U.S. Intelligence Services Prepare New “Chemical Weapons” Provocation In Syria – Russian State Media

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U.S. Intelligence Services Prepare New "Chemical Weapons" Provocation In Syria - Russian State Media

Kurdish YPG fighters head a convoy of US military vehicles in Syria. (Reuters: Rodi Said, file photo)

U.S. intelligence services are preparing a new provocation with the chemical weapons usage in Syria, the Russian state-run news agency RIA Novosti reported citing an “informed source” in Syrian security services.

“The operation is led by a former militant of ISIS, Mishan Idris Hamash. The aim is to stage a chemical attack against civilians to be further spread in the media,” the source said.

According to the report, the preparations for the provocation started on April 23. Civilians are being shipped to a territory near Jafra oil field, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates [controlled by US-backed forces] to participate in a staged filming of the alleged attack scene. Recently, the US-led coalition has established a military garrison in this area.

The tensions over the conflict in Syria escalated following the April 7 incident in the town of Douma where an alleged chemical attack took place. The US-led bloc accused the Syrian government of conducting a chemical attack against civilians and used these allegations to justify its April 14 missile strike on the country. Syria rejects all the allegations and say that the alleged attack was a provocation.

Russian representatives later found the “victims” of the alleged attack, who revelaed that they were forced to participate in the filming.

It’s important to note that the main source of the chemical attack allegations used by the US and its allies was the so-called White Helmets. An infamous pro-militant propaganda organization funded by the US and its allies.

Following the Douma chemical attack story, the US State Department has reportedly halted financing to the White Helmets. However, the Department of State is far from being the only source of funding of this organization by the US-led bloc.

Hague Press Conference On Douma Chemical Attack: Details, Evidence, Reaction

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Promitheas Apollonious

lets see if this time, instead of russia trying to prove what is common knowledge all over the world will react in the proper manner or at least supply Syria with what is needed to answer the criminals in the west in the proper manner.

jerry hamilton

They need to. This has turned into a very sick game.

Promitheas Apollonious

Let us hope so my friend and this insanity is contained within where the damage is already been done. Even though I believe based on what is happening is already too late and it will be exported very soon also in the Balkans and a war between Turks and Greeks seem a very possible, second round of this insanity the NWO started with the bombing of Yugoslavia and Middle East wars.


I hope Russia will do more then just make statements on how the West is acting naughty and unfair, lol
If S-300 along with other AA equipment was not in one of those shipments to Syria from the Black Sea… then we can already see the terrorist coalition getting away with another aggression.

Terence Silvestre Jr.

I can almost hear the dirty thinking of American cheaters:
”Why not make another show (False chemical attack).
Well, we just did the last one with its respective punitive bombing and Russia did nothing about
in defense of its Syrian ally, apart from mere threats with no real consequences for us at all.”
”Since in the ground our terrorist tools continue to accumulate defeats after defeats,
it would not be time to realize the next one and the one that follows again and again until the Syrian government is completely destroyed along with all its allies, whatever they may be?
But I am afraid that this time Russia will not stay with their arms crossed, holding on to this contained anger for longer.
If I were the Americans, I would think a little more before my next step on this path.


I know warnings from Moscow against striking Syria have rung a bit hollow for the past couple years, but for the record, they did just say “false flag operations used as an excuse to strike Syria would no longer be tolerated.”


Abominable cowards them USIS are.

Edel King

UK government is major funder of White Helmets

You can call me Al

April 23rd is St. George’s day (England).

Tony B.

bullshit. It’s a UK outfit.


Russia is not winning the propaganda war, and the ongoing effort to tell the truth about the False Flag attacks is not having a significant effect on the public opinion in the West.

Clearly, the war criminals are not ready to give up trying to use Syria as a stepping-stone to war on Iran and then Russia and China.

Is it time to stop playing the diplomatic games? You can’t win it, so why even bother to play?

