Turkish-backed Militants and Kurdish YPG Clash at Tell Rifaat in Northern Syria

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Turkish-backed militants and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) are clashing over the Syrian town of Tell Rifaat, located in Aleppo province.

Turkish-backed Militants and Kurdish YPG Clash at Tell Rifaat in Northern Syria

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An alliance of Turkish-backed militanat groups (MSM prefers to call them the Free Syrian Army or the FSA), operating under the banner of Ankara-led Operation Euphrates Shield, declared Tell Rifaat a military zone and gave the YPG 48 hours to leave the town on October 18. Tell Rifaat is a town in northern Aleppo located about 40km north of Aleppo city. It was seized by the YPG from Turkish-backed militants in February 2016.

On October 19, the so-called ‘FSA’ started shelling of YPG positions in Tell Rifaat while the Turkish Armed Forces’ artillery hit other YPG positions in the province (allegedly in Hasajik, Hasieh, Shahba Dam and Um Hosh).

In turn, pro-Kurdish sources started dissiminate info that the Russian airpower bombed FSA militants south of Mare and at Tell Malid.

The tensions between the Turkey-led forces and the Kurdish YPG icreased after the recent YPG advance in the direction of strategic ISIS-controlled town of Al-Bab. As result of the advance, the YPG took control of few villages located at the important roads heading to the ISIS-controlled town.

Meanwhile, to take control of Al-Bab and prevent the YPG’s chances to link up the Kurdish-controlled areas in Syria are one of the main goals of Turkish military operations in Syria.

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Marumiyu Moriame

good job turks fsa push SDF closser to SAA. you will never win now.


push SDF like…literally or move their cause closer to SDF?

Marumiyu Moriame

the cause.

Jens Holm

Dont think Assad will that at all.

Like a lot others here,there are only respect for guns.

Assad is more like “This is for Kobane”. When Turks has killed more then the stupid SAA in Kobane not able to save 400.000 kurds, he has has shown his superiority and even give bandages in TV to the few survievers.

Jens Holm

SAA and SDF has been neigbors at 20 km borderline for Years. Dont You read maps. Inside Aleppo – same thing.

'Sup Bruh!

Well It was SDF that started it. They killed 2 FSA soldiers out of nowhere.

Bio_ Hazard

What’s the difference between the FSA and ISIS? There’s none

Jens Holm

You probatly wont leave the hospital soon.

Jens Holm

Well, then You must be blind.

YPG are terrorist. Just look at their car bombs they deploy against civilians.

Jens Holm

bork. Turks has made made a few thousen refugees in the area and they are fleed to Afrin, which Turks are bombarding.

You might be hit by a car bomb to.

Rasmus Outzen

I am with whomever fights those whom are in bed with IS and/or Alt-Nusra[TM]. So I’m with YPG.

It was also Turkey – not the Kurds – that shot down that Su-25.

Marumiyu Moriame

turkey in syria and iraq violates treaty of lausanne.

Gue Bjuen

su-25 was shot down without erdogan approval. it was the US who ordered that one to start a russian turkey conflict. putin talked about this in public.
you need to see the bigger picture. only after this incident, erdogan and putin really have became closer. don’t you remember how the US was acting right after this incident took place? they backed russia providing their satalite images and blamed erdogan.
why would the US ever provide help to russia? they are blaming russia for everything.
so it was obviously a double play.

Jens Holm

Pathetic its now about some airplane.


Yes dont forget it was the USA who ordered the Turkish pilot to shoot down a Russian plane. Also dont forget it was a US actor/ impostor that played role of Erdegon when refusing to apologize! It was also a US government that Russia accused of helping ISIS sell oil, not Turkey and it was sanctions Russia placed on Turkey after the fact but they were really being placed on the US. Or on the other hand you can not let hate cloud judgement, and stick with what you know to be true. Which is Turkey was supporting ISIS. Turkey took in numerous head choppers made them shave and now call them FSA units. It was Russia that pointed all this out. However as things in the real world go you make the deals you need to in order to get what you want or need.
Turkey is in this for Turkey. Russia for Russia, the US for the US and so on. From the outset it was well known the kurds would be attacked by Turkey as the Turks will never allow a Kurdistan. People here are all pissy cause the Kurds fight for the Kurds. In there case they took what help they could get (the US) that pisses people here off. However nothing has changed. This is not about right and wrong, its about what each state can gain from it.

Gue Bjuen

since when are those ypg moderate rebels? they have uprised against the assad government. the ypg is the frontman of the US. it is the strongest US proxi in this war. stop calling them sdf. if you call them sdf, why don’t you call those terrorist moderate rebels?

do you really think the kurds want peace. they don’t want a strong nor a stable syrian government.
they will never give up their arms and military equipments. not even with a federal kurdish state in syria, not even with that which i doubt will ever be tolerated by syria and it’s allies.

the kurds just will not give up till they receive what they want. a second israel and a second kosovo.
the need those weapons and military equipments. and they will need it more after they declear an independent kurdish nation by their own.

the ypg is the most dangerous party in this war.
right now, because of turkey, who always refuses to even start a talk with the kurds, there are only two options. either confront the kurds through military operation where the risk is very high with a direct war with the US airforce or more.
second one would be to watch the kurds declearing a federal kurdish state, which willl also lead to a major conflict which will involove turkey, US, iraq, suni, syria, iran and so on.

syria must stay one as it was before. but the kurdish factor makes it impossible.

the only way to solve this problem would be a radical change in turkish politics toward the kurds.
without that change, there won’t be peace. if turkey changes it’s politics, we will have the foundation to at least starting a peaceful solution which will kick out the US, the main creator of this problem, in the kurdish question.
if you want to cut the ties between the kurds and the US, you find a better solution for a independent kurdish state, which will need not only turkey but also iran, iraq and syria to sacrifse.

Jens Holm

Comming with the same propaganda shit again doesnt make it more true. Didt even read the mainshit.

Kurds by YPG and SDF are never called Moerate rebels as well. What a jo calling kurds for the instabilisator. Might get scanned Your head for it.

Leaving Assads again to kill anyobne,, they want…Kurds didnt uprise.

Am I the only one who see’s that in all of this Israel is becoming the total victor.
This is exactly what they wanted.
#1 A Depopulated middle east.
#2 A Europe overrun with invaders.
#3 A fractured and divided Middle East into little areas to be taken over by Jews one small piece at a time.
#4 Americans and Russians doing the bleeding and dying for their Jew masters.

Thomas Ross

Are the Turkish backed terrorist the ISIS? The only reason Turkey wants to get involved in Iraq, is not to fight the ISIS, but to kill the Kurdish people.


Turkey , like the US , is only interested in one thing , oil , and oil revenue . The claims of fighting against the Kurdish , ISIS , and protecting the Sunnis in Monsul , are all , just to camouflage their real intent , which is to create an oil producing “province” out of what is currently territory held by ISIS.
Do remember, they supplied them and Al Nusra , with weapons from the US , for years .
For the last 3 to 4 years , Turkey has made substantial funds , buying and re-selling oil , stolen by ISIS and trucked into Turkey . Hard to let go of a cash cow . The Americans referred to a similar plan , “Sunnistan” , as the oil producing areas of Iraq and Syria are dessert dwelling Sunni’s. Is Turkey doing this in opposition to or in coordination with the US is to be seen .