Turkish-Backed Militants Target Syrian Army Tanks, Positions With Guided Missiles (Videos)

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On May 9, the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation (NFL) released four videos showing attacks with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in northern Hama.

In the first three video, NFL fighters can be seen hitting three battle tanks of the SAA near the town of Qalaat al-Madiq and the Saker hill with Kornet and Konkurs ATGMs.

The fourth video shows Turkish-backed militants targeting a static position of the SAA, where a Kornet launcher was stationed, near the town of Kafr Nbudah. The position was targeted with a Kornet ATGM.

The NFL was formed last August, when several Turkish-backed groups in Idlib and western Aleppo, including the Syrian Liberation Front (SLF), merged their forces. Back then, Syrian opposition activists reported that Turkey had played a key role in the creation of the new force.

The Turkish-backed coalition was attacked by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) on several occasions. Despite this, it is still defending the terrorist group’s positions around Idlib, as seen in the new ATGM strikes.

The SAA suffered from heavy losses as a result of these ATGM strikes. However, they failed to stop, or even slow down its advance in northern Hama. Few hours ago, the army was able to secure several towns and hills in the region.

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You can call me Al

Eliminate all, end of.

Prince Teutonic

Looks like TOW supplies shortage?

Taz T

Turkey needs to be kicked out of Syria but Russia seems to encourage them because it does not effect them as they are not the one who are fighting on the ground.


its so hard to write KORNET??


Not COREKT ? :)

Promitheas Apollonious

for SF it is obvious it is hard.

John Whitehot

the usual ridiculous movie production from defeated and butthurt ragheads.

not a single burning tank is seen, videos always cut immediately after the supposed hits.

in one case, a tank is seen moving, and the missile is shown only to launch, and not to hit. This means that they could just have edited and merged two different videos.

all in all, even goats put little faith in this kind of shit, and at any rate, the defeat of the ragheads in the area is crystal clear, they are simply running away.


If this is true then Erdogan will soon lose power.

Mustafa Mehmet


Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

pieces of shit, GET READY TO DIE FOR DOING THIS!!!!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Turkey should only be fighting on the east side of the river against Kurdish-Terrorist.
Any act against the SAA should be punished.
Russia should flat out suspend S-400 delivery until 2020 as a slap on the wrist.
They may fight the anti-SAA forces of the Kurd’s inside of Syria. But they man not fight against the actual Syrians.


In fact President Erdugan has Jewish ministers who give advice to him.


What are you talking about ? Turkey has always fought Syria army and will continue to do so, that is why Turkish support terrorists at Idlib. Russia is just pleasing Turkey due to their mutual economical and commercial ties. However, I hope, after terrorists attacks to Russia basis, that Russia realizes that Turkey is really on the other side (USA-Israel-NATO).

Promitheas Apollonious

not one single tank been destroyed at least in the videos, shown here as prove, so where exactly the one who wrote this article, seen heavy loses?


Exactly, where are the heavy loses ? Nowhere my friend.


I don’t understand how small brain has all this factions including Hts, they have to understand that they won’t be able to defeat Syria army and even whit international help from terrorists countries they wont be able to defeat and to keep Idlib under their control, ,, message to HTS… you will all die and no forgiveness or reconciliation will ever happen to save your life…. give up … be smart don’t kill yourself for nothing you won’t be able to keep doing this financial and morally… and in the end fuck your religion and your beliefs
Your religion is not Islam,,Islam promotes peace not to kill people like animals,, HTS is a disgrace and disgust and a rotten to the soul…


Their future may yet be as you write, but not just because you wrote it. Most of these HTS&co goons were defeated and disarmed before, only to be green-bused to Idlib, where they re-armed and regrouped. At least for the past year, they’ve managed to hang on to their Idlibstan jihadist paradise. Might as well acknowledge that they’re tenacious; had they run for the hills as you suggest, others would’ve called them cowards. And of course, they’re being paid to fight.

This dossier has humbled overconfident predictions before. Just last fall, when a large Idlib operation looked imminent, the “pro-Russia” press crowed “master strategist Putin checkmates Erdogan” and “the outcome is not in doubt”. Except that Nikki Haley mobilized the US Navy and things went another way. Just the other week, the same Putin called an SAA retaking of Idlib “not opportune” at the moment. But he may change his mind, and anyway there’s other people whose opinion matters in Moscow. So let’s see how things will play out.

Xoli Xoli

How is it possible for Terrorists to have guided ammunition after being transported with green buses.This terrorists surrendered.It is obvious Turkey Erdogan arms this terrorists to fight his indirect war against Syria to steal gas and oil and build oil and gas pipelines through Syria.

Mustafa Mehmet

Yes Erdoğan arm them you right clever idiot

Xoli Xoli

Thank you stupid sister killer,sister raper and gaot fucker.I am not a Muslim or Arab I am siding with them in opinion.Because Arab and muslims joint forces with NATO and killing their own brothers,suppress and betray them for western dollars and euros.Finally Allah is not God it is Muhammad. Jesus is God.John1vers 1 and 15.

Mustafa Mehmet

Breanless idiot what you on about? I’m not religious person but I do respect people’s belief.


Turkey is a NATO member, and NATO-Israel-USA organized the destruction of Syria, is this telling something ?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Whether or not the NFL rebels managed to destroy the SAA tanks is to some small extent irrelevant, the fact that they’re attacking the SAA in the first place isn’t though.
HTS is always portrayed as the main bad guys disrupting the Astana peace process, but it’s more accurate to say it’s the NFL and the FSA, the 2 rebel groups the Turks are backing, they’re just as guilty, perhaps even more so of disrupting the peace process.
The Astana agreement is a sham, it only allows for the SAA and Russia to engage designated combatants like HTS, whilst it protects the likes of the NFL and FSA, who are attacking the SAA contrary to the Astana agreement, and for the most part getting away with it.
Why can’t the SAA attack the NFL and FSA if they’re doing all the same things HTS is doing, how much longer can this farce go on.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Already use it regularly thanks, it’s a great news site but it should have said this, the NFL did cooperate with HTS, but just under a different name, it was called the SLF, Syrian Liberation Front back then, the name may have changed to the NFL, but it’s still mostly made up from the same groups that belonged to the SLF.


Simplifying: they are all walking dead takfiris. Remember the Sochi battle!

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Not dead enough yet for me, soon hopefully.


stupid turk and it’s proxy

Mustafa Mehmet

Filfy Cockroaches



John Smith

What happen to tried and true tactics? Why are tanks moving across open terrain without smoke cover? Where’s the covering force, spotting and suppressing/destroying AT crews? At the very least Artillery cover and AFOs/Drones……..

Xoli Xoli

Very brilliant remark.Russia who have drones should fly them in and bomb with it or give coordinates for Syrian forces.Smoke cover is essential for Syrian war because terrorists were provide with guided anti tank missiles by oil and gas thieves USA and Turkey. Which are also oil and weapons embargo sanctionist.