Turkey Reinforcing Its Northern Syria Positions

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Turkey Reinforcing Its Northern Syria Positions
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Turkey Reinforcing Its Northern Syria Positions
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Turkey Reinforcing Its Northern Syria Positions
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Turkey is sending reinforcements to bulk up its observation points in Greater Idlib.

It is quite apparent that these efforts are not focused at imposing the ceasefire agreement, but rather to separate the so-called “moderate opposition” from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

In these efforts, civilians often suffer.

A man was killed on July 13th, after a Turkish armored vehicle ran over him when he was riding his motorcycle on the road to Sarmada city near the border with Iskenderun region in the northern countryside of Idlib. Deaths caused by Turkish armored vehicles are reported on a regular basis in Idlib countryside. Less than two months earlier, a little girl was ran over and killed by a Turkish vehicle.

The Turkish posts deployed in the de-escalation zone “are not asked to be involved in any military operation that Syrian government forces may wage; Turkish forces in the Idlib countryside are combat forces, not peacekeepers or observers,” the Turkish Armed Forces claim.

And they carry out combat against the Damascus government and on behalf the al-Qaeda affiliates in Greater Idlib.

Meanwhile, Turkish forces bomb Korhyouk village in the eastern countryside of Bab, east of Aleppo, northern Syria.

This was in response to bombardment by the SAA and the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS). the Syrian government forces carried out heavy artillery shelling and missile attacks on “opposition” sites in Idlib and Hama, northwest Syria, amid intense flight of Russian drones.

Not too far from Idlib and Aleppo, the general level of chaos in Central Syria remains.

In early hours on July 13, the SAA foiled an attack by ISIS terrorists on its military points in the desert area in the south of Raqqa province.

SAA soldiers and allied groups were ambushed by ISIS fighters near the village of al-Rusafa. According to the reports, the clashes left 15 dead and wounded among the terrorists.  3 dead and 5 injured were reported on the SAA side.

Additionally, 3 members of the Iran-backed Liwa Fatemiyoun were killed in an IED attack near Syria’s al-Mayadin in Deir Ezzor, which is under government control.

Finally, in what seems to be turning into a regular event – US forces at al-Omar oilfield were subject to yet another attack. Local media reported that columns of smoke rose from the vicinity of the US base. According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, this was the second attack in less than 24 hours. U.S. officials are yet to comment on these claims.

The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, meanwhile, have their hands full with attempting to contain the increasing attacks by both ISIS and Turkish-backed factions, and are attempting to replenish their ranks, mostly by abducting locals.

Syria’s north is incredibly uncertain, with sporadic calls and fears that Turkey may attempt to annex parts of it, while the more significant movements are also expected from the US at any given moment.

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Those Turkish “observation posts” will be useless when resupply by road and air becomes impossible.


The point is IF they block them in the first place. Right now it doesn’t look like the Russians give a damn about the integrity of Syria.

Icarus Tanović

I is Jens,I is danish Ay iz wery smmårt.


Turkey is making the game ^^

Last edited 2 months ago by TomSawyer

unfortunally. I wonder what Russia is goling to do about it if SAA at least try to push them out.


Can you tell us how much of the territorie have been left by the Kurds to the other players including Turkey? Now tell us, wich one would you rather fight to expell from the syrian country, americans or turks? You have made the hard job for Sirya man and in the right time it will be delivered back or you will day where Nato will not came for you since your aren´t being attacked and you think 5that you teach anything?


Turks and the US have *quite* different agendas and the US are not retreating. They will hold on to the oil fields. Here’s a comment I wrote earlier which didn’t get posted (on the news of Turkey destroying a SAA tank.

Nobody of the greater powers is currently interested in escalating the situation in North-West Syria. That’s why the cease-fire is holding to some extend. Russia and Iran probably support the united (one) Syria option, whereas Turkey and the US seem to go for a three-partite ‘solution’. I.e. NW for Turkey (or its proxies), NE and E for the US (or the Kurds), because that’s where all the oil is. The rest for the old Syrian ruling elite by the grace of Russia and Iran. Now, any operations to change that quasi status quo are not likely to take place before September. This would likely coincide with intensifying attacks on US assets in Iraq etc., where the current strategy of pinpricks isn’t terribly consequential. It must, however, be seen as preparatory and it’s picking up. Much has still got to be put into place, not least supplies in Syria. For now, everybody is biding their time but I expect to see a major shift of gear no later than early next year.

Last edited 2 months ago by Dave

Any sign of turkish reinforcement represents recent turkish loss. This is a good thing. When the cost for erdogan becomes too high he will order a prompt retreat from the area and leave his beloved rats (hts) to go it alone.

Although somewhat expensive the Iskander is perfect for taking out turkish armoured convoys along with any massed troops.

turkrat bluff to be called soon…


You blowing hot air again cockroaches


Poor turkrat, reality appears to bother you. Do you think all the imbecile extremists “accidentally” ended up in Idlib? The SAA are several steps ahead of your hts ratshit.

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Monkey Killer

turkey must get out of syria

Icarus Tanović

I wonder where did they foind those Pattons m1s? American, Bosnian, Albanian, German junkyard? Poor wanker.

Icarus Tanović

Idlib is gonna turn to Zionist Erdogan’s worst nightmare, mark my words.

Djibril Al Kamylles

I sas wrong, ISIS has two allies : Erdogan and Bashar. Dont confuse tutkish people and Erdogan


Turkish people are generally nice and very very grateful if you do them a favor. In addition to having been to Turkey, I got to know some Turkish immigrants, tailors and seamstresses, who I helped with relocation when I was a college student working for a very well-known clothing company nearly 40 years ago. I can remember one who frankly told me at a rental company: “See, that man, the owner, he is a Jew, they are the most wicked people on Earth.” Truer words were never spoken. I still laugh when I think about it!!!


So now you’re reporting on road accidents to show how vile the Turkish forces are? Seriously? Do you know how many such accidents there are in Syria every day… with all forces???
You also speak of ISIS terrorists. Why? How are they different from other ISIS forces? Or is this again just propagandistic language? We all know who ISIS are… why call them “terrorists”. Russian terrorists, Asad-terrorists, US-terrorists, Kurdish-terrorists. Really, what’s the point?
The SDF replenishes its ranks by abducting locals? How on earth would they rely on those guys?
Everybody is preparing, though, that’s for sure.

Last edited 2 months ago by Dave
Djibril AL Kamylles

Don’t let Erdogan Control the moderate opposition