Turkey Indirectly Fights Against Syria – Syrian Official

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According to a high-ranking official at the Syrian Defense Ministry, Ankara continues to support terrorist groups in Aleppo, fighting against the Syrian Army, and does not coordinate its actions on al-Bab city with the Syrian Army.

Turkey Indirectly Fights Against Syria – Syrian Official

Photo: YouTube / Orient News

Turkey is technically in a state of war with Syria, as Ankara does not coordinate its actions with the Syrian Army in al-Bab city, located in the northeastern part of Aleppo province, Arab media reported, citing a high-ranking official at the Syrian Defense Ministry, Samir Sulayman.

“Considering its campaign against terrorist groups in Aleppo, the Syrian Army is indirectly fighting against Turkey,” as Ankara is on the opposite side and provides support to terrorists in the same region, Sulayman said.

Last week, sources close to the Syrian opposition said that the Stinger air-defense systems were deployed by the Turkish Army in areas near al-Bab city, located in the northeast of Aleppo province.

A journalist with close links to the Free Syrian Army (FSA), Ahmad al-Khatib, wrote on his twitter page that Turkey’s affiliated forces, deployed near the city of al-Bab, are being equipped with the Stinger man-portable air-defense systems.

On Saturday, Turkish media also reported that a number of trucks, carrying air-defense systems, were moving from Oguzeli region in Gaziantep towards the Syrian borders.

Tensions between Ankara and Damascus have increased so much that Syrian sources reported about preemptive strike of the Syrian Army in the northern parts of Syria aimed on blocking of attempts of the Turkish Armed Forces to create a buffer zone in the region.

According to experts, there is a high possibility of direct clashes between the Syrian and Turkish armies, as the opposition forces, sponsored by Turkey and backed up by tanks of the Turkish Armed Forces, have already announced their intention to take al-Bab city, which is one of the main strongholds of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group in the area. At the same time, Syrian troops continue to advance in the region in order to surround the city from its southern and western sides.

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