Turkish Security Forces Detained 75 Persons Allegedly Linked To ISIS

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Turkish Security Forces Detained 75 Persons Allegedly Linked To ISIS

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Turkish security forces have arrested at least 75 persons allegedly linked to ISIS in the cities of Ankara and Istanbul, the Turkish state-run news agency Anadolu reported on December 29 citing police sources.

In Ankara, security forces reportedly detained 29 people after Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office had issued arrest warrants for 46 suspects, mostly foreign nationals.

According to Anadolu’s source, some of the suspects were allegedly preparing for a terror attack on the New Year’s Day celebrations.

46 persons, including 43 foreign nationals, were reportedly detained in Istanbul. These suspects were also allegedly plotting an attack during the New Year’s Day celebrations.

Organizational documents and digital tools were seized during the operations in both cities.

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Expo Marker

Seems Turkey understands what happens when you support terrorism in neighboring countries. As President Bashar al-Assad said, “Terrorism is like a scorpion; it can unexpectedly sting you at any time.”

s Slippy

I dont think you fully understand Expo. Erdogan has been cracking down on Isis for quite a while now, and the torture he inflicts on them is not something to take lightly.


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