whom)! God bless you.

Ice Icegold

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This is extremely cringe-worthy article and posts glorifying a faggot and I mean it literally a faggot puppet who sits behind a Russian police army.. A man not man enough to protect himself in his own country.. A complete sell out and above that who is into men.. Never have I seen anyone worse and he lacks all quality of nobility


So, Idlib will fall soon… Islamic militants are leaving for Africa in droves… next Hezbollah and Russian forces will go in to clear out the remainders… then come the ‘Tiger forces’ to loot and plunder. As always.
And no, it would be best if they didn’t kill anybody. And why should they? The militants are leaving, civilians have already suffered enough from beastly militias.