Turkish Loitering Munition Hits Kurdish Forces In Syria’s Kobane (Video)

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On December 20 afternoon, a position of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) located near the town of Kobane was targeted with a Turkish-made KARGU loitering munition.

The munition targeted a position in the district of Sheran to the east of Kobane, which is located on the Turkish border. No human or material losses were reported as a result of the strike.

KARGU was developed by Turkey’s STM to carry out reconnaissance and attack missions. The loitering munition has a range of 5 km, an endurance of 30 minutes and can be armed with a variety of warheads. The munition has an artificial intelligence, AI, image processing capabilities, including facial recognition.

The Turkish military was most likely behind the Sheran strike. Turkish units on the border with Syria are armed with hundreds of KARGU loitering munitions.

This was the second such strike on Kobane. On November 25, a loitering munition of the same type exploded near Tell al-Hajib, a few hundred meters away from the site of today’s strike.

The Turkish military has been using KARGU loitering munition to monitor and guard the border with Syria. The motives behind the recent strikes remain unknown. These strikes may have been nothing more than battlefield tests.


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