Ukrainian Military Conducts Drills Near Contact Line With DPR, LPR Forces


On May 29, Deputy Defense Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Eduard Basurin stated that a serviceman of the DPR had been killed in a shelling from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

According to the statement, Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire regime 4 times. Basurin pointed out that Ukrainian forces had shelled DPR positions using an infantry fighting vehicle and various grenade launchers. Ukrainian forces also launched 3 mortar shells of 120-mm caliber.

The DPR military added that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had attacked a launching site of an unnamed aerial vehicle set by the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) to Ukraine of the OSCE. The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said that the launching site had been shelled by the DPR.

On the other hand, the Ukrainian side accuses the DPR and the LPR of violating the ceasefire regime in the region.

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that DPR forces had violated the ceasefire regime 37 times on May 28. According to the statement, DPR forces used mortars of 120- and 82-mm caliber and various weaponry. The Ukrainian side also said that:

  • 3 DPR servicemen were killed and 5 others had been injured;
  • 6 Ukrainian soldiers were reportedly injured and a house was damaged.

On May 29, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that DPR forces had launched 16 mortar shells of 120- and 82-mm caliber.

According to another statement of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Ukrainian forces, including aviation, were carrying out combat exercises at the territory of eastern Ukraine during last week. The declared aim was to achieve “a great cohesiveness” between the aviation and all-arms army forces. The statement pointed out that the aviation had “coped with all the tasks.”