Turkey Promises To Reveal Details Of Khashoggi’s Murder

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Turkey Promises To Reveal Details Of Khashoggi's Murder

Justice and Development Party’s (AK Party) Deputy Chairman and AK Party’s Spokesman Omer Celik, By the Anadolu Agency

On October 20, Omer Celik, a spokesman for the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party in Turkey, told reporters that Turkey will reveal all the details of the murder of Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi once the investigation is completed.

“Turkey will uncover whatever happened. No one should have doubts about that,” the Turkish Anadolu Agency quoted Celik as saying.

AK’s spokesman also revealed that Turkey’s President President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is personally determined to solve the case by all means. At the same time Celik stressed that Turkey will not hold anyone responsible until the investigation is over.

A day earlier, Saudi Arabia acknowledged that Khashoggi was murdered during what was described as a “quarrel and a brawl” with personnel he met inside the Saudi consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul. The Saudi Public Prosecution detained 18 suspect, while many senior officials in the General Intelligence and the the Royal Court were sacked by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

U.S. President Donald Trump had welcomed the results of the Saudi investigation and called it “credible.” However, this stand may change dramatically, if Turkey revealed facts that contradict to the Saudi “investigation” claims.

It’s intersting to note how Washington reactoed to news about the murder of journalist in the Saudi consulate. If one assumes that this was a consulate of China or Russia, the US would already impose additional sanctions and kick off a large-scale diplomatic and propaganda campaign using this incident as a pretext to propel own interests. Nonetheless, in the case of Saudi Arabia, the US prefers to ingore its own propaganda of the “democratic values”.

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So, Erdogan’s going for a bigger pay day. He may even allocate some of it to benefit the Turkish people.


The way to Erdogans heart is through his wallet. But his insatiable greed will get him killed.
He is very like many Jews who value money more than life.
In Germany Jews were getting their money out of Germany, to keep it safe, but they stayed behind, such weird values.


What I am interested in is the proof of the tapes existing that recorded the seven minutes of mutilation of the man that has been promoted globally. The tape that Turkey says that they had that midway through the torturer asked for a headset with music to drown out the screaming as the mans digits were being removed.

After knowing that I will be interested in whatever lie the Saudi’s put forward.


Saudis will try hard to meet Erdogan’s price and the tapes will never be released. See below. If they are released b/c Erdogan’s price is just too damn high, it will be blamed on the rogue 18 they have already arrested. Basically the story will remain as it is now, except Saudi regime (family) will claim the criminals told them about a fist-fight only, not the full Saudi treatment.


English Royalty used to use such barbaric torture not too long ago as well :)


Oh yes! They are some of the worst.

What it seemed to me was that the rumor of the tapes seemed to be provoking an emotional reaction and pressure for hysterical decisions to be made. This of course would only make things worse.

Saudi’s killing Saudi’s does not usually get blown up to a world event. It makes it suspect as manipulation.


Yes, hysteria is the new normal in the US now.
It’s a very dangerous form of politics though.


The current US politics is like watching flame throwing matches in confined areas. You have not seen anything yet though. Right now they are building up the tension for the great crescendo that will take place on Nov. 06/18.

By then I will not be surprised if Washington D.C. is surrounded by catapults ready to lob flaming bales into the city center. It is all good fun though if a person does not have weak constitution. ;-)

The outcome of this election is very, very important. It is going to set the tone and the path of the US for years. If the democrats win it will give the war mongering Neo-Con’s their power back. This is very dangerous in my opinion. The viciousness of their obstructionism is what you have been witnessing. They are positively rabid.

If the Neo-Cons lose more power, then it is within the realm of possibility that the US will be changing their direction. I am not sure if it will be happening slowly or quickly, but it will be the equivalent of the Titanic doing a 180 degree direction change.

The Neo-Con’s are fully aware that this is their last fight. If they lose now, it is over for them. They will stop at nothing. You can expect to see things that are more insane then have been seen before.

Make popcorn. :-)

Promitheas Apollonious

I still dont get why any one will be so interested of a rogue agent of the Saudis that fall out with them and set up by the turks to compromise them and suck american ass in the process.

Even a low IQ person and I dont think this journalist was one, he knew that after what he was doing for many years would be suicide to walk into grounds that saudis was controlling and calling the shots. Kind of very convenient also the turks to be monitoring the saudi embassy and ear dropping on it. I simple electronic sweep and they would have found the bugs in it something in all embassies far as I know happen all the time few times a day.


It is all rather odd I agree.
Perhaps Kashoggi thought all his powerful friends in the US was an insurance policy ?
Women can make men mad and they then become irrational.
Wallace Simpson and King Edward of Britain in the late 30’s for instance.


The Americans want to get rid of MBS.
As for a simple electronic sweep finding the bugs, shows a lack of knowledge.
The Soviets bugged the US embassy in Moscow for many years, and it was only discovered by accident


From outset of MbS palace coup, German intelligence was reporting MbS to be an impetuous disaster-zone, very likely to quickly cause internal and/or regional destabilization through arbitrary decisions. In contrast, from outset US was behind the MbS power grab, as MbS identified as willing to throw the Palestinian’s under the bus and accept Israeli regional dictates, as cost-exchange for a US backed power grab. This was real reason behind the glowing NYT and WaPo reports of MbS the ‘reformer’ in last years. Now, with a shove from Turkey, the US MbS gamble appears increasingly on shaky ground – still, these are the sort of messy consequences that arise when US ME foreign policy prioritizes the national interests of, secondary party, Israeli state.

Promitheas Apollonious

and I guess your knowledge of electronics is as much as is for cars. You keep trying to play smart ass with me and you always put your foot in your mouth, so give it a rest.

And the bugs in that case was build in the building from the `construction workers` while the building been build. Learn the story right and when you give examples learn first the facts and understand them, then quote them. Also understand the difference, between analog technology they had then, with digital it exist today.



You think you know about everything, but really you know nothing, you just assume.

Promitheas Apollonious

you and your wiki brain damaged info. Instead of quoting me what your peanut butter brain can not comprehend is best you follow your own advice and stop be holywood educated and wiki educated and try to keep up with technology. I know is hard for uneducated people as you prove your self to be.

No kid and I am not referring to your age here, but the quality of your wiki brain cell. I dont think you have more than one active, all waves are toroidal. You confuse nature with the means of transmitting and receiving a sound signal, by means of technology. learn the difference then you can apologize for been a jerk.


All you can do is hurl abuse, like some 21st century Alf Garnett.

Michael Faraday discovered, not invent, discovered electromagnetic waves in the 1800’s. Maybe you should have paid attention in school.

you can apologize for been a jerk.


The CIA knew that the Mafia boss Bin Salman wanted to capture him and did not warn him, despite being one of their payroll agents. He was responsible for the media of the Saud terror kingdom, He had worked with Bin Laden, was well introduced with ISIS and a confidant friend of the heads of the Saudi secret services. He knew the truth about the slaughter of the twin towers. The question is: Someone in Washington was afraid that he would speak, and then the murder is not just about the Saudi squadron, but is the CIA coming in?


despite being one of their payroll agents.

this is not true


Erdogan wants a lot of money, and MBS will pay.


erdogan told, the state is not able to pay so much pensions.

this is the beginning of his end.