Turkish Drones Begin Flying Over Northeastern Syria’s “Peace Corridor”


Turkish Drones Begin Flying Over Northeastern Syria's “Peace Corridor”

Bayrakdar TB2 UCAV, source: ssb.gov.tr

Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) started operating over the northeastern part of Syria, where Turkey and the U.S. agreed to establish a “peace corridor,” Turkey’s Ministry of National Defence announced on August 14.

“Efforts are underway to put the Joint Operations Center, which will be established in the state of Urfa in coordination with the U.S, into service … In this framework, Turkish UAVs begin flying over the Syrian north,” a statement by the ministry reads.

Turkey and the U.S. reached the so called “peace corridor” agreement, last week. The vague agreement is supposed to address Ankara’s security concerns in northeastern Syria, where the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is in control.

The SDF has not commented on the agreement, so far. A recent report by Sputnik revealed that a delegation of the group’s political wing led by a senior official, Ilham Ahmed, had visited the Syrian capital, Damascus, for talks with the government.

The visit of the SDF’s delegation reflects the Kurds’ dissatisfaction with the Turkish-U.S. agreement. This could turn into a chance for a political settlement between Damascus, which already rejected the “peace corridor,” and the group.

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  • Rob

    Where is the Syrian pilot trapped with SDF. Has Damascus asked about him?

    • link?

      • Rob

        That is about one year ago a Syrian fighter jet mig-21 was shot down in Tabqah area and SDF took the pilot but then we couldn’t find any thing about him.

        • David Parker

          Yes and the head-chopper demons have a pilot too. Maybe that is why the SAA takes prisoners but will the head-choppers agree to an exchange? I doubt it. They are very much into death and destruction.

        • Bill Wilson

          That never happened.

  • David Parker

    Good for Syria! Don’t agree to any conditions set by invaders. It will be a good day when the SAA finally engages the invading Turks directly and persuades the US military to leave or die.

  • jm74

    Strange that Turkey won’t implement the Sochi agreement on Idlib but manages to enforce the agreement with the US; a double cross in the making for Russia?

  • Hos Ng

    Putin cut of a tentacle with that well timed kalibr, however qe the people have failed to cut the head of the radical zio terrorist mafia……sooon hopefully

  • Xoli Xoli

    False alarm Erdogan self made coup oppress people must create safe corridors in Turkey and impose no fly zone in Turkey.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    This will be the second time they’ve approached Assad for talks, the last time Assad gave them everything they wanted except for Autonomy, and they gave him absolutely nothing in return, so now they have nothing left to bargain with, and Assad has nothing left to offer them, so this time it’ll be interesting to see what they actually try to offer Assad, and there’s only one thing he wants from them.