Ukraine’s Armed Forces Carry Out Military Drill Along Russia’s Border

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Ukraine's Armed Forces Carry Out Military Drill Along Russia's Border

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The Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted exercises to repel air strikes on the border with Crimea, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported on Facebook.

“As part of the tactical training of air defense units <…>, training was held for combat crews of Buk anti-aircraft missile systems to repel an air strike from a simulated enemy,” the release says.

There are hype videos and posts published for citizens to watch on the Joint Forces Operation Facebook page.

A subdivision of the air defense missile system performed a multi-kilometer march, deployed the Buki in unprepared positions, worked out the search, identification, capture and tracking of air targets, and then made conditional launches, the message says.

The Ukrainian military often conduct exercises on the border with Crimea. So, from June 28 to July 10, it took part in joint maneuvers with NATO in Sea Breeze 2021 in the Black Sea, in which 5,000 servicemen, 40 aircraft and more than 30 ships took part.

Ukraine is constantly threatening to return Crimea. Former President Petro Poroshenko, addressing the Ukrainian Muslims on the occasion of the holiday of Eid al-Adha, promised to return the peninsula to Kiev’s control within a year.

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the Crimeans, in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter, voted for reunification with Russia. As Vladimir Putin emphasized, the issue of Crimea is “finally closed.”

The Joint Forces Operation boasted that units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are constantly involved in exercises and training to counter enemy sabotage groups.

During the training, anti-sabotage reserves completed tasks related to reconnaissance and inspection of the future route of the convoy, neutralization of explosive devices, detection and destruction of enemy ambushes, overcoming water obstacles and actions along the banks of rivers and lakes.

Such exercises are held regularly in accordance with the combat training plan and are aimed at ensuring the coherence of units, maintaining combat skills and field training of servicemen at a high level.

On July 18th, a commander’s meeting and exercise was also held on the basis of one of the military units of the Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The event, which was held under the direct leadership of the Commander of the Assault Troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Yevhen Moisyuk, was attended by commanders of brigades and battalions.


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Chess Master

Moscow has repeatedly stated that the Crimeans, in full compliance with international law and the UN Charter, voted for reunification with Russia. That’s not the opinion of great ally China.

Lone Ranger

Cry more ukroptrash…

Marco Polo
Last edited 2 months ago by Marco Polo
Peter Wallace

What atrocities. War is hell . Both sides did evil things to each other . Winning is all that matters.

Marco Polo

Only international jewry won both world wars, all other sides lost.

Last edited 2 months ago by Marco Polo
Marco Polo

You are a paranoid brat with a two-dimensional, black & white worldview. Including the naive assumption that you know everything and that CIA has its hands in everything everywhere, any evidence refuting your claims are deemed “propaganda” without knowing the actual meaning of that word.

Marco Polo

You obviously adopt a destructive “anti-racist” agenda that’s meant to ethnically replace everyone of European stock, you “can’t be wrong.”

Last edited 2 months ago by Marco Polo
Lone Ranger

P.S. China is officially neutral, unofficially it supports Russia.
Next stop Taiwan…


Did you really think the Chinese would care what the dirtpoor ruskis say 😀

AM Hants

Darling, are you projecting?

Riddle me this, but, how can a nation, covering 11 time zones, that can afford free healthcare, for all it’s people, plus manage to feed them and provide energy requirements, without the need to import from other nations, be classed as dirt poor? A nation that can also educate it’s people, in the traditional leanings of education, to University Level, without charge? Remind me, how much does it cost a student in the US to be schooled in critical theory and the wonders of LGBT and 62 varieties sex education? How can a nation, with over $600 billion in currency and gold reserves be regarded as dirt poor? How can a nation, who only spends $47 billion and decreasing on defence, yet have the most nuclear warheads in the world, with hypersonic weapons in active service, unlike any NATO member nation, and not forgetting air missile defence systems that make everything in NATOs toy box obsolete? How can you class such a nation as dirt poor? Especially when they control and own the majority of the world’s natural resources?

Compare to the US, who have around $30 trillion national debt (not counting domestic debt). The largest debtor nation in the world. Compare to the US who has to import food and energy, to support their citizens. Compare to the US, who charge their students for an inferior education and whose citizens cannot afford health care?

When you have compared the Russian Economy to the US Economy, or any European Economy, or economy of any G7 nation, then try the same exercise with Ukraine.

Failing that, go back to sorting out your stilettos for your Pride Parade and you might even get a promotion, if you polish them nicely.

Peter Wallace

The people of Crimea voted to return to Russian. That is similar to how the peoples of Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria voted to be invaded by the US military…. Sorry .. my mistake .. I was thinking the US was based on democratic principles and thought they may have considered what the people wanted.