Time to stop dithering, supply S300 and other air defences to Syria and Lebanon. Create a no-fly zone for Turkey, Israel, US and allied forces’ aircraft. Then help Syria to clear out the remaining invaders. Make it impossible for Israel to start a new war in Lebanon. Bring in China if necessary. Stopping the Evil Empire is in everyone’s interests, especially the peasants of the West who are too stupid to recognise that the “usual suspects” (particularly the UK) are playing the SAME game that they have so many time before, i.e. to prevent Germany from forming an alliance with Russia they talk up war, create false flag attacks and use the media to keep hammering away at the Big Lie so that the gullible peasants end up lining up to join in the stupid war that our elected leaders seem to be determined to manufacture.

Secondly, seeing that Russia isn’t going to win the propaganda war regarding Ukraine, it’s time to get tough there too. Again, make it a no-fly zone for US and partners-in-crime. Back up the Russian-speaking seperatists in the Donbass, kick out the Neo-Nazis but stop short of taking the whole of Ukraine. Leave the part that Western meddling has really screwed up as a problem for the EU to handle.

Seeing that Russia cannot make the same mistake as Napoleon and Hitler (to attack Russia) it’s time to call the West on their bullshit. There’s not a damn thing that NATO can do to stop Russia from doing all the things that they have been accusing Russia of doing. If you’re going to be demonised whether you do or don’t do, then make it the latter because that will speed up the demise of the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire.


Russia is currently securing it’s financial “backyard” and building up the military.


Russia is not at war on propaganda, and it does not care about western propaganda (since the USSR was formed). Russia is concerned about the true of the news, and not about the propaganda.


That’s not a strategy that has a significant impact in the West. For sure there are many who have taken the red pill who no longer believe the mainstream media or their elected leaders. Those are the people who frequent sites like South Front. Then you have the vast majority of the people who are obedient sheep that believe whatever they are told. Those people believe that RT is “Russian propaganda” and all the rest of the anti-Russia garbage.


Hollywood in Full FX…. Staged Chemical Attacks… Place your Order now! New Movies Coming Soon! IMDb…



Failure don’t translated as failure for these Propaganda mouthpiece. But who knows ? Majority of them believe credit = wealth and purchasing power = resources. It’s FUBAR as they may say.


It is time that Syrian government enforces a no fly zone throughout their country. Set up S-300/S-400 along the border. This way the “uninvited guests” will know the risk.


US, UK, France and Israeli migrants is a team of perverts. They have slaughtered 6000 Palestinians in just three weeks in Gaza only.

Floyd Hazzard

Russia needs to just STFU because they never do anything about anything. All they do is play the antagonist and propaganda role. People have grown tired of that $#!+. You never put up so STFU.


They have done plenty about it, extensive media coverage, grilling western counterparts at UN, meetings, exposing western lies, protecting Syrian govmnt. against full scale invasion. There are way too many parties involved, Russia cannot just start kicking around like crazy, they need to build it up slowly, it would just give the western gvmnts. a justification for their among their own people for their current policy,

Ivan Freely

Do you realize that the Russian military are dropping bombs on USIS forces? To say that they never do anything is a lie.

Promitheas Apollonious

stop thinking like a stupid americanized clone, and begin to use your single cell.


I suspect Floyd is already in a cell and is part of the US Prison Industrial Complex as an inmate Zio Bot :)

Promitheas Apollonious

free labor, for candy?


Free labour for clean water more like.

roger temple

His single cell stopped working a while ago – if he ever had one.

Tudor Miron

Never put up? Is it you Fransua, or is it Obama himself? Hillary? Wake up dude, you’re gone and mr. Assad is still here stronger than ever. That must be another Russia’s fault :)


Russia or Syria or Iran don’t have to escalates and will win the war in Syria as it is. On the other hand their boots in the ground keep dwindling in addition demoralized.

Note that for these grunts in the ground reconciliation and peaceful settlement are a real option as demonstrated by Assad and Russian Forces where it keep it’s promise.

US-Navy Revert Shia

OK Now, Syria Russian Spl. Forces Get in the Staging Area round the ‘Jew Cock suckers Up’comment image Then Parade Them In The Capital [Damascus] of Syria

Fayez Chergui

they lied about Hitler.

