U.S.-led Coalition Warplanes Conduct Simulated Attack Near Syria’s Al-Tanaf (Photos)


U.S.-led coalition warplanes had conducted a simulated attack run in the 55 km zone around al-Tanaf Garrison, the coalition’s Special Ops Joint Task Force announced on June 16.

In an official statement, the coalition said the simulated attack run was conducted by F-15E Strike Eagle fighter jets on June 13.

“Coalition air assets provide immediate threat response in support of our Syrian partners as they continue the disruption of Daesh terrorist cells,” the statement reads.

Photos of the simulated attack showed several F-15Es armed with air-to-air missiles and guided bombs flying over the 55 km zone.

The U.S.-led coalition and its proxy, the Revolutionary Commando Army, hold drills in the 55 km zone on a regular basis. On April 29, live drills were carried out in the region with the participation of the coalition’s M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS).

The coalition claims that these drills are aimed against ISIS remnants around al-Tanaf. Nevertheless, they appear to be designed to intimidate Damascus and its allies.