Tillerson: Reign Of Assad Family Is Coming To End

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Tillerson: Reign Of Assad Family Is Coming To End

On October 26, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters after a meeting with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura at Geneva that that the US does not believe that there is a future for Syria president Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

“It is our view and I have said this many times as well that we do not believe that there is a future for the Assad regime and Assad family. The reign of the Assad family is coming to an end. The only issue is how that should that be brought about.” Tillerson said according to Reuters Agency.

Moreover, Tillerson said that the US is looking for a “whole and unified Syria with no role for Bashar al-Assad in the government”, and described his talks with de Mistura as “fruitful”. US Secretary of State also stressed that the US will continue its work to “de-escalate” the war in Syria.

US Secretary of State went on and told reporters that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is successful only “because of the air support they have received from Russia”. When Tillerson said this, he clearly ignored that the same, and more can be said about the US-led coalition and the US-backed forces in Syria.

Tillerson statement proves that the new US administration didn’t ditch the regime-change polices that was adopted by the former Barack Obama administration as it promised before. This statement will likely have a negative effect on the next round of Geneva talks on November 28.

Back on 18 August 2011, only weeks after the crisis in Syria begin, former US President Obama said that “the time has come for President Assad to step aside”. Since then, the Syrian crisis has turned into a full-scale war, and new terrorist organization like ISIS emerged in Syria.

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??? Assad is winning over US supported forces so how to end?


Israel nukes Damascus?
“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap” Isaiah17:1


Ha, try that , those cowards would hang in the Haque for crime against humanity.

Don’t be silly, nukes will never be used.


They have foot in mouth syndrome.

You can call me Al

They forget that some people actually listen to them.


Unfortunately true. The sheep.




The reality is, if Israel ever nuked Damascus, or Lebanon for that matter, using a nuclear device in such close proximity to themselves, even with tactical nukes, they would be effectively dusting their own immediate environment – water and food – with radioactive fallout – and thus poisoning and creating large cancer spikes in their own population.


But I think they do not care about collateral effects.


that a the bible and not reality


The Bible is use by jews as thing to do (prophesies). They feel as an obligation to realize these prophesies in order to make believe people that what is written there was dictated by God. That is the whole point of all middle east madness. Why ? if these prophesies are not satisfied, the whole religion structure (judaism, christianism, islamism) will break apart. That was the reason for the foundation of Israel nation….one of the prophesies.

Langaniso Mhlobo

It is about to happen out of frustration from not achieving evil goals

You can call me Al

What do you mean ?; Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many more !!.

MD Ranix

ameritards – zio born losers – supreme race in perm hell

You can call me Al
Tommy Jensen

Let me do it:
Fuck you Trump. fuck you Tillerson, fuck you Mattis, fuck you Kushner. You are all coming from immigration turds born in the 48´th potato line.

You can call me Al

NOOOOOOOOO – I have been looking forward to that all night.

You selfish bstard.

You owe me one now.


Antisemitism always plays in the hands of Zionists. Jewish are their human shields.


The US lives in a world of delusion backed up by its illegal wars and mass killing.
it is THAT which is coming to an end.
its going to collapse in its own excrement with its petro dollar.
Can’t wait.
Bring it on Russia!


President Assad is the democratic leader of syria who will not let the rothchilds run the central bank. The rest is conversation. All wars are bankers wars and the rothchilds. The jew own most central banks and enslave humanity.




I don´t get why he said this. Things are clearly moving away from regime change in Syria. The chances are Donald Trump and his successor will be out of office, before President Assad is nolonger in charge in Syria. As dumb as these remarks by the SoS look, they point to things behind the scenes. There has to be some kind of move being made, or Mr. Tillerson ( and whomever else ) has just gone completely crazy.

I know the big propaganda push is with the SDF right now. So what. Reality will come knocking and the difference between war and governance shall arrive on the doorstep of the Syrian Kurds. And …… governanace is something that over the decades they, the Kurds, have shown not to be very good at doing. So with all due respect Mr. Secretary, you are not opining in the realm of reality, as it is unfolding for me. I wish well to all.


