Turkish Aksungur Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Entered Serial Production (Infographics)

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Turkish Aksungur Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Entered Serial Production (Infographics)

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The Aksungur is an unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for the Turkish Armed Forces.

Turkey Seeks To Become Drone Super Power (source):

Turkish Aksungur Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Entered Serial Production (Infographics)

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On December 7th, Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar introduced Bayraktar Mini UAV from his social media accounts.

Selcuk praised the success of the company.

The company itself, Baykar A.Ş also issued a statement on the occasion:

“We continue to develop and produce systems that can meet all needs from mini UAV to unmanned fighter aircraft. Bayraktar Mini UAV, the first step of our national UAV adventure, is ready to serve our security forces with its new features!”

Separately, on December 5th, Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil announced that serial production of the AKSUNGUR UAV had begun.

“We are also mass-producing our Anka-2, which can carry more loads and have longer endurance. Anka-2 recorded 48-hour endurance. Therefore, as it can be controlled from a remote location, the UAVs can fly in any direction and at any point in Turkey, from the control center. Today they do not take a world tour, but I hope we will have UAVs touring the world soon.“

The AKSUNGUR UAV is 12 m long and 3 m high when resting on its landing gear. The high-mounted wings have a slight dihedral angle and a wingspan of 24 m.

The wings end with small winglets. The centralized fuselage is under the wings and houses avionics, camera and sensors systems, with a chin-mounted camera blister.

TAI expects to integrate weapon systems typical of F-4 and F-16 fighter aircraft. Three hardpoints are situated under each wing for attaching external payloads, such as munitions or sonar buoys. These hardpoints are rated for loads of 150, 300 and 500 kg. Proposed armaments include TEBER-81 (laser-guided bomb Mk-81), TEBER-82 (laser-guided bomb Mk-82), LUMTAS, MAM-L, Roketsan Cirit, MAM-C, HGK-3 (precision-guided munition), KGK (82) (winged guided kit), and miniature bomb.

Turkish Aksungur Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle Entered Serial Production (Infographics)

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In addition to Turkey’s progress in UAV’s it is forming a joint venture with Ukraine.

Kiev is to produce up to 48 of the, now infamous, Bayraktar TB2 combat drones.

The news came from Vadym Ihorovych, General Director of Ukrspetsexport, a state-owned Ukrainian defense manufacturer, in an interview with online publication Left Bank.

In 2019, Ukrspetsexport and Baykar Makina established Black Sea Shield to develop UAS, engine technologies, and guided munitions.

Ihorovych said a company similar to Black Sea Shield is now being formed to undertake the production of the drones in Ukraine.

“We are interested in the development of production of Bayraktar TB2 strike drones, as the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine … plans to purchase 6 to 12 such strike complexes in the near future,” Ihorovych said.

Ihorovych further explained the joint venture’s current focus is to manufacture the Scythian anti-tank guided missile. He added that Turkey has already placed an order for the missiles.


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Jens Holm

If true is impessing they have debelloped that fast.

I notice the range. Denmark could use some few of that kind armed or unamed or both for Greenland. They give some protection and none dies, if they now and then falls down.

After what I see we have ordered too many F35s. We instead should have ordered less and had added drones. After some years we could see if drones replace F35s and other aeroplanes we have.

Nice prestandards. SEize is important. I hope theire is no howard Huge in this one. Maybee there should be eyes and a smile on its face:)


The range is huge, it should land in the Red Square without problems.


So this is what the “journalist” were sent to gather information about

Servet Köseoğlu

Maybe enough with drones..it starts to give me headache…:)))