Turkish-backed Rebels Sold Turkish Armoured Vehicles To ISIS During Al-Bab Operation – Media

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Turkish-backed Rebels Sold Turkish Armoured Vehicles To ISIS During Al-Bab Operation - Media

Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) militants, the left-wing Turkish daily “Birgun“reported on April 26, citing military sources.

According to the report, FSA members sold or handed over 8 armoured vehicles to ISIS. These vehicles had been delivered to the FSA by Turkey for the military operation in al-Bab.

The Turkish Chief of Staff launched an investigation on this issue, the daily added.

Birgun also released a video that allegedlly shows a vehicle (243768) obtained by ISIS from the FSA.

Turkish-backed Rebels Sold Turkish Armoured Vehicles To ISIS During Al-Bab Operation - Media

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FSA was in business of trading food and munitions with ISIS, in exchange for tanker-loads of plundered Syrian oil, for years, before Russians started bombing the routes across northern Syria.

So this is hardly comes as any surprise.

Trustin Judeau

Until 2 months ago Turkey had border with ISIS but SAA cut it off . Turkey still gets oil btw from Barzani .

Bill Wilson

ISIS sold their oil and fuels to smugglers at the field terminals and refineries so they could get paid for it right there and not worry about it’s transportation costs, bribes and if the loads would get intercepted along the way. The smugglers would then wash out their tankers to hold water then place sealed ammo boxes inside before filling them up for a return trip. Tankers hauling potable water to remote villages with a lousy water supply was a common sight inside Syria so few were bothered with inspections and just waved on.


Surely even most dimwitted must now see that all the opponents of President Assad are no more than a bunch of violent thieves. Including Turkey and the United States of America with all her vassals involved in Syria.


To be honest, the buch of (violent) thieves include the Assad family and their circle of close allies and friends, a time honored tradition in all muslim countries, see Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Sudan, Lybia, Marocco, KSA, UAE etc etc


Take a look at ‘FSA’ going about their daily business as usual in Syria – ripping up Syrian railway tracks to sell to Turkish dealers as scrap metal. No one who cares about their own country systematically destroys its infrastructure and sells it to its neighbor on the cheap for few extra dollars. The Turks have adsorbed vast amounts of looted Syrian property – from hospital equipment to railway equipment below and Turkish state is fully complicit and actively aids in the theft.
Turkey is benefiting from systematic looting and theft by Syrian based militants, many of whom (up to 40% if go by militant’s own casualty reports) are not even Syrians.

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a98ad5569bdb5e0e593b7f426c34e0482135cd98e74134779da6ad4bce363877.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/abc1d93a4d31c66096bec7ef553579919989cd2477c62e80acc250f4b9ac197b.jpg


I’m not really inclined to believe this story, sounds more like covering up all the tactical failures the Turks made during their assault on Al Bab. I mean, we all remember how many of these things they lost over there and let’s not forget all those videos of ISIS triumphantly driving these things off the battlefield. Hell, remember the one that was filmed in North Hama at the start of the offensive? How did that find itself there? This story means nothing to me, smells of foul play either way.

Solomon Krupacek

saa soldiers sold to jihadists some igla.

criminals, pathological smugglers are all of them :)

Bill Wilson

Quite a few engage in that activity to suppliment their low pay.

Solomon Krupacek

few? are you sure? :)

look, long years are smuggled weapons, food, medicine, fuel, technics, clothes into besieged areas. this involves lott of people. the bigegst smugglers are assads generals. corrupt region.


They are all smugglers, its in the blood.

Bill Wilson

It probably was a gift from Erdogan to a HTS field commander.

Bill Wilson

I suspect those were abandoned after their crews and compliment of fighters observed others being destroyed by IED’s and RPG’s which made them realize that they were riding in sealed steel coffins. Probably were stupid enough to leave the keys in the ignition to boot.


Funny IRAQ and SYRIA Goverment forces let alot of hummy, tanks, armored warfare and ISIS, PKK, YPG past 3 or 4 years and attack to TURKEY with that weapons so is this a big issue one armored vehicle going to ISIS …….