Transport Restricted in 11 Chinese Cities. Officers in Hazmat Suits with Automatic Rifles Deployed


Transport Restricted in 11 Chinese Cities. Officers in Hazmat Suits with Automatic Rifles Deployed

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On January 24th, Chinese health authorities announced that 830 confirmed cases the coronavirus (2019-nCoV) had been reported in 29 provincial-level regions in the country.

Among them, 34 had been cured and discharged from hospitals, according to the National Health Commission.

A total of 1,072 suspected cases have been reported in 20 provincial-level regions, according to the commission.

So far, 25 had died, 24 of them in central China’s Hubei Province and one in north China’s Hebei Province.

As of midnight, on January 24th, five confirmed cases had been reported in Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, with two in Hong Kong, two in Macao and one in Taiwan.

Overseas, three cases had been confirmed in Thailand, with two of them already cured.

One case was cured in Japan.

The Republic of Korea, the United States and Singapore had confirmed one case each, with Vietnam confirming two.

The first cases of coronavirus in Europe have been confirmed by French health authorities. French Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said that one patient is being treated in Paris, and the other is in Bordeaux.

Finally, a total of 9,507 close contacts have been traced. Out of them 8,420 are under observation, 1,087 were discharged.

National outlet Xinhua reported that China was mobilizing medical teams to aid in Wuhan. The first group of 135 medical workers from hospitals in Shanghai is scheduled to fly to Wuhan on the evening of January 24th. Shanghai will dispatch 405 medical workers in three groups to Wuhan.

An aid team consisting of 205 experienced doctors and nurses from nine hospitals in Guangdong Province has been set up and stands ready to leave for Wuhan.

On January 24th, Hubei province upgraded its public health emergency response from Level II to Level I. Other provincial-level regions, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hunan and Anhui have also activated the top-level response to the epidemic situation.

The Wuhan headquarters for the control and treatment of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus said that Wuhan will follow Beijing’s SARS treatment model to build a special hospital for admitting patients infected in the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus.

The makeshift hospital designed to have an area of 25,000 square meters with 1,000 beds is expected to be completed and put into use prior to February 3rd.

Despite the reports of the situation seemingly coming under presumed control, cities are still on lockdown and their numbers are increasing.

Travel restrictions have been imposed on 11 cities as of the early hours of January 25th Beijing Time.

Transport bans of varying degrees have also been placed on the following cities: Wuhan, Ezhou, Huanggang, Chibi, Xiantoa, Zhijiang, Qianjjiang, Huangshi, Xianning and Yichang.

The latest one to be imposed a travel ban was Suizhou.

No timeline of the restrictions being lifted has been announced. All the cities cover a population of roughly 32.2 million people.

The following map shows the size of the cities and their locations:

Transport Restricted in 11 Chinese Cities. Officers in Hazmat Suits with Automatic Rifles Deployed

Map of the closed off cities in China, by CNN. Click to see full-size image.

There are also videos showing individuals, presumably security officers or policemen in hazmat suits with automatic rifles.


Nationwide, large-scale activities for the Lunar New Year celebrations, including temple fairs, winter sports and exhibitions, have been canceled. The Lunar New Year takes place on January 25th in 2020.

On January 23rd, the World Health Organization it was too early to declare the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China a public health emergency of international concern, while warning that the number of cases may rise as much about the virus remains unknown.




    This is PZIVJ reporting live from the ports of LA and Long Beach.
    Despite some Chinese tourist dropping dead at Disneyland today, everything seems to be under control here. Oh, have you met my girlfriend? Shes a real cutie, Eh
    Wave to the Southfront readers dear, except for Jacob of course. :)

    • S Melanson

      waving back – well just imagine I am doing so! ;-)

      on a serious note, this outbreak is far from contained and pandemic is very possible. the death toll to date may seem low but it is actually not and I would not be surprised if mortality is 15% (10-20% estimated range). Figures cited of 1% is definitely to low. See my post above for why I am concerned about this outbreak.

