Turkey-led Operations in Northern Syria on September 8-9 (Map, Video)

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Turkey-led Operations in Northern Syria on September 8-9 (Map, Video)

In the northeastern part of Syria’s province of Aleppo, pro-Turkish militant groups have taken control of the villages of Qanţarah, Mīrzah and Tal Hajar.

Turkey-led Operations in Northern Syria on September 8-9 (Map, Video)

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Turkey also reinforced its border forces by deploying 43 Armored Personnel Carriers with 180 fresh troops to Gaziantep. In Islahiye, north of Afrin, a Turkish army convoy deployed a number of T-155 Fırtına self-propelled howitzers.

In a separate development, the Kurdish People’s Defense Force (YPG) engaged Turkish forces at the border post in Hatay provincewith machine gun fire—and were in turn, engaged themselves. Five Rojava fighters and a single Asayish police force member were killed in the ensuing conflict.

It’s intersting to note that Turkish government-linked sources did not released an official map of the ongoing Operation Euphrates Shield on Semptember 8 (and 9). This could indicate some important preporations from the Turkish side.

We remind on September 8, it became known that ISIS was withdrawing elite units and military equipment from the area of the strategic city of Al-Bab in Aleppo province (more).

The Turkey-led forces are destroying an ISIS vehicle and tactical units:

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Signal to anti-ISIS forces from Supreme Allied Condista.



Supreme Allied Condista urges –

NATO support for Operation Euphrates Shield, while cautioning President Erdogan to temper his rhetoric against our brave and trusted allies, the Kurdish YPG and Syrian Democratic Forces.

That NATO does now rapidly deploy the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Turkey (NRDC-T) in support of Operation Euphrates Shield to secure al-Bab for the anti-ISIS coalition, with a view to a NRDC-T armoured ground attack west of the Euphrates to attack and liberate Raqqa from the south, coordinating with our YPG-SDF comrades attacking ISIS forces from Kurdish-held territory east of the Euphrates moving southwards towards Raqqa.

Congratulations to the Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve for the great success of the anti-ISIS air warfare campaign which has broken the back of the enemy ISIS who are consequently very vulnerable to our ground forces.


Keep it Real

Just wait, its a trap! if they claim ISIS is gone they will face assad and russia! Fighting ISIS wont work anymore! Than its agression. Hot Summer for Turkey! Some tacticak nukes from the russia bear should bring turkey back in its country!

Oh I and everyone has been waiting for ages for the NATO North Atlantic Council and the Turkish political authorities to authorise a NATO mission to liberate Raqqa with Turkish ground forces.

There was a wait, there is a wait and there might always be a wait but the wait is not for fear of a trap, or fear of what the Russians might do with their nukes but simply because there hasn’t been until recently the political go-ahead and there still isn’t officially as yet but recently there have been some political signals that make me think the political go-ahead is under consideration.

I am not sure why anyone would want to stand in the way of us fighting our common enemy ISIS? We should stand together, not stand in each other’s way.

Keep it Real

Its Syria not Turkey, in the end there will be only Assad and Putins way! + Iran

Well there seems to be rather a lot of Syria which is held by those other than Assad and the bits of Syria held by ISIS are causing a lot of security problems for NATO countries so we have to act.

Keep it Real

Really! You trained terrorist send them to syria and now you say they cause problems. Sorry not falling for that one! The war will be over the syrias all are aware of who is ISIS and the FSA no syrians! They will be wiped out of syria one by one and than we will see what the syrians want!

We have not trained ISIS! We had al-Baghdadi imprisoned.

The indoctrination to holy war or jihad gets done in religious schools funded by Saudi Arabia and other oil rich gulf monarchies.

The military training of those already indoctrinated to jihad into becoming terrorists is done by the Pakistani military intelligence – the ISI – in the case of the Taliban and various other terrorist groups the ISI run, including Al Qaeda and of course the ISIS are an off-shot of al-Qaeda so presumably they have another regime sponsoring them now, but who that is exactly, I am not the one to answer that question – except that I know it was not us, not NATO, not the West that has trained ISIS.

It’s a foolish notion really. That we would train up jihadi terrorists in a religion that is not ours to attack us. It makes no sense so I can’t imagine why you think we’d shoot ourselves in the foot like that?

Keep it Real

show me an army who has enough ammunition to fight 6 years without supplys! You fantasy store about the capured weapons is a fairy tail. Tow missles are not produced in Iraq, after the fall of parts from Aleppo, they showed the ammunition from the terrorists. Turkey suppley them and other nation, so keep your lies to yourself!

You don’t seem to be talking about arming ISIS but about who was arming the Free Syrian Army – the so-called “moderate rebels”, the Syrian opposition – WHO ARE NOT ISIS – but who do, as I understand things, have political support with some Syrians. hence the very regrettable civil war in Syria.

Admittedly, Turkey and the Saudis armed those Syrian rebels and I do believe that John McCain was in favour of the CIA helping those Syrian anti-Assad rebels, so I would admit that yes, from one supplier or another, those Syrian rebels got some TOWs to target Syrian armour with.

