Turkish-Backed Militants Target Kurdish Forces In Northeast Syria With TOW Missiles (Videos)

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The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) destroyed in the last 48 hours several positions and equipment pieces of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) around the town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

On November 12, SNA militants destroyed a truck-mounted 23 mm heavy machine gun of the SDF with a AT-4 Spigot ATGM. The U.S. had supplied the Free Syrian Army (FSA) with this type of guided missiles.

A day later, Turkish-backed militants destroyed an SPG-9 recoilless gun and a fortified position of the SDF with U.S.-made TOW ATGMs.

The SNA launched a large-scale attack around Tell Tamr last week after accusing Kurdish forces of violating the recent Russian-Turkish agreement on northeast Syria.

The SDF launched a counter attack to recapture several key positions around Tell Tamr late on November 12. However, no advance has been reported yet.

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as long as it is the kurds that are attacked all is well since the kurds are the ones that must be eliminated in north east syria for peace to be possible and the more than dumb unhinged states of A shall feel the immediate need to fuck off for home.


The article is stating the obvious. The Zionist SDF terrorists are in violation of the MOU. And until the SDF is disbanded and it’s personnel mustered into the SAA and other non subversive government approved structures in compliance with conscription requirements like everyone else. The SDF and the seditionist Zionist Kurd political leadership will be an ongoing source of US supported deliberate Yinon plan turmoil.


Once again (but as it looks not at last) US SELL TOW system LICENCE TO TURKEY then all fresh TOWs used by SNA are mainly from TURKEY PRODUCTION LINEs