Oh how cute, he has the illusion that he actually has any say in it

Bente Petersen

probably Tillerson’s days will end sooner !!!!
It is amazing how many stupid unintelligent words can be spoken by someone one would assume would know better ….

Tony "Melinda" Stark

He is victim of the very same fake news the US government supports, he must have red the Washington Post ahahah


The US cross platform War Party of Neo-Cons will never change its basic ambition and driving motivation – to manufacture either regime change and/ or failed states, in and of those states that remain non- compliant to US and Israeli Geo-strategic interests.

chris chuba

But our days of being a Saudi Arabian sock puppet are just beginning.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman says war in Yemen is to prevent Iran from creating another Hezbollah in Yemen … http://www.theamericanconservative.com/larison/mbs-delusions-and-the-war-on-yemen/

McMaster says that Iran is trying to create more Hezbollah’s in Iraq and Yemen …
(I’d like to see McMaster / Tillerson speak while MBS is drinking a glass of water)


His a liar plain and simple. He loves Assad stop the hypocrisy


Tillerson acts like he is drunk.


Tillerson’s statements are dumb and removed from reality, not any different than Killarry’s statements that US should establish a no fly zone when the Russians had full control of the Syrian air space.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Clear hatred and instigation coment by a double standard high ranking unprofessional official.


Its statements like these that will get people to say “Death To America” a lot more.
If americans wonder why Iran says it, People like Tillerson,Haley And McCain are the reason why.

You can call me Al

Whilst I strongly disagreed with it at the time, in Europe thousands of Muslims came to the streets to cheer the 9/11 fiasco / disaster ….. I absolutely detested the scum then, but now…. well, now is now.


Don’t cheer too loudly, you might not like some of your *co- audience* members. 911 was the the neocon’s meal ticket for 20 odd years, and It’s the golden goose that has yet to stop laying.

Thankfully, Russia elbowed in on this party, heard western politicians morbidly predict a generational war, and decided to show everyone what could be done in 2 years.

You can call me Al

Hold on, I certainly never said I cheered. Maybe I just understand their frustration a little more.

Joao Alfaiate

I didn’t realize we elected Hilary Clinton. For the USA when it comes to the Middle East there is no Republican Party and no Democratic Party, only the zionist party.


So true. The us the jewish zionist lapdog.


So….., if Russia tries to influence American politics its an act of war, but if America influences politics in other countries its business as usual.

I can understand that these politicians don’t see the hypocrisy, that’s their business to talk right what is crooked. But its pretty damning that journalists are not calling them out for this. The media is really inviting accusations of being crooked themselves.

George King

I am not going to repeat the list ofall who said “Assad must go” and are no longer around, Assad is still around. Was the Rex Tillerson’s statement made from Bagram AFB? Did Tillerson’s team lie and forge photos to conceal this act of cowardice on his part?

Security “failures” in Afghanistan are evident from events of the week when Rex Tillerson could not move out of Bagram AFB, and invited Afghan leaders to his “bunker” for talks, said Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif. “This situation tells the whole story of U.S. failures, despite fighting in the country for 16 years,” Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif said. He was briefing a parliamentary committee on foreign affairs in Islamabad.


You can call me Al

comment image


Amen ?

Tommy Jensen

One more American “Assad must go” clown.


I’ll agree with those who see this threat by Tillerson as a statement of desperation. Couple this with the rumors of Israel offering to form an *air corridor* through Syria to support a Rojova rump state, it demonstrates that the Kurds know they’re surrounded by enemies, and are slowly slipping towards a more Assad-friendly position in negotiations. Sadly, Israel will go full- retard should the Kurds make the most common sense move.


These words are designed to placate the Zionists and their vassals in the US Congress. Zionist and financial capital has always been a threat to world peace.


The jew control the us politicians who do as they are told. Lapdogs for the rothchilds.