Turkey To Fulfill Egypt’s Demands, Withdraw Mercenaries From Libya Within Five Months – Report

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Turkey To Fulfill Egypt’s Demands, Withdraw Mercenaries From Libya Within Five Months - Report

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Turkey has laid down a detailed roadmap to normalize relations with Egypt within five months, the al-Arabiya TV reported on April 11.

Earlier this week, Egypt suspended normalization talks with Turkey until further notice, citing Ankara’s failure to meet its demands, especially the ones related to the situation in Libya, as the reason.

A source with knowledge on the talks told the UAE-based channel that Turkey stressed its respect for the sovereignty of Egypt and all Arab states in a new message.

“Ankara informed Cairo of a timeline for the withdrawal of [Syrian] militants from Libya,” the source said. “Cairo has requested pledges from Ankara that guaranty the withdrawal of mercenaries from Libya.”

According to the source, Turkey’s work to full Egypt’s demands has so far included:

  • Forcing the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood group –banned in Egypt- to halt political work from Turkey;
  • Suspending the activities of several organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • Banning any donations for the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria and Libya;
  • Arresting Egyptians who recently returned from Syria;
  • Ending the funding for TV channels affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood;
  • Imposing restrictions on Muslim Brotherhood members Yahya Musa and Alaa al-Samahi who are wanted by the authorities in Egypt.

The bilateral contacts between Turkey and Egypt were renewed last month. On April 10, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry made a breakthrough call with his Turkish counterpart Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu to congrats him on the arrival of the holy Muslim month of Ramadn.

Egypt wants Turkey to crop the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and end its intervention in Libya. On the other side, Turkey is mainly looking for a maritime border agreement with Egypt.

While Turkey is taking serious steps against the Muslim Brotherhood to assure Egypt, it is yet to act truthfully in Libya. Around 6,000 Turkish-backed Syrian militants are still in the north African country.

Turkey’s alleged plan to withdraw from Libya within five months may be nothing but an empty promise. Just a few days ago, Ankara sent a new batch of Syrian militants to the country.


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Potato Man

hmmm, I wonder where Turkey gonna send them next…to his terrorists brotherhood in SA with Zion or the Nazi-Ukr…

Miguel B.

Most likely back to Syria. Ukranianas are stupid, dumb and desperate because of Russia but not in a degree to allow Islamists to operate in their territory.

Rodney Loder

Turkey is seeking to patch up relations with KSA, idk about pulling out of Libya, doesn’t sound right to me, France and Britain have still got the oil as Trump woul say but the UN is still influential in Libya, Haftar the Jew dog is big with Sisi, so there’s that to consider, I think while oil revenues are flowing all across Libya not much will change, Biden’s influence has already had a weakening effect the bolstered up Brother Erdogan, Sisi is a Jew maggot.

Jens Holm

I hope You dont make weatherrapports.

Rodney Loder

Got everything right so far, China will win big, but China could easily continue to support Israel, only I can stop it.


Biden ain’t legit,he’s the wealker one and all its transgendered lgbtqrx henchmen to boot!
No future in fascism not the lgbtq,but ifd there is,theyt whom failed shall die in their wake:

Brother Ma

Why is haftar a jew dog?

Rodney Loder

2 men turned the tide of history, Gadaffi and Assad, murdering Gadaffi brough Russia on side and saved Syria, now China must decide join up opposing Israeli / US hegemony or continue to support their enemies, Hafter and his army of prisoners was rescued from Chad in the 1980’s by the CIA in order to attack Libya, at the point Hafter started barking like a Jew dog.

I know this for sure because he sounded exactly like the homosexual Sid Loder who sold me into Israeli slavery, but of course never got paid. Jews are like that, liars and thieves.

Brother Ma

You are mentally ill Sidney and yes, they did rescue Haftar. All the current libyans are mutts.

Rodney Loder

If I was mentally ill I wouldn’t be all over the internet, tell you what why don’t we discuss it, check out my address on Quora, until very recently anonymous contributors were banned on Quora I’m Terry Loder, and have been on Quora 7 years, posting every day, Terence is my middle name, I’m easily found, are you maggot Jew ?.

cechas vodobenikov

turkis choose flea bitten mongrels for friends—ISIS, HTS, ukropistan, saudis, Israel, Qatar, Somalia…..pretend friendship with USA, Russia

Jens Holm

Again You show Your own chaos well. Its probatly on a non update win84 as well and Grandma is making electricity by pedals.

Mustafa Mehmet

Vodo Cockroaches p….. off

Fog of War

I thought Erdo was Muslim Brotherhood , isnt that the common consensus here ? Furthermore, it took mere weeks to ship the Jihadis in, bu it will take 5 months to pull them out ?


He’s buying time, he doesn’t want to get out without a deal or a trade off, restoring relations with Egypt isn’t enough, but it’s Erdogan he might not pull out at all

Fog of War

Very possible..

Ivan Freely

Erdogan will not pull his troops. It’s just lip service.


Yep – Erdogan’s political party is offshoot of MB – but his actions to regionally support MB in Libyan conflict is opening up big fault line with Egyptian military leadership. Egypt is next door to Libya, and Egypt’s secular military deeply hates MB, after decades of domestic conflict with them. Erdogan is MB all the way, but is also trying to avoid heading into serious conflict with Egypt. But as usual Erdogan has his own opportunistic agenda (its all about Libyan block of eastern Mediterranean Sea oil and gas rights) and is just playing for time, his statements are always self serving and to be taken with grain of salt.

Ivan Freely

LOL Yeeeah. Erdogan: “I will withdraw my mercenaries. I promise on my ancestors grave!!!!”

Black Waters

In 5 months a lot f things could happen that delay the initially “5 months” it could end up being like 1 year or meaby 2 or even 5. I know the drill…

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