Tupolev Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber: Russia’s Weapon Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor (Infographics)


Since last weekend, Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers have delivered strikes against ISIS terrorists in the area of Dier Ezzor four times.

The Russian Aerospace Forces uses Tu-22M3 bombers as a useful weapon against terrorist targets in central and eastern Syria. Let’s take a closer look at the warplane:

Tupolev Tu-22M3 Strategic Bomber: Russia's Weapon Against ISIS In Deir Ezzor (Infographics)

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  • greatndit

    maybe the russian need something like AC-130

    • sólyomszem

      exactly! tzjis category is totally absent

    • John Whitehot

      or maybe not.

    • Jesus

      Ac-130 is slow and does not carry a heavy bomb load or cruise missiles to attack carriers.
      AC-130 is a byproduct of the Vietnam era. Vietcong and ISIS do not have many similarities and the terrain is in stark contrast.

    • Sinbad2

      They have to be able to avoid manpads an AC130 would be very vulnerable.
      That’s why the US gave ISIS manpads, to make it more difficult for Russia.

      • AssKicker74

        Can MANPADS even reach that high?

    • Any contender that can be converted to a AC-130 style aircraft? I’m thinking An 22 and some others.

      An 22: Crew: 5–6
      Capacity: 290 passengers
      Payload: 80,000 kg (176,350 lb)
      Length: 57.9 m[13] (189 ft 11½ in)
      Wingspan: 64.40 m (211 ft 4 in)
      Height: 12.53 m (41 ft 1½ in)
      Wing area: 345 m² (3,713 ft²)
      Empty weight: 114,000 kg (251,325 lb)
      Max. takeoff weight: 250,000 kg (551,160 lb)
      Powerplant: (Same one on the Tu-95 bear) 4 × Kuznetsov NK-12MA turboprops driving contra-rotating propellers, 11,186 kW (15,000 shp) each

      Maximum speed: 740 km/h (399 knots, 460 mph)
      Range: 5,000 km (2,700 nmi, 3,100 mi) with maximum payload, 10,950 km (5,905 nmi, 6,800 mi) with maximum fuel and 45,000 kg (99,200 lb) payload

      An 12: Crew: 5
      Payload: 20,000 kg (44,000 lb)
      Length: 33.10 m (108 ft 7 in)
      Wingspan: 38.00 m (124 ft 8 in)
      Height: 10.53 m (34 ft 7 in)
      Wing area: 121.7 m² (1,310 ft²)
      Empty weight: 28,000 kg (62,000 lb)
      Useful load: 60 paratroopers (two BMD-1 armoured vehicles)
      Max. takeoff weight: 61,000 kg (130,000 lb)
      Powerplant: 4 × Ivchenko AI-20L or AI-20M turboprops, 4,000 ehp (3,000 kW) each

      Maximum speed: 777 km/h (419 knots, 482 mph)
      Cruise speed: 670 km/h (361 knots, 415 mph)
      With maximum fuel: 5,700 km (3,075 nm, 3,540 mi)
      With maximum load: 3,600 km (1,945 nm, 2,235 mi))
      Service ceiling: 10,200 m (33,500 ft)
      Rate of climb: 10m/s (1960ft/min)

    • Leo Jansen

      No no the AC-130 have not the capabilities like the Tu-22M3 and the AC-130 is slow compared to the Tupolev Bomber!

  • Daniel Castro

    I can never get tired to see this airplane fly.