Turkish Forces Shelled Kurdish-Held Areas After Deadly Rocket Attack On Afrin In Northern Syria (Videos)

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Turkish Forces Shelled Kurdish-Held Areas After Deadly Rocket Attack On Afrin In Northern Syria (Videos)

Screen grab from a video released by the Syrian National Army.

Late on July 15, two civilians, including a child, were killed and ten others were injured when a barrage of rockets hit the Turkish-occupied Syrian city of Afrin in northern Aleppo.

Local security sources told the Anadolu Agency that the rockets were launched from the town of Tell Rifaat, to the south of Afrin, by Kurdish fighters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party and the Peoples’ Protection Units.

The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army responded to the attack by shelling Tell Rifaat and its surroundings with Grad 122 mm and Type-63 107 mm rockets. No losses were reported as a result of the shelling.

The Turkish response didn’t end there. On July 16 morning, a Turkish combat drone struck an unidentified target in the outskirts of Tell Rifaat.

Last month, 22 people were killed and more than 20 others were injured in Afrin city as a result of a rocket attack. Some of the victims, including a doctor and three nurses, were killed in the al-Shifa’a hospital which received a direct hit.

The Turkish military and its proxies captured much of Afrin area from Kurdish forces in a large-scale attack early in 2018. The area has been unstable ever since.

Kurdish forces deny responsibility for recent rocket attacks on Afrin city. However, all recent attacks were launched from areas held by them.


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Rodney Loder.

Just think where Syria would be if the Fethullah maggot Jew Gulen had of pulled off his Coup exactly 5 years ago, where would dear Brother Assad be now ?, pushing up the daisies, – no doubt, fortunately Allah (swt) intervened and strengthened the hearts of the Turkish people and they put it down.

I think the US position in the Middle East would now be the same if the Coup was successful, Obama knew he had to pivot to the Pacific to check China’s belt and road, but Britain and France would have been emboldened, least we forget, it was Britain and France who started the Arab Spring, Obama only came in to rescue Britain and France from Muammar Gadaffi, blessings and peace be upon him.

Syria and Turkey have a common interest and that includes sponsorship from Russian Federation for Syria and economic development from the Russuan Federation for Turkey.

And the Kurds are simply PKK Jew maggot swine.


turkey has no future either way and what it does is drag out its loss into the length but it will only destroy the last bits of turkey remaining the more they drag their loss and truely these turks are animals they dont understand anything they are so beneath humanity its disgusting their entire culture is build upon lies and theft you can see lies and theft everywhere in their popular culture its a constant theme that is basically the core of all what they do and they will be punished as the lowly criminals they are

Last edited 3 months ago by farbat

turks are lying about their history origin and about their own ethnicity culture etc pp and basically everything about these turks is a lie and now ask yourself what worth does a nation who has to lie to its people nonstop about everything that concerns itself its people the history and so on have any future no it doesnt because turkey is pathetic and it has no future as its past is build up on hot air and its empty as it can be

Last edited 3 months ago by farbat