Turkish-backed Militant Groups Finished Preparationss To Re-Open Highway Between Al-Bab And Aleppo CIties

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Turkish-backed militant groups have finished preparations to re-open a highway between the cities of Aleppo and al-Bab in northern Syria, according to the pro-opposition media outlet Northern Syria Observer.

Northern Syria Observer repoted that pro-Turkish militants had removed barricades in the village of Abu al-Zendin that should become the key crossing between the militant-held and government-held areas.

The city of al-Bab is controlled by pro-Turkish militant groups. The city of Aleppo is controlled by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies. A small part of the city is controlled by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG).

“FSA Second Legion-affiliated “Sultan Murad Division” commander Abu al-Waleed al-Izza told NSO that reopening the road came after coordination between opposition groups and Assad regime “National Reconciliation Committee” through a middleman whose name wasn’t revealed by the commander who said the road will be open for vehicles, passengers goods starting from Monday without fees on passengers or goods crossing it.

The crossing is going to work all week except Fridays when only urgent cases will be allowed and the crossing will be managed by a trained team,” Northern Syria Observer’s report reads.

The growing economic and social cooperation between the sides is a direct result of the Astana talks format, which involves the Syrian government, the Turkish-backed opposition, Iran and Russia. While the format has own limitations and the involved sides still have not been able to deal with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the province of Idlib, it has allowed to achieve some important goals across Syria and to improve the humanitarian situation in various areas.

Turkish-backed Militant Groups Finished Preparationss To Re-Open Highway Between Al-Bab And Aleppo CIties

SOURCE: nso-sy.com

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Internal trade is always something to be strived for. So, well done.


>>FSA Second Legion-affiliated “Sultan Murad Division” <<

God! These guys really love to come up for high and mighty sounding names for what they really are, a warband. They're like the Nazi's, who in the last year of the war, when their divisions were falling apart were also creating new ones on paper with high and mighty names. Like if they named some new division on paper after some legendary German hero it would make a difference.


Just shows the contrast with the dreamt of past, a past long gone.


If Idlib stops aid and re-build of Aleppo, then Turkey route is great route.