U.S. Capitol Is On Fire. Conservative Forces Continue Their Resistance

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U.S. Capitol Is On Fire. Conservative Forces Continue Their Resistance

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The inauguration of the new US President Joe Biden is approaching. Its main theme should be the unification of the country and its population. However, such statements seem to be a distant dream. The polarization of the American population has been deepening for many years, largely due to the radicalization of liberal policies. Taxes, abortion, gun bans, migration, drug legalization, and LGBTQ were just some of the topics that caused vivid popular discussions. The 2020 elections not only unveiled the existing split, but also significantly strengthened it, leading to a political crisis and the forceful establishment of the new neo-liberal rule.

Traditionally, the liberals are doing loud, but essentially empty statement. In fact, behind today’s slogans about the unification of the country stand the BLM protests and violence that were supported and endorsed by the Democrats. Dozens of deaths, hundreds of detainees, and the most massive protests in U.S. history that ultimately led to discrimination against the white population and labeling conservative Americans as terrorists – this is how neo-liberals are establishing equality and unite the country.

Even while assuming the presidency, Biden’s team continues to make empty statements, in fact causing more and more outrage among conservatives.

U.S. Capitol Is On Fire. Conservative Forces Continue Their Resistance

BLM protests @keithhelfrich

The same Democratic Party led by Pelosi in the White House enforced ‘gender-neutral language’ in the Capitol. The changes that were approved were approved by The U.S. House of Representatives on January 6 mean that the rules document will use language such as “parent,” “child,” and “sibling” instead of “mother,” “father,” “son,” daughter,” “brother,” and “sister.” It will also replace “chairman” with “chair,” “seamen” with “seafarers,” and “himself” and “herself” with “themselves” etc. Despite the fact that it is not officially prohibited for House members to use gendered language in communication,some right-wing politicians have contended that gendered words have been banned.

Perhaps Joe Biden hopes to reduce social divisions by appointing Kristen Clarke to the post of head of the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, as she vehemently claims that Black people are superior to White physically and mentally.


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Biden’s presidency begins with a real crackdown on conservative white Americans who stand for the values and norms on which make the basis of their society. They were labeled terrorists, racists and anti-semites. Biden’s measures their persecution.

In addition, neo-liberals, with the support of the Big Tech, literally muzzle conservatives. By blocking the accounts of President Trump and thousands of his supporters on mainstream social platforms, simply removing alternative social networks, accusing them of inciting violence they provoke only growing discontent.

In order not to leave any chance to the opposition in the information struggle, the Biden administration gained the support of Hollywood, which has traditionally enjoyed a cozy relationship with Democratic presidents. If Bill Clinton and Barack Obama embellished their relations with movie stars and prominent figures of the film industry with brilliance and pathos, during the Biden era, we should expect Hollywood to become a real weapon of propaganda.

Unfortunately, such measures are unlikely to lead to the unification of the United States, but only to their social radicalization.

U.S. Capitol Is On Fire. Conservative Forces Continue Their Resistance

Illustrative Image. Source: @markusspiske

Despite all the efforts, over 80 million people voted for Trump and even more do not support the hardcore neo-liberalism and globalism that are now the official ideology of the US leadership. They cannot be simply suppressed and ignored, and conservative organizations and activists are regrouping for the resistance in the new normality.

The preparations of the Harris team for Biden’s inauguration ceremony speak volumes. The Capitol is turned into the stronghold with armed troops living there. FBI and Police are conducting a mass campaign of detentions and persecutions, along with a series of suspicious suicides.

Even these measures could not be enough to force the half of the country to obey. They only provoke more fierce resistance. There are more and more local activist groups that are not satisfied with the new neo-liberal normality.

On January 18, a fire occurred near the Capitol during the repetition of Biden’s inauguration, NBC News reported, citing a law enforcement official. Access to all buildings of the complex was closed due to an “external threat”, and participants of the inauguration rehearsal were evacuated.

Even MSM admit that Trump’s ideas are widely supported by the members of the Republican Party.

The New York Times reported, that Trump’s ideas “have become ingrained at the grass-roots level of the (Republican) Party, embraced by activists, local leaders and elected officials even as a handful of Republicans in Congress break with the president in the final hour.»

Taking into account the unprecedented pressure on the Republican Party through the financial manipulation, witch hunt and discrimination of its supporters, who still represent about the half of the population, it is not surprising that its representatives in the Capitol to oppose the violence of the Democrats.

«Interviews with more than 40 Republican state and local leaders conducted after the siege at the Capitol show that a vocal wing of the party maintains an almost-religious devotion to the president, and that these supporters don’t hold him responsible for the mob violence last week. The opposition to him emerging among some Republicans has only bolstered their support of him.» – The New York Times reported.

In the media sphere, the mainstream networks are suffering a sharp outflow of users in favor of alternative analogues that protect the privacy of uses data. This phenomenon has already become the largest digital migration in human history.

The standoff persists not only on the streets of Washington. Business corporations actively demonstrate their commitment to one of the parties, using their finances and influence to exert pressure.

So, the National Rifle Association (NSA), which has a great influence in the domestic policy of the United States, began formal bankruptcy proceedings, planning to relocate to the state of Texas. The association unites those who advocate for the right of US residents to possess weapons and actively participate in lobbying activities. She has traditionally maintained close ties to the Republican Party and has supported incumbent President Donald Trump.

On the other hand, New York supported Democrats and broke relations with Trump Organization. The number of other organizations followed this example, including Professional Bank, Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank.

The unprecedented pressure and violence against Republicans, US President and ordinary Americans that became the main policy of Biden administration deepen the division in American society. It is hard to imagine that Biden’s stated intention to unite the country is possible through such methods.

Most likely, aggressive actions of the Harris/Biden team will lead to the further division of the country. Despite claims about the return to stability and end of the division, the real actions of the new leadership shows a quite different trend.

Such a strategy of provoking riots and then gaining power over chaos has been pursued by neo-liberals for many years. Formerly, the Democrats and their sponsors used “color revolutions”-styled technologies and election rigging to seize power. Now, they use the same approaches of the pro-US regimes established elsewhere around the world, including those in Ukraine that the Biden family likes so much. They make loud statements about peace, stability and the need to defend democracy, while carrying out blatant actions that go contrary to the public declarations and are aimed at only one goal: to secure the power and force the society to obey to the new regime.


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