However, that’s not our military giving TOWs to the Syrian opposition to hit SAA armour. If our military wanted to take out Syrian armour we have far more efficient weapons to do that with, and certainly using rebels to fire TOWs would be a very inefficient way.

We are not at war with the SAA and if we were, you’d know the difference.

The war the West’s military is fighting is with ISIS who threaten the West so from my point of view it is not helpful when Syrians are having a civil war instead of all Syrians – government and opposition – standing together with us for our fight against our common enemy ISIS.

My point about the TOWs was I wanted the Kurds, for example, the YPG and their allies, the Syrian Democratic Forces to get some BGM-71 TOWs to defend their front lines from ISIS suicide truck bombs because the AT-4s the Pentagon were giving the Kurds simply didn’t have the range to knock out ISIS suicide truck bombs out at a safe distance.

The Kurds found the long range anti-tank Milans they got from the German much more useful.

So sure, I want the YPG to get TOWs but those would be intended for targeting ISIS, not the SAA.

Syrians should have a cease-fire, get around the negotiating table and agree a peace and then turn all Syrian weapons against ISIS. The sooner the better for the fight against ISIS.

I am not telling lies but we seem to be talking about different conflicts in Syria. It’s a very confused battlefield so I just hope we manage to deconflict where necessary. We don’t want any misunderstandings.

The anti-ISIS coaltion.

Keep it Real

There are no moderete rebels they all comit war crimes. rapeing , killing children plunder…… All the group you talk of are terorrists. If they would do the thing in turkey or in any other western country, would you call them rebels too? The war is a proxy war from the start. the Suadis want their pipeline, but Assad will build one with Iran. Thats the war is about Oil and Gas and the petrodollar! The media did a good job on you like to millions around the world. they are good at brainwashing. weapons of mass destruction, do you remember? over 1 million killed in Iraq and yet you believe they tell you the truth about syria.


Stop peddling that bullshit!

You do not understand things in the first place.

The “very regrettable war in Syria”, as you put it, is not because “the so-called moderate rebels, the so-called Syrian opposition, have political support with some Syrians”. If it were so, than it could be solved through political process and negotiations.
However, that is patently not the case. There is no Syrian opposition that wants to negotiate in earnest, much less engage in political process.

That is not “your military giving TOWs to the Syrian opposition to hit SAA armour”, that is _your_CIA_giving_TOWs_to_the_Syrian_opposition_to_hit_SAA_armour_!

At least read some newspapers! Even your New York Times described as early as April 2012 how the CIA was doing it.

Whatever you have, you may shove up your arse. You probably know fuck all about urban warfare, just like about everything else that you analyze—sorry—”analize” here.
Clearly, arming terrorists and sending them to a foreign territory, has been quite effective, at least your leadershit believes that it is, as they have practiced it since 1978 (then in Afghanistan).

You are most likely already at war with Syria (since one cannot be at war with armed forces, such as the SAA, only with political entities, such as the Syrian Arab Republic).
(The fact that you write such irrelevant nonsense here only emphasizes your ignorance, underscores your stupidity and highlights your arrogance.)

And indeed, _we_already_know_the_difference_. It is over 500000 victims of your aggression.

And it _is_ your aggression because the sending by or on behalf of a State of armed bands, groups, irregulars or mercenaries, which carry out acts of armed force against another State of such gravity as to amount to the acts listed above, or its substantial involvement therein.

You various training programmes for the “moderate rebels” fulfill the definition of an act of aggression; in fact, your acts may even satisfy the conditions for a crime of aggression. I believe they do, especially together with your blatant and continued violation of Chapter II of the Charter of the United Nations.

What your government has been doing, has never been helpful: supporting terrorists world-wide.

The Kurds are irrelevant now. You used them, abused them, betrayed them.

Your apparent obsession about the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant, which you call “ISIS” for reasons unknown, is quite telling.

The Islamic state is not Syria’s or Syrians’ main problem right now, not at all.

The only way to “deconflict”, as you call it, is for you to get out of there, completely and unconditionally.

I hope I have clarified some of your “misunderstandings”.

There is no Syrian opposition that wants to negotiate in earnest, much less engage in political process.

Well it is pretty much impossible to engage in a political process when you are abused, tortured or killed as a political prisoner.

Amnesty International – Harrowing accounts of torture, inhuman conditions and mass deaths in Syria’s prisons

When the political process is not available then oppositions, who are also political entities, resort to rebellion, not as a first choice, but as the only choice left.

If you are interested in United Nations documents, try this one …

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse,
as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that
human rights should be protected by the rule of law,”

– from the preamble to
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights


The Kurds are irrelevant now. You used them, abused them, betrayed them.

Actually, we’ve armed the Kurds. We are not betraying the Kurds and we won’t ever do so.

Same as we won’t ever betray the Syrian opposition.

We don’t betray the people. We support their rights – their rights to a political process and their rights to rebel if and when their rights to a political process are denied.

