U.S. Designates Kata’Ib Hezbollah Secretary General As Terrorist

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U.S. Designates Kata'Ib Hezbollah Secretary General As Terrorist

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On February 26th, US State Department designated Ahmad al-Hamidawi as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT).

Ahmad al-Hamidawi is the Secretary General of Kata’ib Hizballah (KH), according to the US, “an Iran-backed terrorist group active in Iraq and Syria” and it has been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO) back in July 2009.

“KH has claimed responsibility for numerous terrorist attacks against U.S. and Coalition Forces in Iraq, including IED attacks, rocket-propelled grenade attacks, and sniper operations.  Most recently, on December 27, 2019, KH launched a rocket attack against an Iraqi military base near Kirkuk, killing Nawres Hamid, an American civilian contractor, and injuring four U.S. service members and two members of the Iraqi Security Forces.”

In response, the US carried out airstrikes on December 30th on positions of KH in Syria and Iraq, killing at least 25 individuals.

In addition, KH is being accused of carrying out sniper attacks on civilian protesters in Iraq, even though even former Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi said that US President Donald Trump had threatened his life and of other ministers if investigations into who the snipers actually were don’t stop.

“In addition, in October 2019, KH was reportedly involved in sniper attacks on peaceful protesters in Baghdad, which killed more than 100 people and injured another 6,000.”

Kata’ib Hezbollah are part of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), which is also a part of the Iraqi Armed Forces, and one of the main “pushers” in the fight against ISIS.

The US is allied to the Iraqi Armed Forces, they have numerous joint operations, but still they struck members of these same forces, and designate them as terror organizations.

The non-binding resolution to expel all foreign forces from Iraq, as well as the repeated calls from the PMU and others from the Iraqi public, as well as influential political figure and Shiite Cleric Muqtada al-Sadr for US forces to leave the country have led to nothing.

Despite all of it, the US is still attempting to pressure Iraq and designates its officials as terrorists.


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jade villaceran

this move by the us is to make it legal to kill them


YEP, and he will be droned.


Well 2 can play that game though.. If the US dont leave then it automatically ends up becoming an occupying force and according to the UN itself, legal to evict them how ever. Dont even need Iraq government to designate them as anything.


Yeah, how uh…. unbelivably stupid, and if it wasnt bad enough from before, this eh… move is way out of line and what happens in Iraq and by whom, and completely, of course they are an Empire, can ignore the effect of it, its just another day in the world of the Imperial banana republics life, and never forget this, the Moronikans are the most brainwashed dumbf…. that walks in this planet.

And I also know, since this radical change is based upon the Witch Path to Persia, and to continue the Balkanisation of the Arab world on behalf of ISISrael and its bitches in the region, but I hope the Iraqis, sees the truth, its the UssA that is the problem, ZATO to the Brits/French scums that made this wars happen in the first place.
I am afrid you have to throw them out, they are obsecivly greedy and evil, they are the enemy of man, anyone else I see them as freedom fighters, against the Empire, and its vassals.



Ahmad al-Hamidawi just had his life insurance cancelled. And here come the drones…


So the PMU which is part of the Iraqi army gets designated a terrorist because they want the US out of the country for helping ISIS and stealing their oil.. Nice..

Peak FREE oil is here… whats amerika gonna do when people are asking to get paid?

klove and light

told u donks so….satanic zionists will never leave iraq……still in Japan 70 years after..still in Germany 70 years after…still in italy 70 years after….still in Cuba 85 years after…… still in Hawaii after 1898…..still in Afghanistan after 18 years…..

lol Dummies sheep

there is a satanic Zionist Agenda.a one world Government, with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic jewish Leadership.ALL nations that RECOGNIZE the illegal criminal satanic Entity named isreal are part of the Agenda.This includes Russia,usa,uk,china eu etc…

u Folks are seriously pathetic… after centuries.. you Folks still dont get it.
THER is no good Russia or bad Russia or good USA or bad USA or good uk or bad uk.

ALL Leaderships of all nations that recognize the illegal criminal Entity named Israel are stooges for the Agenda.

wake the fuck up you Donkeys and sheep.
trump/Obama/clinton etc…. couldnt care less for the average Joe in the USA.
Putin or gorbachov or yeltzin couldnt care less About the average ivan

it is the 1% that is Fighting against the 99% for centuries u Dummies…….wake the fuck up!!! and stop arguing About Proceedings that we 99% have Zero say in.

and as far as iraq goes…..this Nation was totally obliterated since 1990 u morons…..2million + deaths
during the latest Invasion 2003, unbelievable atrocities were done to this Nation.On Purpose they broke the Nation from the inside out.
Iran together with various shiite Groups in iraq are trying their best to hold together what was and still is broken.And this failed broken state WOULD NEED DECADES TO HEAL if there is no negative outside interference.WEll guess what…fucking surprise….several nations including USA,uk,saudi a , uae and Israel to Mention a few are doing everything possible to stop the healing process.
and everybody here should know very well…….it is a lot easier to break Things than to put them back together again, espeically if someone is constantly working against you.

klove and light

In 2017, the US left the Iran nuclear deal and subsequently reinstated all previous sanctions against Tehran including on the nation’s oil industry. Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development earlier said that this factor could have largely contributed to the rise in popularity of Russian oil worldwide.
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Data from the US shows even higher figures, suggesting that around 6 million tonnes of crude oil were imported from Russia in 2019. The difference may be explained by the fact that the US usually counts imports of all crude oil originating from the country of origin, even if it comes via other states.
The trend was similar in Great Britain, which imported twice as much Russian crude oil in 2019 than in 2018, jumping from 0.98 million to 2.4 million tonnes.

Trying to Drive Wedge Between? US Offers Belarus Oil as Country Negotiates Its Supplies With Russia
London has, meanwhile decreased its petroleum imports from Algeria and Nigeria.

Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development believes it is the sanctions against Iran re-imposed in November 2018 and those imposed on Venezuela in 2019 that explain the rise in popularity of Russian oil among Western countries. Some experts, however, note it is actually the attractive prices that explain the new trend. In 2018, the US bought Russian crude oil for $70.5 per barrel in comparison to only $62.8 per barrel in 2019.


Seems to me the US just designates anyone who resists them as a terrorist, thus allowing their extrajudicial murder by bombing, or rocket strike to proceed without any question. No free speech left really