UK Ambassador Arrested In Tehran As London And Washington Seek To Fuel Riots In Iran


UK Ambassador Arrested In Tehran As London And Washington Seek To Fuel Riots In Iran

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Since January 11th, protests have taken place in Iran over the crashed Ukrainian Airlines flight 752, after authorities admitted it was shot down as a result of “human error.”

The protests were widely supported by specifically the US and UK. As there were reports that the British Ambassador to Iran Rob Macaire was arrested in Tehran for taking part in the protests.

In a tweet Tasnim news said he had been detained “for organizing suspicious movements and protests in front of Amir Kabir University but released after hours”.

The tweet added he would be “summoned by the foreign ministry tomorrow morning [January 12]”. Tasnim also released footage showing the ambassador attending an illegal gathering.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran, Seyed Abbas Araghchi provided some clarity on the situation.

Regardless, the UK began its calls that Iran had disrespected international laws and that Macaire should immediately be released.

UK Foreign Minister Dominic Raab issued a statement:

“The arrest of our ambassador in Tehran without grounds or explanation is a flagrant violation of international law.

The Iranian government is at a cross-roads moment. It can continue its march towards pariah status with all the political and economic isolation that entails, or take steps to de-escalate tensions and engage in a diplomatic path forwards.”

The US, the other party that is openly supporting the protests in Iran ramped up its regime change rhetoric, with US President Donald Trump even tweeting his “support” of the Iranian people in Farsi.

The semi-official Fars news agency carried a rare report of the unrest, saying up to 1,000 people had chanted slogans against leaders and tore up pictures of Soleimani. If true, approximately 1,000 people protesting isn’t the “large-scale, wide unrest” that the US would like to make it appear as if it is taking place.

And the situation and narrative are quite apparent, the US, with apparent assistance with the UK are attempting to steer the spotlight away from Washington’s assassination of an Iranian official, in disregard of any and all international laws by focusing on a small-scale issue. This is further supported by propaganda in media, as well as social media, claiming that Iran is killing hundreds of protesters, when, at the same time, the protesters number approximately 1,000.

The US is attempting to shift attention away from the fact that for the first time since World War II, the US hasn’t answered a direct attack on its military facilities by a state actor, and instead is attempting to increase pressure on Iran in the diplomatic and media sphere.

The public’s attention is very obviously and intentionally being shifted away from the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani and the fact that Iran provided a response to which the US hasn’t reacted.

At the same time, Iran is attempting to be entirely transparent when it comes to the plane crash and even issued visas to Canadian experts allowed to investigate the incident.



  • verner

    american ambassador meeting opposition leaders in syria in 2011, consular clerk (spelled cia) meets demonstration leaders in hong kong 2019, vicky nudelman (aka nuland) spends billions to unseat the elected president in ukraine 2014, bolivia finds itself at the hands of american regime change operation 2019 and uk ambassador attends demonstration in tehran 2019, no doubt stoking unrest. hang the fucker.

    must be more of this around, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. in my mind it’s reeks of desperation in state department and the white house and the usual sycophants, england, poland and thers are attuned to the wishes of the disunited states of A and join up. shameful.

    • Ronald

      The propaganda is running thick, just saw on ABC a claim that 1500 Iranian protesters have been shot. Now if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge…

  • Zionism = EVIL

    As I have said before, the Iranian mullahs are only interested in self-preservation and have really mishandled the whole post Soleimani period. They worked out a deal with the Americunts to stage a show for domestic consumption and then the military made the fatal mistake of shooting down the Ukrainian 737 and now the old enemies UK and US that have always wanted to control Iran will do their best to bring about a “regime change”. The mullahs only option is to work on a real government of national unity or face a serious street agitation.

    • Issam

      OK, i refrained from responding but you are really pushing it.
      first of all, using the term Mullah show your level of intelligence as you have no idea how absurd and dumb you sound when you use it, from an Arabic or Islamic perspective. secondly, you obviously have no idea about the Iranian society and culture.
      On top of that you coming up with some nonsense conclusions and analysis. I’ve read analysis and article from both sides and yours is by far the stupidest thing I’ve heard.
      ” The mullahs only option is to work on a real government of national unity or face a serious street agitation” – WTF are you talking about ?????? You sound like a Hasbara troll tbh

      • Zionism = EVIL

        The mullah regime is kaput! you kids can jump up and down but the Iranian people have had enough.

        • Issam

          I think you should search and read more before you make your mind on something, or change whatever sources you are reading because your conclusions are moronic.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Look, I know you are a decent guy so I have no interest in insulting you, but think objectively, the Iranian revolution was the product of Shah’s corruption and misrule, now we have a similar situation. Iran is very rich, largely cultured and civilized place, Iranian people are not tribal Arabs and women want basic freedoms from repressive social conditions, I had never seen a chador even in rural areas prior to 1979 when it was imposed. Then is rampant corruption again and the theocracy has been turning Iran into a big jail and why do you think 5-6 million Iranians have voted with their feet and ran to the west. Just a few hours ago the only female athlete defected, today the students even burnt photos of General Soleimani, so you tell me what’s going on.