Keep it Real

Well if it walks like a terrorist, shot like a terrorist rape like a terrorist, than its a terrorist. The free Syria Army is everything than Syrian! its from criminals around the world supplyed with arms from Turkey and the EU the Saudis etc….. Keep dreaming! The war crime will come into the open and people like you supporting things like this should be go o prision too.


You just indirectly supplied weapons to the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant via your puppet Iraqi government.

Yes, you had al-Baghdadi imprisoned (as a “civilian internee”), then you released him. Perhaps he was radicalized as a result of your wrongful imprisonment…? :-P

You have been in bed with the Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence; you instilled Islamic extremism into Pakistani madaris via your client Saudi Arabia, you imbued all of Pakistan with Islamic radicalism and fundamentalism. You bred the Taliban this way and then you fed them with weapons this way. You always support the terrorists and then call on your allies to fight them.

Indeed, you were, in fact you have been training the terrorists, it is just that you have been constantly shifting the goalposts and redefining who is a terrorist and who is not.
Like you right now, trying to twist the facts and wantonly narrowing your definition of terrorists to the members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant… and then playing the victim of “misunderstanding” here.

Your black man from the White House had clearly expressed his intentions to merely _contain_ the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant only a day before the Paris attacks.
What a fortunate moment was that! That lying scumbag would have never revealed his true intentions if the interview had taken place after the Paris attacks.

The only foolish notion to suggest is that you do not “train” jihadi terrorists, after what you have done in Afghanistan (the Taliban), then in Libya (the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) and now in Syria (various “moderate terrorists” united under the Army of Conquest (Jaish al-Fatah) umbrella group).

By the way, you shamefully poison this debate by introducing straw men into it: “Keep It Real” never said a word about “_jihadi_ terrorists”; he plainly referred to “terrorists”, then you insidiously inserted your “jihadi” attribute into it and then went on a spree “valiantly vanquishing your own straw men”… and “proudly disproving what had never been asserted”, only twisted and perverted by you.

The Pakistani military ISI and the Saudi regime have been viciously back-stabbing the West while using Western aid (in the case of Pakistan) and Western trade (in the case of Saudi Arabia) to building up their own state and state proxy forces.

Those – politicians, generals, cold warriors – who celebrated the CIA’s hand in the support of the Afghan anti-Soviet rebels have too much turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to all the warnings the intelligence community has been flagging up about subsequent Pakistani-Saudi use of proxy terrorists to wage an Islamo-fascist war of imperial conquest against the rest of the world.

Even now Obama is threatening to veto the Congress’s bill to allow victims of 9/11 to sue the Saudi regime.

It was “Keep It Real” who changed the subject from fighting ISIS – the war I want to win – to his and your obsession about fighting other elements of the Syrian opposition who have no quarrel with us, the West, NATO.

Keep it Real

And be aware China will deploy troops soon! The Fake war against ISIS and the real goal regime change is failed! No president from another country will decide about Syria future!

I do admit that our strategic aim must be to regime change those regimes which are sponsoring terrorism, as the only sure way to win the war on terror.

By Supreme Allied Condista
Thu Aug 13, 2015 2:29 AM

Supreme Allied Condista is a supporter of Condoleezza Rice.

1) Overall strategy – the West needs to apply the Bush Doctrine to all state-sponsors of terrorism – Saudi Arabia & other Gulf monarchies, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Iran and other dictator states – regime change them all.

2) Use stand off techniques more robustly – such as seizing control over state-sponsor-of-terrorism satellite-TV broadcasting (often supplied to Arab and North African state broadcasters by European satellite TV companies) and turning that propaganda weapon around and using it to promote democratic revolution through-out the region.

3) Impose the West as sole agents for all oil tanker export sales out of the Gulf. Seize all oil tankers exporting oil and sell the oil, depriving regimes of oil profits.

4) Now once you have an overall strategy in place, then you can look at specific military actions. Bombing prestige regime targets or threatening to if Al Baghdadi’s head is not on a spike within 48 hours.

5) Partition Iraq & Syria. Iraq looks like it has to go three ways – Shia, Sunni & Kurds. If the 3 new states all want to join up together in an Iraq confederacy or union of some kind of their own free will, that’s fine too.

6) Establish Western military bases in Iraq & Syria for training up the local armies. Better if we can supply them by sea or air rather than by long land routes which can have supply routes attacked by road side bombs and ambushes.



Then let it be known to you that the biggest sponsor of terrorism has been the United States of Aggression, closely followed by Saudi Arabia.

I wholeheartedly agree that there must be a regime change in these 2 cuntries.

But stop spamming the debate with your obscene images of that fucking ugly bitch, you robber of oil, occupying Iraq and Syria, you should be bombed if Obomber’s and Cuntoleeza’s heads are not on a pike within 48 hours.
How do you like that?

I am sure that it would help even more!

I can see diplomacy is not your forte.


No, you “do not have to act”, since “a lot of security problems for NATO cuntries” is not a valid reason for “your having to act”.

Turkey is an aggressor and it is just typical that an aggression is being perpetrated by a member of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization.


The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has been a mere placeholder for your aggression, occupation and partition of Syria.