Turkey And Azerbaijan Announced “Shusha Declaration”, Armenia Has Everything To Worry About

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Turkey And Azerbaijan Announced "Shusha Declaration", Armenia Has Everything To Worry About

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On June 15th, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he hoped that regional peace could be reached with a six-nation platform comprising Turkey, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Armenia.

The Turkish president reached Azerbaijan on June 15th on an official visit.

In a joint news conference with his Azerbaijani counterpart Ilham Aliyev in Azerbaijan’s Shusha city, Erdogan said:

“We are willing to make all kinds of sacrifices. Mr. Putin as well. … With the steps to be taken in this regard, the region will become a peace zone.”

Erdogan said that Karabakh would regain its former glory and self-identity and that there is no doubt about it.

The president went on to say that Turkey has always contributed to Azerbaijan in all kinds of reconstruction activities as in its struggle for freedom, and will continue to do so.

Erdogan reminded that after the Nagorno-Karabakh cease-fire, new cooperation opportunities have emerged for all parties in the region. “As Turkey, we also want to direct our geographical neighborly relations towards deeper cooperation.”

“We hope Armenia will grasp this hand extended in solidarity, take an opportunity to shape a common future together,” he added.

Turkey is planning to open a consulate general in the recently liberated city of Shusha as soon as possible, Erdogan noted. He also said the High-Level Strategic Cooperation Council meeting would be held in Turkey.

Turkey considers Azerbaijan’s Zangezur Corridor Project important and supports it, he stressed, and said: “With putting into practice of this project, a new middle corridor will be opened that everyone can benefit from east to west; this is very important.”

Erdogan and Aliyev also signed the Shusha Declaration.

“With the Shusha Declaration, we determined a roadmap of our relations for the new period,” Erdogan said.

Turkey and Azerbaijan declared the expansion and deepening of bilateral relations by examining all aspects, according to the declaration signed between Ankara and Baku.

Both sides will support each other in case of a threat or attack by a third country on their independence or territorial integrity, said the Shusha Declaration.

The parties emphasized that Turkey’s contribution plays a significant role in the activities of a joint Turkish and Russian center at Azerbaijan’s liberated land.

The declaration also mentions that the military and political cooperation between Turkey and Azerbaijan is not against any third state.

“Armenia’s baseless claims against Turkey and its attempts to distort history harm peace and stability in the region,” the Shusha Declaration also noted.


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“recently liberated city of Shusha” If by liberated you mean occupied by Turko-jihadists then yes.


Where were Pashinian coup supporters in the war? Guess they runned out to western countrys that pay them for the coup like the Maidan fighters when things got tough

A Clown like you

Remember people Zion were Turkic.


Only god almighty can save his people the Armenians from complete destruction at the hands of the satanic zio-Turkic-Anglo freemasonic Illuminati cabal! Have faith and sharpen swords! This is Armageddon in the making

Lance Ripplinger

Azeris committed genocide in the recent war. They also deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure, and destroyed ancient, historical Christain sites. They are racist, warmongering radical Islamists. Meanwhile, Armenia’s corrupt pistol whipped prime minister did bugger all to defend the Armenian people in the region. He just hid in his basement, whining on Facebook, and f***ing Armenia in the arse while begging Russia for scraps.

Random Guy

Which race were they against?