UK Ships 100 Light Armored Vehicles To Lebanon To Help ‘Secure’ Border With Syria (Photos)

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The United Kingdom has donated 100 light armored vehicles to the Lebanese Armed Forces to help to “secure” the border with Syria.

On January 18, the British embassy in Beirut announced that the vehicles, Land Rover Wolfs, had set sail to Lebanon from the Kingdom’s southern coast. All the vehicles were upgraded with a Revised Weapons Mounted Installation Kit (RWMIK). The vehicle’s worth around £1,5 million.

The embassy said the vehicles will help the Lebanese military secure and stabilize the border with Syria and support its efforts against terrorists and smugglers.

“Really delighted that the UK has been able to donate these 100 vehicles to the Lebanese military,” Martin Longden, the UK’s Chargé d’Affaires in Lebanon, said. “It’s a great practical example of the friendship and collaboration between the armed forces of our two countries, and the UK’s genuine commitment to a strong and stable Lebanon.”

The UK’s support has allowed the Lebanese military to deploy four additional regiments on the border with Syria and to build more than 75 watch towers along the border in the last few years. The UK also trained 11,00 Lebanese service members and donated 350 4×4 vehicles.

The UK claims that its military aid is meant to help secure Lebanon’s border with Syria. The real aim of the Kingdom’s support is, however, to limit Hezbollah’s freedom of movement along the border. The Lebanese group receives much of its military supplies through Syria.

The UK, the US and France support the Lebanese military on the hopes of using it as a pawn against Hezbollah. However, the Lebanese military is still coordinating with Hezbollah on the Syrian border and in other parts of the country.


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