Top Sergeant of Turkish Navy Tried to Break Its Own Submarine


A top sergeant of the Turkish Navy attempted to break diesel generators of his own submarine, being on duty.

Top Sergeant of Turkish Navy Tried to Break Its Own Submarine

Photo: Wikipedia / Ahmed XIV

A fact of sabotage on a submarine of the Turkish Navy is currently under investigation, the Turkish Hürriyet newspaper reported.

According to information, obtained by Turkish journalists, the fact of intentional attempts to pull the submarine out of action was revealed on one of the Gür diesel-electric submarines of the German 209/1400 project.

A top sergeant, who was on duty, tried to force diesel generators of his submarine out of action. For this, he several times descended into a diesel compartment of the vessel and threw metal pieces, shell of nuts and other foreign objects into the generators.

The fact of sabotage was revealed, and the top sergeant-saboteur was arrested on charges of “an attempt to destroy the sea transport vessel, belonging to the state’s armed forces.”

The newspaper also reported that the submarine itself was not damaged and continued its combat duty.

Criminal stories have become a daily practice in NATO troops. The most frequent incident on the North-Atlantic bloc is thefts of weapons both from individual servicemen and from warehouses and military bases.

Recently, SF reported that two unknown persons broke a window of a van of the French Army and stole two FAMAS assault rifles with ammunition. Though all French police tried to catch the thieves, neither they nor the stolen assault rifles were found.

And before that, a real scandal erupted when it became known that six soldiers and two civilians had been stealing weapons and military equipment, including secret models, from the US military base and selling them on eBay during four years. The incident took place at a military base of the US Air Force in Fort Campbell. The weapons’ sellers were arrested and judged, but the weapons themselves, including secret weapons systems, disappeared without a trace.