AM Hants

Not forgetting how the US spent $500 billion, to Bell Pottinger, which was founded by Maggie Thatcher’s Special Adviser, in order to spin the Iraq War. Now what were they saying about Iraq, back in 2003 and what was the truth. Self Determination, the Bell Pottinger/White Helmet way.

AM Hants

Over 80% of the electorate of Crimea voted in the referendum, back in March 2014 and over 93% voted to return home to Russia.

Now did they get a voice or option, back in 1954 when the Ukrainian leader of the Soviet Bolshevik Communist Party decided, over a 10 minute lunch meeting, with 13 out of 27 Senators, to remove Crimea from Russia and gift it to Ukraine? Just to say thanks for their votes? By the way who created the Bolsheviks and why are they heavily involved in the Greater Israel Project? Why do they need Crimea?

BREXIT – self determination and the UK Government used the argument for the people of the UK to decide whether to stay in the EU or leave. Nobody complained.

Scottish Referendum – self determination and the UK Government used the argument for the people of Scotland to decide whether or not to stay in the UK or become independent.

Falkland Island Referendum – self determination and the UK Government used the argument for the people of The Falkland Isles to decide whether to stay aligned to the UK or with Argentina.

NATO – the invasion of Kosovo, again using the self determination argument, that the people of Crimea used.

USA – also used self determination on the 4 July 1776, to decide whether to stay aligned with Great Britain or embrace independence.

Back in 2014, the UN voted and remember the UN Charter was based on Self Determination. Funnily enough, the discussion to set up the UN, based on self determination was recorded at the Yalta Summit. A conversation between Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, when the end of WWII was being sorted. They met up in Yalta, Crimea, Russia, to discuss setting up the UN, the de-militarisation of Germany and also De-nazification of Europe. Sorry, going back to the UN 193 nations voted, and 100, mainly those dependent on US funding and EU and NATO Member Nations, voted to support Ukraine. Despite it violating the very foundation of the UN and what it was set up for. 11 nations supported Russia and then you had another 82 nations that abstained or refused missed the vote. So the US and friends could not get the UN to support that Crimea was out of order to hold a referendum.

They again voted in 2016 and even fewer nations supported Ukraine and the US narrative. Do believe they voted again and even fewer went with Ukraine and the US. Now why was that? In fact, why do so many UN Envoys have zero knowledge of the history of the UN Charter or International Law?


President Putin wrote a very good analysis of why Ukraine will always remain part of the Russian Orthodoxy and the west will not achieve its goals to use Ukrainian soil to wage aggression against the Russian motherland. Ukraine is a definite red line.

Lone Ranger

They couldn’t repell WWI Fokkers, their gear is run down, havent been maintained for 30years, given the fact it hasn’t been already stolen or sold for scrap to third world countries.
If Russia wanted they could be in Kiev in a week, ala Grenada style.


That long LOL!!!

AM Hants

I remember back in 2015, I think it was, the pride of Azov Engineering. A newly built rust bucket, that was sinking. Then you had the images of the Ukraine tank factories, only they were Russian and had what Poroshenko dreamt about, and nothing on offer to Ukraine.

L du Plessis

Ukraine Gov is waisting money again that can feed its people.


They are probably trying to provoke an incident then blame Russia,they are in a panic because Nordstream 2 is almost ready.

Peter Wallace

The Ukrainians are welcome to have whatever exercises they like on their side of the border . They can pound their chests as much as they like in the knowledge that they are safe on that side as long as they stay on that side.

AM Hants

17 July 2014, NATO concluded the ‘Breeze’ Exercise in the Black Sea. Yet, despite having a couple of Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers, in the area, that were built around the Aegis Combat System and the SPY-1D multifunction, they failed to notice what happened to the MH17, let alone assist the investigation as to the true story of events.

Every year, Ukraine and NATO conduct the same exercises, in their desperation to get close to Crimea. One day, they are going to bite off more than they can chew. Russia has already let the UK know, that any support vessels, from the aircraft carrier, stalking the area, will easily find themselves transformed into convertible submarines. What I fail to comprehend, is why we cannot defend the UK against dinghy tourists, yet, we can go stalking Russia, over in the Black Sea.

AM Hants

Didn’t that happen in 2014, when the Ukraine Forces, stationed in Crimea, ended up turning their backs on Ukraine and joined the Russian Forces?

Lance Ripplinger

Seems like another pointless, chest beating exercise. We are supposed to believe, that the Ukrainian Army would “take back Crimea”? By many articles and opinions, the Ukraine military is poorly equipped, and demoralized. They are failing miserably in the Donbass region of their own country, what makes anyone think they could invade Crimea?

rider kick

America is a poor beggar country