            Kimia Alizadeh: Iran’s top female athlete defects

            Iran’s only female Olympic medallist, Kimia Alizadeh,
            has said she has left the country permanently following accusations of
            mistreatment and sexism against officials. The 21-year-old is reportedly
            in the Netherlands

          • John

            Hey Evil. The athlete ‘defecting’ is not really a big deal for me. I don’t even think it is an actual defection, like defecting to whom? Her act was a personal choice that I think has been highlighted because it is textbook propaganda from the Occidental playbook. If she wants to live someplace else, by all means go for it. But, I don’t give it any weight.

            Last week Iran just show NATO, especially the US, that it could mop the floor with them. People in the halls of power will be scrambling. The athlete leaving, the civilian airliner being shot down ( the US did it too and killed almost 300 people, for crying out loud, they shot down a US civilian airliner just off of Long Island a while back, what about that stuff? ) are just political speed bumps of varying proportions. The uptick in direct violence against US units in Iraq and other places has begun. This is where the real ball is bouncing. My take Evil. Have a good week.

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Good comment, I would agree that Iran’s best route is a regional sustained asymmetrical war with plausible deniability, the moron Trump is openly boasting of taking Syrian and Iraqi oil and that is why if educated people were running Iran, they would have bombarded the Arabic and Muslim media with the real US goals of invading Iraq and Syria. The idiot Zarif has not said word about the Americunt oil theft of Iraq and Syria. This is outright colonial plunder as the Brits used to do in India, China and Africa etc or the French and other imperialists. It looks like in 2020 humans have regressed to total savagery. What is next the Americunts and their Zionist masters will do? BRING BACK SLAVERY?

          • Issam

            Classic response…You are looking at the middle east and western Asia through your western goggles. just like how US have been doing in Iraq and Afghanistan for 2 decade and 4 decades in Iran and the proof of that is you talking about women freedom, because you seems so to be concerned the females alot, and i’m guessing you are referring to the freedom to dress however they want. i’m sorry to say this to you, but you are looking at women through a sexual google, by merely sexually objectifying them. and plz spare me that “it’s my body i can do what ever i want” bullshit, people live in a country based on a set of moral, values and rules they have to follow.

            You mentioned again Iranian in diaspora, are you talking about the MEK ? let’s even forget about those, are you talking about migrant? wtf dude ? Iran has been under sanction for 40 years now, migrant are a natural result, but you still have million 80 million people inside Iran, plus every country have citizen living outside the country even the USA have some 4 millions citizen living abroad, does that mean they are oppressed or they don’t have “freedom”…

            You seems to be using a straw man arguments to back up your opinion not realizing that it’s an incorrect way, and any argument you may have is invalid. a clear example of that is “today the students even burnt photos of General Soleimani”, well how about the 5-6 millions people who attented his funeral? huh ?

          • Zionism = EVIL

            Seriously 6 million Iranians overseas are not MEK, most are quite patriotic. The MEK in Albania is not even 10,000 scum left. My point is that people want basic freedoms, let the Iranian or any women or men decide how they dress. Do I have the right to tell you how to live your life? If Iran had a more tolerant, honest and open government more than half of the people overseas would go home. America is one of the worst places to live.

          • Issam

            “Do I have the right to tell you how to live your life?” well you certainty seems to be telling the people of Iran on how they should live xD.
            Tolerant, honest like France :) where the Gilet Jaune have been protesting for the 61 week. ok.

          • verner

            yep, demonstrations in france are ignored while any unrest in hong kong, tehran, damascus etc are stoked by the western hegemons with bribes and violence in a futile and desperate attempt to hold on to the oil and the suez and keep israel ticking and the gas under the eastern med seabed transportable to europe and so on.

            rest assured, israel is toast and the west’s hold on the middle east is coming to an end, unless the west is prepared to spend a boatload of cash with troops and weapons and destruction and murders galore once again. the disunited states of A might be up to do so, but not the other major nato-members and even so, it would just delay the inevitable.

          • Ronald

            He does have valid points on basic freedoms, as in dress, and other social freedoms the theocratic priesthood does not comprehend. That’s why their are 15 million Iranians in the south of France, and another 5 million in California.

            That is not to condone this well planned and financed regime change effort.

            As you know Iran has been under fire from US snipers ever since the 1979 revolution, and when a nation are under fire form “The Borg” structural change is secondary to survival.

            Look for tactics they used in the Ukraine, Syria and Libya.
            Self defence is every nations primary right.
            Examine their propaganda and you will have clues as to where they are going to try to take this.

          • Concrete Mike

            Yup, the basij are alive and well, and with them there, the gov is not going anywhere.

      • bob

        How dumb do you think it sounds when said mullahs refer to the USA as the great Satan?