    • Zarathustra

      The Real Umbrella Corp: Wuhan Ultra Biohazard Lab Was Studying “The World’s Most Dangerous Pathogens”:

      [Now that not one but seven Chinese cities – including Wuhan, ground zero of the coronavirus epidemic – and collectively housing some 23 million people, are under quarantine…

      … comparisons to the infamous Raccoon City from Resident Evil are coming in hot and heavy. And, since reality often tends to imitate if not art then certainly Hollywood, earlier today we jokingly asked if the Medical Research Institute at Wuhan University would end up being China’s version of Umbrella Corp.

      As it turns out, it wasn’t a joke, because moments ago it was brought to our attention that in February 2017, Nature penned an extensive profile of what it called the “Chinese lab poised to study world’s most dangerous pathogens.”]

      “Some scientists outside China worry about pathogens escaping, and the addition of a biological dimension to geopolitical tensions between China and other nations. But Chinese microbiologists are celebrating their entrance to the elite cadre empowered to wrestle with the world’s greatest biological threats.”

    • Pave Way IV

      You can check Minnesota off of your list of contagion bug-out locations, PZIVJ…

      2 coronavirus cases suspected in Minnesota; officials prep for spread
      Hannah Yang January 24, 2020 4:02 p.m.

      “…Minnesota health officials have sent samples on the two suspected cases here to the CDC for testing. Those individuals, who’d traveled to China within the past two weeks, were asked to isolate themselves at home while investigators review travel history and symptoms, said Kris Ehresmann, the state’s infectious disease director…”

      So, I guess we should break out the FEMA coffin liners and start building our own Wuhan 10-day hospital/crematorium now. Or just consider the other option for Minnesota:

  • S Melanson

    I posted this for an earlier article but wanted to sound alarm – please post any news with sources as we needto stay on top of this. Thanks – oh, please excuse the length but had a bit to convey.


    There are a lot of parallels to the 2014 Ebola epidemic in Western Africa. That Ebola was a weaponized Zaire strain developed at US DoD bioweapon research labs located in the outbreak zone – one in Sierra Leone and one in Liberia. These labs were partnered with Canadian firm Teckmira that conducted live Zaire strain Ebola vaccine trial in Sierra Leone and Liberia – the outbreak occurred around the same time as the trial was initiated and outbreak centred in close proximity to the vaccine trial coordination centres that were also in the same buildings as the bioweapon labs.

    The way the Ebola outbreak was evolving Caught my attention and after some digging, my concerns were enough to sound the alarm – note that I took courses as part of my doctoral degree requirements – courses included one on time to event hazard modelling and another on epidemiological methods taught at the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine – note the the Canadian doctor that headed the containment effort of SARS in 2003 helped teach the course and his lecture on how SARS was contained was absolutely riveting. So having some understanding of contagion modeling, I did not like how the Ebola outbreak was evolving and similarly I do not like how this Coronavirus outbreak is evolving. These concerns are not trite.

    I did a threat assessment of the Ebola for US government agencies with advanced draft provide first week of November 2014. Note the epidemic started to suddenly go way shortly afterwards. – this was no coincidence as my assessment placed the risk at high potential for ELE – extinction level event. The bioweapon kill switches had to be utilized before the Ebola went pandemic and gained a sufficient pool of infected to provide reservoir of virus to mutate around the safety switches such that the pandemic would be unstoppable and kill almost everyone – less than 2% of world population would survive given spillover effects. By the way, research Georgia Guidestones, the strange addition of a 2014 block in 2014 and then its mysterious removal – location of insert date in proximity of world population of 500,000,000 hmmmm… well it was going to be a lot less than 500,000,000 if not stopped.

    The connection between the outbreak and the vaccine trial and bioweapon labs were not lost on the locals and this explains the high incidents of attacks on health care workers – it was not due to superstition among the people, somehow accepted here in the West by many that still hold the antiquated stereotype of Africans as uncivilized savages.

