Turkish-Backed Militants Commemorate ‘Syrian Revolution’ From Libya (Video)

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Turkish-Backed Militants Commemorate ‘Syrian Revolution’ From Libya  (Video)

A screen grab from the video released by the Suleyman Shah Division

Ten years into the war in Syria, Turkish-backed Syrian militants are celebrating their “revolution” all the way in Libya where they have been fighting as mercenaries.

On March 15, the Suleyman Shah Division, one of the largest Turkish-backed Syrian groups, shared a propaganda video meant to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the “revolution” which allegedly began on March 15 of 2011.

The video includes dramatic shots of Suleyman Shah fighters lining up in the shape of the Arabic phrase [15 اذار] which translate to “March 15”.

Observers were quick to reveal that the video, which should reflect the nationalism of Turkish-backed militants, was in fact shot in Libya, specifically in a mercenary camp located in the area of Janzur west of the capital Tripoli.

The Suleyman Shah Division, a key member of the Syrian National Army, was one of the first Turkish-backed groups to send militants to Libya upon orders from Ankara.

In Libya, Syrian militants fought for the Government of National Accord against the Libyan National Army in exchange for money.

According to a recent report by the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Turkey deployed over 18,000 Syrian mercenaries to Libya. At least eight thousand militants are still there, despite the recent progress in the Libyan political process.

The UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV reported on March 16 that the US and Turkey had reached an initial agreement to withdraw all Syrian militants out from Libya within two weeks. This is yet to be confirmed.

Whether Syrian militants will stay in Libya or leave, their decision to fight there in exchange for money and to serve the interests of a foreign power -in this case it was Turkey- exposes their true ideology. An ideology that has nothing to do with patriotism or revolutionary principles.


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