        • Concrete Mike

          A.close approximation of the truth you stupid hobbit!

          Go back in the hole you came out of.

          About as dumb as you saying mullahs every sentence.

          • bob




            Fabulous,mullahs,marvellous mullahs

            Mullahs,super mullahs,fabulous mullahs

            Mullahs, with wonderful beards, mullahs with great big bombs,under their beards,wonderful mullahs!

            Mullahs with high tech wepaons, mullahs,fabulous mullahs kill only themselves,fabulous mullahs

            Mullahs,mullahs,mullahs,mullahs,mullahs,mullahs,don’t luv ’em

      • Ronald

        He is a troll, don’t pay him too much mind, what he is talking about is the Shah’s son is being pushed by the US/UK , this is their regime change plan flying into high gear, (note the opening photo is from Soleimani’s funeral) check this out.

  • jm74

    Throw Macaire out of Iran and inform the UK that if something similar happens again then the UK Embassy will be closed down in Iran. UK can’t afford that closure because they need to keep spying and gather intelligence.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      In any self-respecting country a foreign “ambassador” openly promoting agitation and sedition would have been shot in the streets, try doing that in Russia or China?

      • Issam

        are you insinuating that Russia and china are rogue dictatorships that don’t abide by international law ?

        • Zionism = EVIL

          What international law? the Americunts denied Zarif a visa even to attend the UN farce, they killed an Iranian general in a third country, Iran took 52 hostages at US embassy in 1979, then the Americunts bombed Chinese embassy in Serbia killed a number of diplomats and I can go on and on, openly fanning terrorism in another country with any embassy or ambassador does not allow immunity, the Zionists have been killing diplomats for years. Why does Iran have to follow the laws in the jungle?

  • Assad must stay

    Very good, Iran needs to show it is tougher than ever and will not allow any foreign meddling ever

  • Harry Smith

    Just imagine Iranian ambassador joined Occupy Wall Street protests in the New York City…

  • martin clarke

    Do you toss and turn in bed at night, grit your teeth and thump the pillow as your mind surfs the waves of international criminal acts committed by the USA and the UK. Both governments are led by right wing Colonialist scum. The EU has failed to live up to the promises to Iran to greatly reduce the impact of USA sanctions on Banking and normal trading. Iran are being starved of all normal goods, replacement parts and Medicines. Seriously ill citizens are dying from lack of life saving treatments. This happened before in Iraq where thousands died. The two governments knew what the results would be then and they know what the results will be now.Like the rest of the Monarchies installed by the UK and France the Persian Shah was just another corrupt brutal Dictator. Despite being rejected by the Iranian nation he was reinstated by the USA and the UK in the early fifties.He was finally ejected in the seventies. The West did not like it one bit, the demise of a corruptible leader was not what they wanted. Their policy was and still is to install right wing corruptible leaders in every country in the world if possible. Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe are their main targets at the moment. It is a death sentence for many indigenous populations who’s only hope for justice and a reasonable standard of living is Socialism. Latin America is dominated by Colonialist Spanish/American leaders. There is hardly a native South American in sight. The Conquestador policies of conversion to Catholicism and virtual slavery have never stopped. Their lands are quickly diminishing under pro Anglo/ American pressure for Timber, Oil and Minerals. All who oppose these policies are identified by the USA in particular as terrorists. It would appear that the USA can kill these folk at will with impunity. The UK can also kill with impunity as demonstrated by the ‘Drone Death Squad stationed at RAF Waddington. They are also giving impunity to soldiers who have committed war crimes and authority to MI5 to carry out torture and extra judicial killings. To say nothing to their complicity in the cover up of the murder of Koshoggi ordered by the Saudi Prince. Then there is Julian Assange. The whole Western World should be rioting about his evil detention by the International Law Breaking British government. Solitary confinement for revealing war crimes committed by the USA and the UK, possible deportation to that ‘Hellhole of Torture’ the USA where there have already been threats to kill him. He is an brave international hero to all who believe in justice. We should be ashamed to leave him rotting in Bellmarsh Prison whilst a handful of folk like Roger Waters, John Pilger and Vivienne Westwood strive to have him released. |The likes of Amber Rudd, her Attorney General Sidekick and the Daily Mail led by Andrew Pierce have spearheaded the drive to send him to his possible death in the USA

  • frankly

    Full respect of the Vienna conventions would have Skripal’s daughter returned to Russia or at least able to have consular access. Demand what you do not provide, psycho stuff.

  • verner

    next time a western ambassador is caught red handed in a meeting with the opposition forces, let the street thugs take care of him or her and hack he or she to minced meat – diplomatic immunity is working in a civilized circumstances but meetings with opposition groups intent on strikes riots and civil commotions is not civilized circumstances – so hack away.

  • Davki

    If it had been the Iranian ambassador in the UK of US they would have shot him on the spot. “Very concerned” about what?