    The outbreak in China has similarities with Ebola as both had high mutation rates and enhanced transmission and infectious capabilities relative to peer pathogens of their respective classes – transmission is enhanced to expose more people more quickly (viral load rapidly rises) and the relative risk is higher that exposure will result in infection – both are double their peers and given contagion models are exponential, this is a very big deal. There are other parallels such as high rate of health care professionals being exposed – China downplayed this as was the case for the 2014 Ebola outbreak that had a much higher casualty rate for healthcare workers caring for the infected than any prior Ebola outbreak.

    The differences are that Ebola had a 70% mortality rate if treated, 90% if untreated. But transmission and spread not nearly as easy or rapid as the Chinese outbreak – the Coronavirus is high morbidity but death less than 20% of cases I estimate. So the Ebola going pandemic would take down civilization culling most of the world’s population and collapse healthcare systems on a global scale. The Coronavirus will kill mostly indirectly, due to lack of healthcare systems on a global scale as they are rapidly overwhelmed by caseloads.

    This outbreak is concerning given Chinese officials emphasized mutation and evolution – this is a flag for a genetically engineered pathogen and the spread of this virus is breathtaking. If this is about depopulation, the mutation capabilities and very rapid transmission and geographic expansion make this very risky way to do it – playing with fire.

    I will see about publishing the assessment – if I do, be in next 48 hours. The assessment is relevant to what is happening today.

    • Albert Pike

      It is a patened virus:

      And ID Biomedical Corporation of Quebec Inventors: David Burt, Mark Reddish, Mary Hu, George Lowell, David Jones from publications number: 20060286124
      has with George Lowell a strong connection to bio-weapon development:
      That’s just one take on one of the developers, there are most likely many connections…

      • S Melanson

        Canadian connections seem to pop up. I also heard the Gates Foundation are involved and they are vocal supporters of depopulation. Plenty of foul air emanating from this outbreak in how it started, who are involved and how it was contained… not.

        • Albert Pike

          There will always be the deniability. How does one find patient zero with 14 day incubation time with an airborne species hopping thing like that. So to bring the responsible party to justice – that will be next to impossible.

          Also why only now?

          • S Melanson

            Chinese officials are just beginning to acknowledge the seriousness and notice that as I write this the cases has just passed 2,000 and 56 dead which both are double when cases were 950 and deaths 26. We can see proportion of dead is in lockstep with case load.

            2,000/56 is 2.6% and 950/26 is approx. 2.5%

            This appears to give 2.6% mortality but this is not actual mortality as the death toll reflects the case load three weeks ago to account for incubation and progression to death once symptoms present. Average estimated as 3 weeks but this is preliminary until more comes out. I estimate doubling time of cases to be every 2 to 3 days. I will now show how the caseload is likely much higher than the official numbers.

            If doubling is every 2.5 days, and we have incubation and progression to death averaging 3 weeks, then the expected case load can be calculated. 3 weeks is 21 days and so 21/2.5 = 8.4 thus the cases will have doubled 8 times. If we assume 100% mortality, the minimum case load can be determined. Assume 56 case load 3 weeks ago and they represent the death toll of 56 currently. We now double 56 eight times as follows:

            56×2 = 112 now double again seven more times: 225, 450, 900, 1,800, 3,600, 7,200, 14,400

            My rough estimate is 14,400 cases today based on 56 deaths, 2.5 day doubling, onset of infection to death is 21 days on average and 100% mortality rate (it is of course lower than this). Now the number infected but not presenting symptoms will not be included so number infected is several times the 14,400 figure – since incubation is two weeks, asymptomatic case load is double symptomatic cases or 28,800. Total infected is then approximately 28,800+14,400 or 43,200.

            However, I believe mortality rate is between 15% and 20%. If 20%, the case load reposted should be 5×14,400 or 72,000 and total infected is 206,000.

            The numbers I am presenting are much more consistent with the dire situation being reported out of Wuhan with dead piling up in Hospital hallways and severe shortages of supplies – a city of 11 million can handle one to two thousand cases but not the figures I present here.

