Turkish-led Forces & Kurdish SDF Reached Ceasefire Agreement – Reports

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Turkish-led Forces & Kurdish SDF Reached Ceasefire Agreement - Reports

The Turkish-led forces in Syria and the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have reached a ceasefire agreement, Al Arabiya English reported on August 30, citing a US official.

Seaparately, reports have appeared that the Turkish army and the SDF’s Jarablus Military Council have set up a ceasefire deal in northern Syria with the US-led coalition mediation.

According to unconfirmed reports:

  • The SDF will have to withdraw to east of Euphrates river
  • The Turkish army will be allowed 15km advance from Jarablus towards Azaz (not more)
  • Turksih-backed militants are not noted in the agreement (In other words, Turkish-backed militants will be able to cross the Sajur river and andvance towards Manbij if they have a will)

The Turkey-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) has declarred a new operation aganist the ISIS terrorist group in the west of Jarablus.

If reports are confirmed, it will appear that the Turkish Armed Forces will not advance further to the south from Sajur river and will focus on capturing from ISIS more areas along the Turkish-Syrian border.

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I doubt this being real very much. And fix the typo, the Turkish Army can’t advance ” further to the north from Sajur river” because they come from the north!

Jens Holm

something is wrong with the compas as well.

Wow, the Turks defeated the Kurd’s within a few short days lol. It’s like 2% of the Turkish forces pitted against 30% of the Kurd’s, and the Kurd’s are retreating. This shows the Kurd’s are all public relations and talk, but when they finally get the chance to fight their self proclaimed mortal enemy, they buckle and cower.

Tom Johnson

Look at a map, and there is nothing factual nor logical in your statement.


Wow, the army of 2 million Kurds is inferior to an enemy that outnumbers them dozens to one, shocking!