U.S. Strike On Iranian-Backed Groups Targeted Alleged Weapons Delivery: Fox News

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U.S. Strike On Iranian-Backed Groups Targeted Alleged Weapons Delivery: Fox News

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The target of the US Air Force strike in Syria on February 26 was a consignment of weapons intended for pro-Iranian groups.

The attack itself was carried out after the group members crossed the border with Iraq, according to Fox News.

It is also reported that after the first wave, a second wave of strikes on the territory of Syria was to follow, but a significant presence of civilians was recorded in the target area and the strike was canceled.

The attack saw two F-15 Eagles fighter jets drop seven 500-pound bombs, completely destroying nine buildings and damaging two. Initial reports said one person was killed and three injured.

“The operation sends an unambiguous message: President Biden will act to protect American coalition personnel,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said in a statement.

Initial reports claimed one person was killed and three injured.

“I recognize the significance of this operation, that it’s the first of its kind under the new administration,” said Pentagon spokesman John Kirby.

Kirby said Iranian-backed militias used the border post to smuggle weapons into Iraq.

“These structures, again, we had information that gave us confidence these structures, this site, this compound – because all the buildings were all on one compound – were being used by these groups to facilitate the movement of resources, material, weaponry into Iraq to conduct the attacks,” Kirby said.

US officials said, Iranian-made rockets were fired at a base in Iraq where American troops are stationed.

“That is an unambiguous clear message to anyone in the region about what the stakes are if you’re going to continue to conduct attacks on our people,” Kirby said.

The PMU groups that were targeted denied responsibility for the attacks.

A CBS video featured cellphone footage showing the aftermath of the strikes.


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