          • Albert Pike

            You made your case. But how is the war party -which is using this bio weapon on China or, if culling of the human population is their aim, on the world as we know it- prevent that his own group/class/nation/religion/race is equally affected by sickness and a 20% mortality rate, since their political/religious/economical transformational aim can only be achieved if they can dominate – when everybody else is weak. Wouldn’t they have vaccinated their own, a while ago – and anyway could a vaccination given then, could include all possible mutations which this bio-weapon will have?

            Remember that China made the state of the dire situation only public just at the time of the WEF/(Club of Rome, masonic) meeting happening in Davos, which is planing just such an unpopular transformational change of the current economic system with their Agenda21 ( ‘Welcome to 2030, I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better’
            …) / Maurice Strong initiative.

            Merkel did hold one her usual weird speeches, where she announced this transformation as a fact, and she is since years with Bill Gates (in Munich at the MSC) in cohorts -‘just to prevent such a situation’ (she says). But only a global restart induced by just such an event like now (which will bring the current economic system on its knees), could bring this transformation to a stateless, global, planed economy about, where private/state partnership companies fulfill every (up till now) stately function. We all would become like China, the only state which wouldn’t have to transform, would be China – giving China therefore a leading role in a global agenda21 world-state. A little bit of co-operation at this outbreak (the noticed late Chinese reaction, to contain it) – would therefore be a small price to pay for the later global dominance in a changed Agenda21 world, since the pathogen will reach all the others too – the earlier in it – the earlier out of it.

            Would such a theory (I am just thinking – what else can I do, my job and expertise is it to re-design steel plant equipment and now and then some rocket components) ‘fly’ with your special knowledge on bio weaponry- or is to far off from the best recipe to solve any mystery of human behavior, and that’s just ‘follow the money’, follow the patents, follow the people (like Colonel George Lowell, MD of biondvax, which will now get richer, and richer – and richer):

          • S Melanson

            I believe this is a bioweapon engineered in China’s only bio-hazard level 4 medical research facility which happens to be located in Wuhan city – researching Coronavirus.

            So they may have a vaccine already or other ways to protect themselves. Also, Chinese government has pacified the citizens through economic prosperity but that is getting harder and harder to do. When next financial crisis hits, the communist party will be fighting to maintain power and control as civil unrest mounts. Depopulation may be attractive solution despite it being so diabolical.

            Lastly, it seems depopulation has been the plan for sometime. The Ebola Epidemic of 2014 was supposed to be it, but was poorly thought out. This time, thy thought it through and expect a world soon to be less a few billion people as pandemic overwhelms health care systems on a global scale.

  • Lazy Gamer

    What a way to celebrate the new year. Seems like China is an unusual fertile ground for viruses. On the bright side, they get to have a headstart on developing vaccines. lol Somewhere, someone is definitely getting a copy of the strain to further make it more efficient.

    • S Melanson

      looking pretty efficient already…

  • Assad must stay

    this is really freaking me out, i just got a pair of binoculars on amazon that were made in china and im too afraid to even open it, i pray none of us or our families or friends get this virus, please someone make it stop, is anyone working on a cure for it?

    • PZIVJ

      Disinfectant wipes are always a good idea.
      Many pathogens are spread by your hands touching your face.

      • Assad must stay

        Yes true i will do that and pray I don’t get sick thank you sir :))))

  • Pave Way IV

    Well, that escalated quickly:

    Published: 2020-01-25 Source : Health Emergency Office

      As of 24:00 on January 24, the Health and Health Commission received a total of 1287 confirmed cases of pneumonia with new coronavirus infection in 29 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), including 237 severe cases and 41 deaths (39 cases in Hubei Province, Hebei Province). 1 case, 1 case in Heilongjiang). 38 cases have been cured and discharged. A total of 1965 suspected cases were reported in 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities).
      At present, 15,197 close contacts have been traced, 1,230 medical observations have been lifted, and 13,967 people are still receiving medical observations.

  • Zarathustra

    More news coverage on the Wuhan virus:

  • Kananda

    And in the beginneng there were the typical commie lies: Nothing happens.