Turkey May Close Syrian Border at Russia’s Request – Reports

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Moscow has demanded Ankara to close the Turkish-Syrian border to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons. According to Russian diplomats Turkey has no choice and it will fulfill Russia’s conditions.

Turkey May Close Syrian Border at Russia's Request - Reports

Photo: AP Photo / Germano Assad

During the negotiations between Moscow and Ankara, Russian diplomats and military demanded to close the Turkish-Syrian border, the Izvestiya newspaper reported, citing Russian members of parliament and its own sources.

Earlier, it was reported that Russia and Turkey have created a tripartite mechanism consisting of intelligence officials, military and diplomatic representatives from each side.

“Naturally, we raised the issue of closing the Syrian-Turkish border to stop the flow of terrorists and weapons. In this way, militants would lose any kind of replenishment supply from the outside,” Deputy Head of the Defense Committee of the State Duma, Victor Vodolatsky, noted.

According to him, this issue is directly related to the national security of Russia.

“For our part, we could provide the Turkish side satellite images of locations through which the traffic of weapons and militants passes,” the deputy added.

Izvestiya reports that the Turkish side is already considering the possibility of closing the border with Syria.

“Turkish negotiators, both diplomatic and military, have virtually no field for a maneuver. At the same time, they, apparently, are attuned to overcome the controversial issues. For this reason, they will have to fulfill our condition of closing the border with Syria,” member of the International Committee of the Federation Council, Igor Morozov, said.

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Boris Kazlov

USrahell just shot itself in the foot again, by supporting coup plotters.

Umm, Russia already made this request a year ago. Recep Tayyip Erdogan laughed in Putin’s face. Then Putin rushes to protect Erdogan from the very forces that would have worked with Russia, and closed the border.
Part of the friends of the coup plotters were leaking information about Erdogan’s secret service sending arms to ISIS, and sending Turkish forces to help Turkmen and ISIS against Syrians.
And locking away journalist.
Erdogan is a backstabber. And now Russia is begging to be friends with him. Then like a snake, Erdogan will stick his victim Russia with the same deadly poison he injected into both Syria and Europe.

Robert Ferrin

LOL are you really foolish enough to think that Putin will trust Turkey he won’t ,but it serves Russia by the pipeline and the nuclear reactor they were building, and of course now Bulgaria wants the South Stream both are a win win for Russia.!!!


The two South Stream pipelines are a big win for Russia, but a bigger win would be Turkey at peace with its neighbors. If Erdogan now understands the Shi ah are peace loving , he could bring peace to the region. If he were to really grow up, he might become an ambassador between Russia and the US. Tall order for sure. At this point , its an error to trust him sending the Turkish air force into Syria. He would be too tempted to restart bombing the Kurds again. While Turkey is Sunni, it doesn’t need to tolerate Wahhabi extremists or their mercenary ” friends”. Closing the border to those extremists , is a good beginning .

Robert Ferrin

True enough but as far as being any kind of ambassador its quite impossible for that takes two side ,and of course that simply fails because it fails to meet ‘our interest” which of course was the pipeline thru Syria, and as far as the Kurds that’s another whole ballgame we will use the Kurds to suit our own interest when that’s over we will throw them to the wolves for we have a long record of doing that and perhaps Russia will be a better player as far as the Kurdish factor is concerned.!!!.!!


Share your thought but Putin is a pragmatist- if there is a chance to boost trade during US led sanctions, and to get Erdogan to stop attacking Syrian govt, by sponsoring or assisting proxy forces, it would help Russia deal with this threatening situation and improve economic situation in all countries concerned, including Turkey.




Have been wondering about the closure of the Al Bab crossing a few days ago. It may have been to stop support to Takfiris in Idlib, but also for stopping a flood of refugees from Aleppo battles crossing into an already heavily refugee burdened Turkey, perhaps more likely. To my thinking Turkey has been creating its own problem with this by attacking Syria via proxies. They could save a lot of money by creating the situation where the refugees could go home to a peaceful Aleppo and Idlib. Assad is not going to attack Turkey, so why the fuss?