Turkish-based ‘Syrian Government’ Threatens Damascus With Military Action, War Report

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Turkish-based 'Syrian Government' Threatens Damascus With Military Action, War Report

Late on December 23, the Turkish-based “Syrian Interim Government” (an entity funded by Turkey in an attempt to legalize its actions in Syria) threatened the real Syrian government with a military action.

In a released statement, it claimed that forces that participated in Turkey’s Olive Branch and Euphrates Shield operations are now moving to Greater Idlib in order to support their counterparts in repelling an attack by “regime forces, Russia and Iranian militias”.

It remains unclear what “forces” the barely existing “defense ministry” is planning to send to Idlib because Turkish-backed militant groups are already supporting al-Qaeda-linked Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the battle against the Syrian Army. The Turkish-backed coalition of militant groups, the National Front for Liberation, has always been a useful partner for al-Qaeda in Idlib.

On December 24, united forces of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, the National Front for Liberation and several other militant groups launched a counter-attack in an attempt to retake the town of Jarjnaz from the Syrian Army and its allies.

Clashes between militants and government forces erupted near Jarjnaz itself and the villages of Ghadfa and Abud Dawha. Militants used at least one suicide vehicle borne improvised explosive device.

Pro-militant sources that “rebels” destroyed several pieces of military equipment belonging to the army and captured an armoured vehicle and a battle tank. The fighting in the area continued on December 25.

On December 24, a Turkish delegation visited Moscow to discuss the situation in Syria and Libya, as well as the existing bilateral cooperation. Taking into account that Turkey’s soft reaction to the encirclement of its observation post in Surman and the lack of Turkish Army attempts to establish more observation posts to stop the Syrian Army advance, it seems that Ankara once again sold its Idlib proxies to Russia.

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As proverb would say;
“Naked ass is threatening the hedgehog”

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

and the hedgehog is attached to a broom being held by a rough looking russian soldier

David Parker

I sure hope so. I would also love to see the Iranian Republican Guard say hello to the invading Turkish proxies and soldiers.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

If Iran can get into libya its gonna get messy

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Have a Happy Christmas Southfront. Thank you for bringing us all the news that you do. if i win the lottery in 2020 i will give you 12 months straight down for your work

Benjamin Facochere

Tip: Bet on trump reelection and you should be able to donate :)

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



but the ratio might be tiny due to: nobody here to bet on a demoncratic weirdo…:)

Derek Johnson

Late on December 23, the Turkish-based “Syrian Interim Government” (an
entity funded by Turkey in an attempt to legalize its actions in Syria)
threatened the real Syrian government with a military action

PROOF PLEASE where can i read this statement?
No source then its bull shit!

Concrete Mike

Oh please, coming from the guys thay blab without proof all the time.

Where your proof russia.hacked hillary’s ILLEGAL private server?
Never mind the format was fat32 wich means only physically can it be transfered.

Where is the proof Saaddam had WMD? Still waiting for that.

A liar is in no position to demand proof!

Pave Way IV

Can’t find a link to the claimed threat. Will this report of actual SNA military action – movement to Maarat al-Numan – do? It was unsuccessful (tweet below), but they did show up.

There are two main head-chopper factions involved in Idlib and both are backed by Turkey: 1) the mafia-like al Qaeda-linked HTS (and TIP head-chopper allies), and 2) the so-called Syrian Interim Government which is just the left-over old failed CIA and Mossad op).

HTS generally hates the smallish Syrian National (merc) Army and their SIG/CIA/Mossad backers. The reason CENTCOM got off it’s ass and started executing a few head-choppers lately is because they’re HTS (al Qaeda). HTS – today – is interfering with US land- and resource-theft schemes in Syria. Mostly by slaughtering SNA whenever they show up in Idlib to ‘help’.

The US/Israeli goal is to have Syria and Russia spill as much blood as possible now destroying the HTS in Idlib and then the US/Israel can move in with the SNA and Interim Government lapdogs (who will simply declare that THEY are representatives of Idlib and four million refugees. This is bound to be accompanied by UN intervention in response to the massive starvation campaign being engineered right now. Replacing Syrian Pounds with Turkish Lira, and the hints about ‘ISIS biological warfare’ probably fit into this scheme somehow.

Did the Syrian Interim Government actually publish such a threat on the 24th? Who give’s a rat’s ass. It doesn’t even exist. If anything, the supposed threat was to remind us that the laughable intelligence agency fantasy ‘Syrian Interim Government’ still exists. We’re not suppose to be surprised when HTS finally folds and the ‘Syrian Interim Government’ is suddenly internationally-recognized to represent Idlib.