Turkish-Backed Militants Destroy More Bridges In Northwestern Hama

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The National Front for Liberation (NFL) destroyed the bridges of al-Tuwayni and Beit al-Ras in the al-Ghab Plains of the northwestern Hama countryside, the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi reported on September 5.

According to the pro-opposition news outlet, the two bridges, which used to link the opposition-held areas with the government-held areas, were blown up in order to slow down any future offensive by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

Turkish-Backed Militants Destroy More Bridges In Northwestern Hama

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Last week, the Turkish-backed group blow up two bridges in the same area for the same reason. However, the civilians prevented the militants from destroying a third bridge.

In the last two months, the remaining militants in northern Syria took several measures to secure their last positions including building large fortifications, arresting thousands of civilians who voiced their support for the reconciliation process and deploying large units on the front lines with the SAA.

However, local observers doubt that any these measures would stop an attack on the opposition-held areas in northern Syria because of the SAA and its allies have a significant advantage in the firepower.

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You can call me Al

They can build / destroy anything they want, but as the article infers – it isn’t going to stop the vermin going to hell.


I managed to down load Yandex Al. What is the next step ?
Its appears to be faster than Chrome and for the first time for weeks posts on Al Masdar have not been censored :).

You can call me Al

I just use Yandex for my email now, as I had a windows 10 update and it eliminated it; if I want to use as a web provider, I just type it in and hey presto….. it is faster than Chrome, but I found there were fewer images etc. Each to their own, but I would go back to it as a browser.

What I gave you was the email, you can send something via any email account. Cheers.

Concrete Mike

Thats rigght blow up all your lafarge supplied bridges,we will make new ones from non zio controlled suppliers.

Bill Wilson

That’s a silly statement. LaFarge didn’t have a presence in Syria until 2010 when they started building a big cement plant in the north. It was finished around the time the fighting first started. La Farge sold their cement the same way ISIS sold oil, where anyone who showed up with a truck and cash went away with a load of bagged cement.

Tom Tom

Still, though…

Concrete Mike

Thats funny, sonyour telling me lafarge had zero assets in syria before all this?

I got news for you, they had quarries in syria for years, you know what concrete is? Mix of aggregates cement and water. Just because their new plant wasent up didnt mean they were not there.

Also bagged cement really??? What you think they had a jihadi home depot???

It was tankers, always was tankers and always will be. Your out of your league Bill.

Lafarge sold 6 million cubic meters of powerder from that plant in 6 years, thierry messant has a good article on the topic.

1 cubic meter of concrete take from 350 to 400 kg/ cubic meter of cement powder. This gives something between 25 and 35 MPa concrete. So around 17 Million cubic meters of concrete or roughly 2.8 million 6 cubic meter trucks

Thats alot of bags for jihadis!!!!

And all this is in a warzone. This was a planned operation with lafarge in cahoots from the start. I bet lafarge bought a shitload of isis oil to burn their clinker.

Lafarge has blood on their hands, quit denying it.


This demonstrates that the terror gangs really are on the defensive I think.

I am sure the Russian Army will relish practising their Bridge Building skills again :)

As an aside, in the 70’s one UK military engineering depot had enough bridging gear in length to span every river and ocean from the UK to Australia vie the shortest route.

I would think that ex Soviet stocks will have a lot more than that :)

Joe Dickson

The only hope for the terrorists is a Western intervention. We will see if Turkey has the balls to tangle with Putin or if he will just be another limp noodle.


This will make ZERO difference as Russians and Iranians have ample mobile bridging equipment as shown at Deir Azzor and eastern Euphrates. They will simply build pontoons and move tanks across. Most of the “rivers” in Idlib are minor streams anyway and pose no challenge to a modern battle tested army. Russians, Hezbollah and Iranians have some of the best combat engineers in the world.