U.S.-led Coalition Targets ISIS Tunnels In Iraq’s Kirkuk (Videos)


On June 3, the US-led coalition announced that its warplanes had targeted positions of ISIS in the Wadi Zaghatoon area near Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

According to Iraqi sources, the airstrikes targeted tunnels used by ISIS cells. The airstrikes reportedly killed a number of terrorists.

In a short statement, the U.S.-led coalition said the airstrikes were conducted to support an ongoing security operation by Iraqi government forces, dubbed “Heroes of Iraq.”

“The Iraqi Security Forces continue to clear areas where Daesh terrorists are trying to hide,” the statement reads.

Iraq’s new Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi announced the start of Operation Heroes of Iraq on June 2. The operation is designed to clear southwestern Kirkuk and the administrative border between Kirkuk and Saladin from ISIS cells. The Iraqi military and security forces are leading the operation.

ISIS remnants in Iraq intensified their operations in the last few months. However, the terrorist group sustained serious losses. Now, government forces appear to be on the offense once again.



  • occupybacon

    Those are some great bombs, very powerful bombs and believe, I’m an expert in bombs. It was a tremendous blast there, they were running like rats. And we were hunting them down. I was all for the winning. I don’t lose often. Terible bombs!

    • Jens Holm

      They cant be big enough if people still are running:(