Promitheas Apollonious

even Hitler… lied about hitler, so that does not count.

Paul Barbara

Churchill was hell bent on a war with Germany, for economic reasons.

jerry hamilton

Winston Churchill: “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.” – Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)


Cause he worked for jewry.

US-Navy Revert Shia

[ISIS] ‘comment image comment image comment image ISISraHELL Secret Intelligent Services’

Mo Richard

Why does Russia not take over the air operations in such cases where the US won’t be able to accuse her of wmd use. ?

Promitheas Apollonious

Russia in my opinion went into Syria to help them destroy ISIS and not do the job for them as is the american way and in the process enslave them. That is the yank’s way.

Boris Kazlov

The advantage of U$AIPAC is that it proclaims its goals of world dominance and pursues them,as long as Russia belittles itself with minor goals it has already lost.

Promitheas Apollonious

Your inability to understand what is happening on a global scale, also prevent you, to see what is really happening and why, hence the illusion you have about russia loosing the global game.

Beside the fact russia has no intention to ruin herself, trying to conquer something that can never be conquered, or controlled. One day you learn this fact if you live long enough and they dont blow us all sky high, that in itself is not such a bad thing to happen.

Igor Dano

yew is a yew. Shill. Ignorant yew. U gave to him a good answer, but I am convinced, that it is better to ignore him and him like.


The comedy of Horrors, aka Chemical Weapons attack normally only happens
when SAA are on the cusp of victory. Last time out in Douma, it
happened on the day after the headchopping proxies of the Yanki Zionist
Criminal Cabal agreed to leave. This FF has been well and truely exposed
by Bob Fisk and many other noted and reputed journalists, but to no
avail. In fact the yella press weasels have been smearing journalists
like Fisk, Pilger and many others every chance they get. And lets not
forget what happens when you expose the CIA press corps operation like
Udo Ulfkotte, you get suicided. This is the horror that drives the lies and drivel of msm.

achiles Greeko

According to new strategic studies at the London-University, USA will be engaged in a devastating war against China in 2019. most of Nations on the Planet will support China.

dan kopfz

This should be required viewing for all US government and military departments.



Yes, they need to find or put a new white helmet guys.

You can call me Al

“the preparations for the provocation started on April 23” – that is the England’s St. George’s day, therefore it will be the SAS or likes to undertake it + the Yanks are shite anyway and just screw it up.

Steve Bell

With Mossad’s help… Israel’s getting desperate to ignite a war with Iran.

You can call me Al

Yep, it seems so.


Of course they’ll try this again. Douma was the fakest of all false flag attacks in history, yet the western mainstream media (100% controlled by intelligence agencies), still repeat that utterly debunked garbage, instead to finally expose ‘white helmets’ as a complete fraud/ cheap terrorist propaganda.

Steve Bell

Robert Fisk seems to be the lone exception- his interviews with people in the tunnels of Douma exposing the fraud should’ve been headline news everywhere.

Paul Barbara

Many among us don’t believe a word of the British narrative re the Skripals. Search ‘Let Yulia Skripal speak’ https://www.change.org/p/theresa-may-mp-let-yulia-skripal-speak and take the necessary action.


Just give the World one logical reason for the Syrian people to attack their own people with chemical weapons. Ironic given the F.UK.US coalition has lots of reasons to stage them. The main one being they have no legal basis to be in the country at all. These fake attacks, if real, would be there only premise.

Paul Barbara

Many among us don’t believe a word of the British narrative re the Skripals. Search ‘Let Yulia Skripal speak’ https://www.change.org/p/th… and take the necessary action.

Paul Barbara

Many among us don’t believe a word of the British narrative re the Skripals. Search ‘Let Yulia Skripal speak’ and take the necessary action.

Paul Barbara

Come on, guys and gals, get signing: Search ‘Let Yulia Skripal speak’ and take the necessary action.
And show me you can see this, by voting it either up or down.